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A good night’s sleep is arguably one of the paramount aspects of a healthy life. When such sleep is interrupted by constant snoring, it becomes necessary to understand the snoring causes and figure out a solution to the problem. If you or someone you know snores due to nasal blockage or congestion, you may want to consider nasal dilators such as Zircon Nose Vents.

Nose vents are among the anti-snoring devices that help reduce snoring by enlarging nostrils to keep nasal passages open during sleep. Ideally, once these passageways are open, air can move freely, reducing the possibility of mouth breathing, which causes snoring. Do these nose vents really work, though? Will the Zircon Nose Vents be the anti-snoring solution you have been looking for? Our review will help you decide.


Nasal dilators such as Zircon Nose Vents are aimed at people who have problems with perennial nasal congestion and snoring. Such people often turn to mouth breathing at night. The problem with breathing through the mouth is that it leads to a relaxed jaw, which allows the tongue to slip into the air passageway. With the tongue blockage, the movement of air results in vibrations.

Zircon Nose Vents feature an ergonomic design that allows different users to find the perfect fit. By keeping the nasal airways open, users experience lesser snoring since they can easily avoid breathing through the mouth.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Portable
  • Safe materials


  • Relatively pricey
  • Unnecessary sizes in the package
  • Can easily come off when sleeping

What are Zircon Nose Vents Made of?

The Zircon Nose Vents are made out of medical-grade, soft silicone to ensure safe usage by humans. This material is ideal for people with a wide range of breathing problems such as nasal congestions, blockages, and sneezing. The vents come in a package containing four pairs of differently sized nasal dilators. This helps everyone who purchases the vents find their perfect fit in size.

Our Zircon Nose Vents review

We recently bought the Zircon Nose Vents to see whether they would help with our son’s recurrent snoring problem. However, we know that everyone who purchases the vents will have their own opinion about them. Therefore, the views expressed in this review are entirely based on our usage of the nasal dilators. We will evaluate the product on four customer-related aspects; value for money, ease of use, comfort, and sleep quality.

Comfort (9.0/10)

To start, we have to mention that the Zircon Nose Vents are incredibly comfortable and well-made. The medical-grade silicone is super soft and relatively durable, considering the usage. We had recently tried other alternatives with lesser quality materials, and we can say that these vents are way better in terms of comfort. We had to trim off the vents’ bottoms slightly to get a perfect fit for our son, whose nostrils seemed just a tad shallower.

With a choice of four different sizes to choose from, it is relatively easy to find a comfortable fit when using the Zircon Nose Vents. Our only slight misgiving regarding comfort involved the inadvertent slips during sleep. Once in a while, the dilator would slip off, and our son’s snoring problem would instantly come back.

We would also like to mention that the new version of the Zircon Nose Vents is way better than the previous one. The slightly larger inner diameter allows more air to pass through the nostrils, making it easier to breathe. The new vents also feature more flexible walls resulting in more comfort. Additionally, one can choose between two different textures. For those with sensitive noses, there is a smooth pair of vents. For the rest, there is an option with ridges that results in fewer slips.

Ease of Use (9.4/10)

We purchased the Zircon Nose Vents online and were pleasantly surprised by the rather lovely box they came in. The small box contains a plastic holder with two small-sized pairs and two slightly larger ones. Fitting the vents was super easy after choosing the pair that fits best. The soft silicone material allows the user to easily insert the vents while the ridges in some pairs keep the device in place throughout the night.

Additionally, the material holding the left and right vents together prevents the tubes from going in too deep into the nostrils. We found the Zircon Nose Vents to be among the easiest anti-snoring products we have ever tried.

Sleep Quality (9.0/10)

Since we bought the Zircon Nose Vents for our son, he has been using them every night for the past month. Once in a while, they fall off, but overall, we feel that his overall sleep quality and ours have greatly improved. Our son reports that the vents do not interfere with his sleep in any way, which is quite a compliment for an anti-snoring device.

Additionally, the nasal dilators have been incredibly helpful with his allergies, which often flare up during the cold season. If the manufacturers could deal with the issue of inadvertent slips at night, then these vents can pretty much be the best nasal dilators. While our son is happier from enjoying peaceful nights, we are also quite pleased with the silent nights resulting from lesser snoring-related interruptions.

Value for Money (8.2/10)

As one can probably expect, we had a few misgivings when purchasing the Zircon Nose Vents. We feared that they might be some other glorified devices that barely did what they were expected to. Suffice to say; we were pleasantly surprised by the overall effectiveness of the dilators. We can attest that there is a world of difference in sleep quality with and without the vents.

That said, the Zircon Nose Vents cost a tad too much as compared to similar alternatives. While the effectiveness among various devices certainly varies, we felt that the Zircon products were quite pricey. This is the only aspect of the vents that would make us hesitant in becoming repeat customers. We strongly felt that the price should be a little lower for a product that will barely last four months of continued use.

The soft silicone gradually wears out, therefore making it necessary to purchase another set. Another qualm with the Zircon Nose Vents’ value for money is related to these usability issues. After buying a set with four pairs, a person who only uses the smooth pair (like our son) will be forced to get another entire set since the other pairs are either of different sizes or textures. To us, this feels like spending money on something you are never going to use. We wish there were an option only to purchase the vents in the size and texture you wanted.

Final Verdict 8.9

The Zircon Nose Vents do everything that the manufacturer says they will. Regarding comfort and sleep quality, the Zircon nasal dilators are undoubtedly up there with the industry’s best alternatives. On ease of use, you will be hard-pressed to find an anti-snoring device that is easier to use. This explains the extremely high score when it comes to usage.

Our biggest issue with the Zircon Nose Vents was related to the relatively low value for money. The significantly high price, coupled with unnecessary pairs of vents in the package, made us feel that value for money was the vents’ weakest point. Given these upsides and downsides, we awarded the product a final score of 8.9/10. If you can overlook the not-so-good value for money, then the Zircon Nose Vents are among the best nasal dilators you can buy today.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Can these nose vents damage my nostrils or change the shape of my nose?
No, they cannot. The Zircon Nose Vents are made from super soft silicone. The material’s texture and softness mean that the vents cannot alter your nose’s shape. Keep in mind that the vents fit into the nostrils and not the other way around.

Do I have to push the nasal dilators far up my nostrils?
No, you do not. Once you begin using the vents, you will realize that they fit perfectly without needing to be pushed too far inside the nostrils. Push the vents gently into your nose until you reach a snug fit inside the nostrils.

Do the nose vents have any unpleasant smell?
The Zircon Nose Vents do not have a scent, good or bad. This attribute makes them the ideal anti-snoring device since it can be quite uncomfortable having a lingering smell of any kind for an entire night.

Will using these vents make me too uncomfortable to sleep?
Most people will not find these vents uncomfortable in any way and will enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep even on the first day of usage. However, others may take a while to get accustomed to sleeping with the vents up their nostrils.

Are the Zircon Nose Vents made of any hard material? I would not want my nose to get hurt.
Do not worry about your nose getting hurt by the vents. They are made from an extremely soft medical-grade silicone. While it is entirely possible to take a while before getting used to the product, rest assured that the vents will not hurt your nose.

I have a relatively small-sized nose. Will these vents work for me, or will they be painful to use?
Do not worry about your nose’s size. The Zircon vents come in a variety of sizes. This means that there will still be a perfect fit even for those with smaller than average noses. You can be assured that one of the four available sizes will be an excellent fit for you.

8.9 Total Score

Ease of Use
Sleep Quality
Value for Money
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Portable
  • Safe materials
  • Relatively pricey
  • Unnecessary sizes in the package
  • Can easily come off when sleeping
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