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The ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade is one of the products you will find in the online bedding market. Meanwhile, if you have not made your findings, you may not know it’s what you are searching for.

There are some facts you should know about silk comforters before you invest in any. Therefore, if you know what you want from a silk comforter, you need to read this post to the end to know if this is the right one for you. You can only learn these facts if you dedicate some time to read reviews like this to the end.

ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade, why is it the best silk comforter to purchase? And what are its downsides?

Let’s get started!


Why should you consider buying the ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade? The silk comforter is made by a brand that believes in giving their customers the best at a reasonable price tag. Besides giving you the best products at a fair price, they have also made it save you some unnecessary expenses. For instance, instead of purchasing a comforter that only fits winter or summer, this product is a year-round silk comforter that will save you some cash.

Furthermore, the ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade is made from natural and delicate materials. All the materials used in producing this product are carefully treated without involving toxic substances or chemicals that can be harmful to the users’ health. The comforter is safe for anyone’s use, including toddlers.

The comforter is very compact and handy. You can transport it anywhere with ease. It also comes in a nice packaging bag, which you can always use to carry it with ease.

The ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade is manufactured in all white color alone, and it weighs 3.3LBS. The whole weight of the comforter is 6.6LBS, which is evident that the product is not bulky. The silk comforter is only produced in king and queen size; they are measured as 102 x 90-inch and 86 x 90-inch, respectively.

Let’s show you more reasons why you need to consider this lovely silk comforter.


  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly ventilated
  • Perfect for winter, and summer season


  • A bit costly
  • Lacks ties or clasps on the sides or corners

What is the ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade Made Of?

It’s crucial to know what a product is made of since that will determine its performance and durability.
The ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade has the filling of mulberry silk. The mulberry silk in it is the natural and pure high quality of natural strand. Because the silk is pure and soft, this makes the comforter highly breathable, fluffy, and absorbent.

The silk comforter’s outer cover is derived from 100% delicate and natural cotton fiber that’s woven into a fabric. The high quality of the cotton fiber enables this comforter to be breathable, soft, and smooth on the body. Besides that, the product is also hypoallergenic and good at protecting the skin from bacteria and mites. Note that all these materials are toxic-free.

The ZIMASILK comforter will keep you warm in winter and also keep you cool in summer. It works like magic on the body. You would never have an issue sleeping in this unique product when your air conditioner is on during summer.

Finally, the silk comforter is fashioned with a side opening that makes the silk accessible for quality check. In case you want to be sure of the silk’s authentication, open the comforter for confirmation.

This ZIMASILK comforter is precisely what you should have in your bed for a better sleep experience.

Our ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade Review

After testing this product thoroughly, we scored it on the essential aspects like its softness, comfort, and the likes. In this section, you will find out the score for each category and see the reasons for our truthful scores.

Softness (9.4/10)

The first thing we observed about this silk comforter is its very nice weight. It weighs more than a regular sheet, but it’s not heavy like a traditional comforter. I’m not too fond of comforters that are heavy because they won’t make me sleep well. The ZIMASILK comforter offers me that need; it’s lightweight but not thick on the feel.

After confirming its weight on its arrival, we slept in it for some weeks, and we all shared the same testimony that the product feels great on the body. It’s very soft, like a real silk and cotton bedding material. If you prefer a heavier comforter, you may attach an extra duvet to this one. It will still perform well because we tried it once, and it was perfect.

We all slept well as it’s soft and fluffy like a cute puppy.

Comfort (9.6/10)

What everyone desires most from any bedding material is comfort. Hence, it’s a must to tell you how this product feels on the comfort aspect.

The ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade deserves the 9.6 rates out of 10. That’s because the comfort derived from this silk comforter when sleeping is excellent.

The product works amazingly in summer; it keeps us cool without sweating profusely. The material also absorbs humidity and moisture; the body and bed are also kept dry all through the night.

In winter, ensuring you sleep warm is the duty of this silk comforter, but if you are a cold sleeper, you may need to double this duvet for better performance: all the same, it’s excellent in all weather conditions.

If you get hot in a down comforter, this duvet is what you should consider; it won’t make you hot a bit, instead it will keep you warm. If your home temperature is cooler than 65 degrees F, you will love how it will make you comfortable.

The product doesn’t cause allergies, which makes it better than some other comforters. Having your kids sleep under this duvet is very safe since it is eco-friendly.

We can highly recommend the ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade for the summer and winter months.

Wrinkle Free (8.5/10)

Cotton is known for minimal wrinkle, but you won’t have that problem with this silk comforter. Thanks to the nice box stitches that distributes the silk filling nicely. The evenly filling makes it impossible for the fabric to wrinkle. Besides that, we haven’t washed it yet, because we protect it with a duvet cover. Hence, it’s still as neat as new.

Value For Money (9.0/10)

The value of this product is worth the slightly high price.

First, it comes in a beautiful bag that you can always use to transport it anywhere.

Second, the design of the product is elegant and classy. This product will give your room an outstanding beauty.

Third, the quality of this product is top-notch. The fabric is not thick but feels sturdy on the touch. Besides, it gets soft on the body each night. The silk is 100% natural and gives a special treat to the body at any season.

Lastly, everything about the product is intact after many months of use; the stitches are still intact, the silk doesn’t leak, and the fabric doesn’t rip.

We give it 9.0 out of 10 because it’s worth the whole penny spent on it.

Final Verdict 9.1

We hope we have made you see why ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade is among the best. Likewise, you have noticed that the only challenge you may have with this product is to invest about $180 to $200 in it.

This product is worth having in your bedroom all season. It has a fantastic temperature-regulating effect on the body when sleeping. It’s so soft on the body that you won’t feel uncomfortable in any way.

The silk inside the ZIMASILK Mulberry comforter is good for the body because it absorbs moisture impressively. Talking of quality, you will use this product for many years to come, unless you don’t maintain it well as instructed by the manufacturer. Note that using heat or chlorine bleach on this product will deteriorate the silk’s value.

Before you order this product, check your mattress’s measurement to get the right size you need. The ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade is the right choice of silk comforter for you. You won’t regret purchasing it.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

What temperature will this product work for?
The ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter Long Grade is suitable for temperatures around 15 to 30 degrees Celsius in the room. Regardless, it works fine in winter and summer.

Does this product come with a cover?
This product doesn’t come with a cover. If you need one, you will have to buy it separately. Make sure the cover you would buy is the same size as the silk comforter.

Does this comforter have clasps or ties to secure it?
This product doesn’t have ties or clasps on the sides or corners, but it is designed with holes that you can use to fix it with another duvet or cover.

What is special about silk?
The silk in this product is grade 6A original mulberry, also called “the second skin.” The primary component of silk is its natural protein, which can be compared with human skin.

The effect of silk on the body is potent. That’s why the Chinese have been using it for many decades to maintain their health. Although many of the silk comforters that are available are not real, that’s why you need to be sure before buying anyone.

How should I care for this product?
It’s not recommended to wash this silk comforter frequently; that’s why you need a cover for it. If you do need to wash it, you can wash it in the washing machine or by hand. It’s better to spot clean it with cold water to prolong its life span.

Please, do not tumble dry it or expose it to direct sunlight or heat.

9.1 Total Score

Wrinkle Free
Value for Money
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly ventilated
  • Perfect for winter, and summer season
  • A bit costly
  • Lacks ties or clasps on the sides or corners
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