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ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet is a product of the ZIMASILK store. It is a lustrous, beautiful material made from 100% mulberry silk with 19 momme. It is important to note that 19 momme is one of the smoothest silk materials on the market currently. Little wonder the final product has spectacular qualities.

As with most brands, the advertising campaign launched on this product promised heaven and earth to customers. Notwithstanding, we decided to check it out ourselves and produce a comprehensive review. From personal experience and a selected crop of reviews, these results will help you determine whether the product is what you are in search of, or you’d instead prefer another.


First, you should know that ZIMASILK 100% mulberry silk bed sheet is packaged in a beautiful box that will rival your everyday gift wrappings. In any case, it is a perfect gift choice on any occasion and is sure to get you in the good books of either your loved ones or boss.

This sheet is a natural anti-aging product. In essence, what that means is that it prevents facial wrinkling, and matted, knotted hair. So, instead of waking up looking worn and shabby, you get up looking just the way you feel – refreshed! The complete bedding set of ZIMASILK 100% mulberry silk bed sheet contains a 91” x 102” flat sheet, a 60” x 80” + 16” fitted sheet, and 2 20” x 33” + 2” queen pillowcases. Aside from being smooth and breathable, this sheet’s fabric also has high tensile strength, making it resistant to tear and wear.

With ZIMASILK 100% mulberry silk bed sheets, you will get a good value for your money. Although the cost is a little on the high side, as a complete set goes for $409.99 on Amazon, you are assured of premium quality and luxury.


  • Soft, natural anti-aging material
  • Tear and shrink-resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Deep pockets that fit 16” deep mattresses


  • Not readily available
  • Limited choice of color

What Are ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets Made of?

Just in case you wondered what the extraordinary hype is about ZIMASILK 100% silk bed sheet, it is made from mulberry silk 19 momme. Globally, 19 momme is the softest variety of silk and speaks of luxury and sophistication. This lustrous silk material from which the sheets are made ensures that it is comfortable and super soft. Unlike other standard queen sheets, ZIMASILK mulberry silk sheets depict class, hotel luxury, and premium comfort.

Our ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Sheets Review

At this point, you should know that these reviews and scores are subjective and solely based on our experience in interacting with the product. As such, what we might deem as perfect may be subpar to you. Nonetheless, the scoring was from many opinions that cut across different individuals, thus eliminating bias.

You should also be informed that silk demands a specific form of care and maintenance. So, the extent to which you care for your sheets determines how long they retain their unique qualities, and of course, you get to enjoy much longer. To ascertain that you get all the details about this product, we have compiled a review of the salient points that we believe you need to consider in making an informed choice.

Comfort (9.9/10)

I look forward to enjoying a comfortable night’s rest on any of my sheets. So, I had high expectations for the ZIMASILK 100% mulberry silk bed sheet. Added to the knowledge I had about mulberry silk, I was expecting a lot. To say I was suitably satisfied will be an understatement. Well, the sheets were a big splurge for me, but you can’t place a price on comfort.

The feel of this sheet is soft, comfortable, and homey. I had a difficult time getting out of bed to face my everyday activities. Although, I must confess that the sheeny luster of the surface took a little time to adjust to. Notwithstanding, when I got used to it, it was easier to slip in and out of bed, literally.

It was a surprise to find out that the fabric used to make both sides of the ZIMASILK sheet is double brushed – you won’t get that from many sheets around. So, irrespective of which side of the sheets I slept on, I still got the same comfy, cozy feel. So, I would say a score of 9.9 is perfect. Won’t you?

Quality (9.9/10)

Another enjoyable aspect of the ZIMASILK 100% mulberry silk bed sheet is the quality of the material. After going through a closet full of low-quality silk bed sheets, I got used to loose edges and hanging threads. But, for this product, I had no reason to worry.

Aside from the perfect luxurious feeling and the need to use the sheets for my hair and skin, I was worried it might not be a good fit for my queen-sized 16” deep mattress. The sheet has an elastic edge and deep pockets that ensure it drapes nicely and snugly over the mattress. It was a big deal at first because, since the sheets won’t bunch, it makes it easier to slip off the bed. Once you get used to this slippery feel, though, you’ll enjoy your sleep the more.

My boss commented that I look sharper and more relaxed than usual. Imagine the joy on my face when I told her it was from sleeping on clouds. With its high tensile strength, the sheet is also shrink and tear-resistant. As earlier said, I had previously tried out some other silk sheets and found out that 19 momme mulberry sheets have better quality. So, irrespective of how long you use them, the sheets will retain their shape – a perfect justification for a score of 9.9. What better way to get the value of your money?

ECO Score (9.0/10)

Just in case you wonder how it scored 9.0, ZIMASILK sheets are made from very eco-friendly mulberry silk. It is a natural fiber produced by silkworms fed leaves from the mulberry tree – as said by the manufacturer.

I spent little time worrying about this aspect of the sheet. With a bit of research time, we found that mulberry silk promotes an eco-friendly equation. It requires significantly reduced resources for production, care, and maintenance compared to synthetic materials. In the same vein, it is made from easily degradable natural proteins, sericin, and fibroin. Asides from all this, one central point that endears this sheet to me, and I believe to most people, especially environmentally conscious customers, is that it is 100% hypoallergenic. So, you can rest easy with no fear of allergic reactions. Sweet dreams!

Cooling (7.5/10)

Have you ever spent the night rolling in bed, sweaty and uncomfortable? It isn’t an experience you’d want to repeat. Before purchasing this product, I spent time studying the manufacturer’s product information to be sure of the breathability and insulating properties of this sheet. Of course, they had nice things to say.

ZIMASILK 100% mulberry silk sheets are made from very breathable natural organic material. This excellent viability is necessary for healthy skin cells and hair. You must have seen or read somewhere that mulberry silk prevents matting and knotting of hair. This is because the sheets are cool enough to retain average moisture in the hair and skin and allow heat dissipation.

While you might be able to enjoy the sheets all year long, you may need to switch to using just the bottom fitted sheet once the temperature kicks in. Either that or you spend the night sweating. This might only happen if the temperature is hot. On an average summer night, you might not feel it at all. Just in case, ensure your AC is functional.

Easy Maintenance (9.5/10)

With most queen sheets, ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry silk bed sheets have an accompanying manual that explicitly explains its care and maintenance details. So, follow the instructions, and you are good to go. I tried compression handwashing, which wasn’t detailed in the manual, and it came out nice. You might not want to try that if you don’t have the technical know-how.

The sheet is elastic and resistant to fading, tearing, and shrinking. Its anti-fade properties are a result of the natural dyes used on mulberry silk during production. Additionally, it is machine washable on a gentle cycle. That way, you can easily toss it into the machine and be sure to get your sheets back just the way they are – zero ironing time for you, buddy. A near-perfect score of 9.5 suits ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry silk bed sheets’ maintenance and care routine.

Final Verdict 9.2

Putting all of these earlier discussed qualities together, we concertedly agreed to score the sheet a final review of 9.2. As we earlier said, these reviews are subjective, and while we doubt you will have any complaints about this product, the choice is still left to you.

All through online reviews and comments, customers had nothing but praise for ZIMASILK 100% Mulberry silk bed sheets. Of course, the relatively high cost was a concern for many, but we believe quality sleep is a significant investment point. So if you don’t mind investing extra money in getting quality sheets, you won’t be disappointed in this purchase.

All in all, we believe this product is well-deserving of a final verdict of 9.2

[FAQ’s] Consumers Questions & Answers

Does it feel better on the skin than satin?
Yes. Satin is made from synthetic materials and does not have the natural, comfortable feel of silk.

How thick is the top/flat sheet?
Both the flat and fitted sheet, that is, the top and bottom sheets, are the same thickness.

How deep are the pockets?
At least, the pockets are about 16” deep and may be as deep as 20”. Any mattress that falls in that range or below will fit perfectly.

Can these sheets be tumble dried?
No. The manual instruction clearly says that the sheets should not be tumble dried.

9.2 Total Score

  • Soft, natural anti-aging material
  • Tear and shrink-resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Deep pockets that fit 16” deep mattresses
  • Not readily available
  • Limited choice of color
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