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Most people can agree that they know someone who suffers from a sleep-related problem such as snoring. This common problem arises when a person’s nasal airways are affected by blockages, collapsed parts, or numerous other issues. Unsurprisingly then, the modern-day health industry has multiple anti-snoring devices aimed at alleviating this problem. One of these products is the Venyn Nose Vents set.

Modern anti-snoring devices come in different configurations. The most common include Zyppah devices, CPAP, nasal vents, and mouth strips. These all work differently to help clear nasal passages, encourage nasal breathing, and reduce or eliminate snoring. As you might expect, a device’s efficiency and effectiveness vary from one manufacturer to another. Are the Venyn Nose Vents any good, and could they be the anti-snoring solution you have been looking for?


The Venyn Nose Vents are a set of reusable anti-snore nose devices aimed at reducing mouth breathing at night by keeping the nasal passageways open. The vents are handy for people with other mild breathing problems. The vent’s ergonomic design is aimed at preventing accidental slips during sleep.


  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Soft


  • Relatively pricey
  • Vents fall off at times
  • Not very comfortable

What are Venyn Nose Vents Made of?

Venyn Nose Vents are made from a combination of medical-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic. These materials are completely safe for prolonged usage. The product comes in a package containing 4 pairs of differently-sized nose vents. This is to ensure that every user gets a size that fits perfectly in their nostrils.

Our Venyn Nose Vents review

We recently purchased Venyn Nose Vents online and decided to test whether they would be the lasting solution to my wife’s perennial snoring problem. We acknowledge that our experience with the vents may vary slightly or significantly from that of another person. This review will be entirely based on our experience. We will review the vents regarding their comfort when using, value for money, ease of use, and sleep quality.

Comfort (7.6/10)

We received our Venyn Nose Vents in four pairs of distinct sizes. My wife tried all four sizes and found the one that worked best for her. According to her, the vents felt oddly different from other similar products she had previously used. We found the large-sized ones to stop her snoring problem perfectly. However, the vents are quite tricky to get up the nostrils. This results in a less than ideal fit regardless of whichever size she chose.

It took her about four days to become fully acclimated to having Venyn Nose Vents up her nostrils. The strip connecting the left and right vents also irritates the nose’s bridge, which further reduces the overall comfort when using the vents. That said, we were quite pleased with the nose-plugs’ feel and texture.

Ease of Use (9.0/10)

It took my wife quite a while to become fully accustomed to using the Venyn Nose Vents. Occasionally, the vents fall off accidentally, something we found attributable to the product’s overall design. Using the vents was as easy as choosing your desired size and carefully inserting it up to your nostrils. Compared to other anti-snoring that make use of different concepts, the Venyn Nose Vents undoubtedly score extremely well on ease of use.

Besides the super-easy usage, the vents are also easily cleanable, making them readily reusable. We found them quite susceptible to wear after several cycles of use, but this is expected in such products.

Sleep Quality (8.0/10)

Ever since my wife started using the Venyn Nose Vents, our sleep quality has improved immensely. I am no longer disrupted in the middle of the night by her snoring. On her side, the much enhanced nasal breathing means that she enjoys better sleep and feels more confident. Additionally, the almost clear silicone material means that both of us can barely notice the vents’ presence. The only downside to this occurs when the vents inadvertently fall off, and the snoring automatically returns. When the nose plugs work, they are excellent; when they don’t, it’s an entirely different story.

Before buying the Venyn Nose Vents, my wife had tried using a CPAP device, which she found significantly uncomfortable. Compared to our CPAP experience, the sleep quality when using the nose vents is leaps and bounds better.

Value for Money (8.7/10)

Our biggest gripe with the Venyn Nose Vents value for money has to do with the non-optional different sizes. In our case, my wife found a single pair that worked best for her. This meant that the other three pairs were essential unnecessary expenses for us. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way around this when making your purchase. On the flip side, others might view the different sizes as a blessing since you can easily share the nose plugs with another person who needs a different size from yours.

Besides our misgivings with the size, every other aspect of the Venyn Nose Vents represented acceptable value for money. We definitely think there is sufficient value for money with the nose plugs to warrant a repeat purchase for the vents’ effectiveness. We would also love the device more if the manufacturer improved the design to make it more comfortable when inserted up the nostrils.

Final Verdict 8.3

In our review, the Venyn Nose Vents scored significantly high on all aspects except comfort. We felt that when inserted deep inside the nostrils, the fit was less than ideal. Besides that, the nose plugs are great in terms of value for money and even more on ease of use. The latter is undoubtedly the product’s strongest selling point.

We gave the Venyn Nose Vents an overall score of 8.3/10, which is quite good for products in its class. If you would be willing to overlook the product’s rather uncomfortable fit, you will get great value for your money with a purchase you will not regret.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Do the Venyn Nose Vents work as advertised?
Realistically speaking, the vents work quite well. The overall nasal breathing improves significantly when using nose-plugs.

Could you use this with a CPAP machine?
Yes, you can use these vents with a CPAP device. The nose plugs will enhance the air passage through your nostrils, making the CPAP machine all the more effective.

Does this device help with sleep apnea?
The Venyn Nose Vents are not meant for alleviating the effects of sleep apnea. They are supposed to reduce or eliminate snoring by allowing easier nasal breathing. Sleep apnea, on the other hand, is an entirely different problem that may require another solution.

I only want the small size, the large are too big for me. Why can’t I buy these nasal vents by size?
The nose plugs come in different sizes to cater to every customer’s needs since nostril sizes vary from one person to another. This allows every person to find a size that fits them perfectly.

8.3 Total Score

Ease of Use
Sleep Quality
Value for Money
  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Soft
  • Relatively pricey
  • Vents fall off at times
  • Not very comfortable
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