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If only you get to hit the pillows with shut eyes and log off into dreamland as soon as you want. We all wish to quiet our racing minds and get the sleep we so desperately need. If you are like me and have difficulty falling asleep for hours, you can draw out the architectural design of your bedroom because you’ve been staring at it for several nights. It can be frustrating and has its toll on your health.

Imagine waking up looking ragged and worn when you should look refreshed and energized. Well, what’s done is done. You can either wallow in your sleeplessness or look for better soothing solutions. Here comes ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid.

There are several Sleep Aid products online, but a number of them might not be suitable for you, especially those that might be habit-forming. This review provides you with all the information you need to decide on whether ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid is the best solution to enjoying your night. Here are a couple of what we found out.


ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid is a pharmaceutical product from Medgel Private Limited, a company known for providing a cutting-edge pharmaceutical solution to common ailments and conditions. This product ranks high on Amazon’s listing of health and household, especially in the Medicinal Sleep Aid category. This medication is produced in soft gels of diphenhydramine, an antihistamine.

Generally, antihistamines are used in treating symptoms of cold, hay fever, and allergic reactions. Nonetheless, one of the significant side effects of antihistamine is drowsiness, which is harnessed to cure insomnia. Other active ingredients in this medication include titanium dioxide, propylene glycol, glycerin, gelatin, sorbitol, and of course, water. To ensure that this medication is suitable for use by a wide range of people, it is gluten and soy-free and does not contain any pain relief. As a side note, most sleep aids with pain relief should be taken as prescription medicine rather than an OTC drug.

ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid is an effective way to wind down after a stressful day, especially if you have a busy day coming up and need all the strength and laser focus you can muster. One of the best parts about this medication is that users rarely complain of feeling groggy the next day, a side effect that is associated with most sleep aids.

Additionally, the drug has a smooth gel covering, making it very easy to swallow. However, it is advised that this medication, as it is with most sleep aids, should be used under supervision. As much as you can, do not use this medication with alcohol. Although it does not contain any habit-forming agent, sleep aids are generally supposed to be used sparingly. With just $9.99, you can get all the snooze time you need without any disturbance.


  • Supports restful, deeper sleep
  • Easy to swallow soft gels
  • Great value for money
  • Made from Diphenhydramine
  • Two bottles of 96 soft gels


  • Not safe for children under the age of 12

What Is ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid Made From?

ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid is made from Diphenhydramine, an antihistamine. Originally, antihistamines are used to treat cold symptoms, allergic reactions, and even hay fever.

However, the manufacturing company has harnessed this substance’s qualities combined with other viable ingredients such as sorbitol, gelatin, propylene glycol, and others to create an active, dosage regulated sedative. With this product, you can easily cross into the REM stage of sleep with the expected grogginess the next day.

Our ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid Review

At this stage, it is vital to state that the information contained in this review is not a substitute for the professional advice of a medical practitioner. Additionally, this product should not replace prescribed medications for treating underlying medical conditions.

That being said, this review is entirely subjective as it is based on personal experiences. Although we have concluded with our final verdict of ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid, the outcome is entirely reliant on your usage and interaction with your body.

We have addressed some of the essential aspects of this product as sub-topics. This will provide you with a full approach to ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid and its inherent qualities. So, let’s get right into it.

Flavor (7.8/10)

Just in case you like chewing pills and soft gels, try as much as possible not to chew ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid. It turns out the manufacturing company had a reason for covering with a bubblegum flavored gel covering – just don’t chew it. One of my friends popped one of the soft gels in her mouth, thinking it was bubblegum because I had emptied the soft gels into a tiny dark-colored bottle; well, she spat it out almost immediately.

I enjoyed the bubblegum flavor. At least now, I know that the medication in itself tastes horrible. Imagine if you had to go to bed with such a metallic, bitter taste in your mouth. It will take out all the fun in getting a great night’s sleep. However, the bubblegum flavor masks this perfectly. For this aspect of ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid, a score of 7.8 does the review best.

Easy to Swallow (9.0/10)

This is perhaps one of the highlights of this product. The soft gels of ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid are not very large and relatively easy to swallow. Ordinarily, I do not like pills, not even gel caps. This is because most of them won’t go down easy in my throat; some might even stick up there. But, this product has a soft, smooth gel covering – all I need to get it down is a cup of water or juice. It pretty much feels like I’m eating gelatin capsules.

However, the pills had several shades of color. So, I researched them to be sure where they were made and that the ingredients are safe for consumption. I had a little concern about the color variance. It turns out they didn’t mean a thing, and I have enjoyed the pills without any issues whatsoever. All in all, I believe ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid is a great product and deserves a perfect score of 9.0 for this aspect. It’s worth this and more, what do you think?

Sleep Quality (8.7/10)

Frankly, I’m used to sleeping pills. I take note of the recommended dosage and end up using my dosage all the time because the recommended dosage just won’t work. I tried out ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid on one of my many sprees and immediately recognized a sleep quality change. My usual brand is Unisom, but I couldn’t get it due to the store getting closed.

Technically, this product works with the same efficacy as Unisom, without the grogginess. Now I can sleep for long with the recommended dosage and wake up without feeling tired and fuzzy. Honestly, I adore this product and will willingly recommend it for anyone battling with difficulty turning off their brain at night. With this product, there is an assurance that I’m drifting off to dreamland within a few minutes, no matter what. Once I exhaust this bottle, I’m buying another one—a score of 8.7 best suits this aspect of the product.

Value for Money (8.5/10)

Seeing as I have been dealing with insomnia for such a long time, I must have paid several hundreds of dollars to Walmart for different sleeping pills. All of them at exorbitant prices with little to no effects. Aside from the cost and obvious impact on my credit card, I was near giving up and checking into a facility, tabling anxiety and nervousness as my condition – funny how that would have cost me more in health insurance.

I stumbled on reviews for ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid on Amazon and was quite surprised with the positive remarks. Most sleep aids that I’m familiar with rarely have positive comments on reviews. Folks seem more brutal and honest with these products; apparently, we take our sleep seriously.

ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid is quite cheap compared to others that I have used and has fantastic effects. Not only do I get to sleep deeply now, but I also get to sleep when I want it. I’m not free from sleeplessness, but I got more value than I paid for in this product. A score of 8.5 seems just perfect.

Final Verdict 8.5

When you carefully analyze the aspects of ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid as discussed, you should be able to conclude whether this is the product for you or not. For us, we came to a unanimous decision and drew a final score of 8.5 for this product. It is easy to see why we accorded such a high score from its effects on sleep quality to the value for money and the easy-to-swallow soft gels.

Both males and females can use ValuMeds Nighttime Sleep Aid with no effect on health. Of course, it is advised that you stick with the recommended dosage. Try this out for a while and see how well you can fall asleep, just like a baby.

[FAQ’s] Consumers Questions & Answers

What Are The Inactive Ingredients In This Product?
Gelatin, glycerin, propylene glycol, sorbitol, and other solvent agents

Is This Sleep Aid Free Of Red Dye?
Yes. This product is primarily made from diphenhydramine.

How Long Does It Take For This Product To Kick In?
The duration is tailored to the dosage you follow. For 50mg, it is recommended that you take it one hour before bedtime.

8.5 Total Score

Easy to Swallow
Sleep Quality
Value for Money
  • Supports restful, deeper sleep
  • Easy to swallow soft gels
  • Great value for money
  • Made from Diphenhydramine
  • Two bottles of 96 soft gels
  • Not safe for children under the age of 12
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