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We all dream of those insanely comfortable hotel bed sheets that offer the best night’s sleep ever! Well, welcome to a world of luxury bedding where sheets are made to last many decades. Egyptian cotton sets always receive so many high praises, so we thought it’s a good idea to tap into the pool of sheets made of this fabric.

In today’s True Luxury Egyptian cotton 1000 bed sheets review, we share the best and worst sides of this product without sparing any facts. This is our honest and personal experience, which we think will help you decide whether to make a purchase or not.


Below you can find the biggest pros and cons we discovered about these sheets, followed by a more detailed review that will give you in-depth insight.

  • Great color match
  • Very durable
  • Amazing quality
  • Oeko-Tex certified


  • Not the best fit
  • Can feel too stiff
  • Doesn’t come in prints

What are True Luxury Egyptian cotton 1000 bedsheets Made of?

These True Luxury sheets are made of 100% long-staple pure Egyptian cotton. The brand uses sateen weave in the production with 1000 thread count for each sheet. Egyptian cotton is praised very highly as a fabric in the world of sheets, mostly because of the durability and quality. They are made using sateen weave and have a slight shine to their finish. This company is proud to utilize the latest spinning technology to select only long, straight fibers. The short fibers are removed, which provides a smooth surface of the sheets.

The True Luxury cotton bed sheet sets come in four different sizes: Full, Queen, King, and California King. Each set features one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. What’s great about this brand is that you have other options to choose from if you don’t want to get an entire set, including extra pillowcases or a duvet cover. The color selection is decent but not impressive. You can pick from the 21 different shades, however the sheets don’t come in any prints. If there’s anything we feel like it’s missing, it’s definitely some attractive, eye-catching prints.

Our True Luxury Egyptian cotton 1000 bed sheets review

Want to know more about the quality, cooling properties, maintenance, comfort, and environmental effect of this set? Keep on reading our True Luxury Egyptian cotton 1000 bed sheets review below:

Comfort (8.5/10)

If you’ve never slept on cotton sheets before, these can come as a surprise. The first time you try them, they might feel a little too stiff and thick, but that’s because cotton is very durable and gets softer in time. Just keep an open mind, and the comfort will follow.

People are often under the impression that cotton is one of the softest fabrics, and are caught off guard when they receive a sturdy product. But, as professionals, we must help you understand that they get much more comfortable after every single washing cycle. These are not the stiffest sheets but aren’t the softest either. It’s great to know beforehand so that you don’t judge the sheets right away. This is a well-known fact if you are a sheet junkie, or you’ve used cotton sheets for a while. However, if this is your first experience with this fabric, you now know what to expect.

The brand advertises that these sheets feature deep pockets and can fit mattresses with a depth that goes up to 18 inches. This is the part that really disappointed us. One of the biggest cons of this set is the lousy fit. After receiving the sheets, we made sure to wash them first. They tend to shrink and are fairly hard to place on the mattress. Unfortunately, the deep pockets are not as deep as desired and tend to slip off the mattress, although they feature an elastic all around.

After our research, we rated the tensile of these bedsheets with 8.5 and the shear with 8.7. These high numbers are tightly connected to the comfort and quality as well. To finish off, we gave an 8.4 out of 10 for smoothness. These three round up to 8.5 out of 10 as a final grade for comfort.

Quality (9.2/10)

The quality of the True Luxury Egyptian cotton 1000 bed sheets is undisputed! This is the set you need in your life if you don’t want to spend an actual fortune on Egyptian cotton but seek high quality with decent prices.

If you’ve already experienced some horror stories with pilling sheets, this is the pair that you need to purchase next. Truth be told, we’ve been using the sheets for quite a while and not a single pill insight. That’s such a relevant topic among people who really appreciate great quality, so we found it very important to share.

Another noticeable feature we had to include in our True Luxury Egyptian cotton 1000 bed sheets review is the exquisite stitching. There are so many details that determine the quality of a product, and this one checks almost every single one.

For everyone who has trust issues when ordering sheets online because they’ve been disappointed with the difference in colors on their screen and in person, you’re safe with these sheets. We really go into detail when reviewing, so we made sure to order more than one set before delivering our final thoughts. Aside from the classic white, we also ordered several other colors from the range, some bright, others very dark. And, we have to admit we’re impressed. All the shades that arrived feature spot-on color. It’s an exact match to what we saw on our screens.

One of the things that threw us off track is the poor fit of the sheets to our mattresses. Since we wanted to be very thorough, we did try different sizes. The sheets tend to slip off the corners of the bed, and we feel like they don’t come with deep enough pockets.

When it comes to the price, the True Luxury Egyptian cotton sheets are one of the best purchases you can make. They are among the most affordable sheets made of 100% Egyptian cotton and feel so premium and luxurious. What’s even better they are way below the $200 average price you’d usually have to pay for a set of 1000 thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

ECO-Score (9.2/10)

Finally, a brand that pays attention to eco-friendly production and sustainability! These True Luxury sheets are Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified. In other words, the product is free of harmful chemicals and substances that can enter the body.

The Oeko-Tex certification means that the factories where the sheets are produced don’t use chemicals that are harmful to the body and pay a lot of attention to every detail of production, including threads, colors, and lining. These factories are reviewed annually by laboratories, and if everything is according to criteria, they get certified.

Cotton is a very durable, high-quality sheet material that can last for years without you noticing any damage. As we mentioned before, it will only become softer, which means you won’t need a new set of sheets any time soon. That’s a major plus on the ECO-score scale.

One of the things we appreciate about these True Luxury Egyptian Cotton bed sheets is their commitment to providing a safe product that is not harmful in any way. Combined with the high standards of production, they are an excellent fit for everyone who’s searching for an eco-friendly set of cotton sheets that isn’t very expensive as well. Let’s not forget that cotton is a biodegradable material, which makes it much better than polyester when it comes to sustainability. Our ECO-Score rounds up to 9.2 out of 10.

Cooling (7.9/10)

Cotton sheets are not the best for sleeping when it comes to cooling, but they are not the worst either. After spending a week sleeping on this set, we felt very comfortable. The sheets did not make us feel hot, they didn’t make us feel cold. Sounds like the perfect balance, right?!

But, I’m afraid we judged too quickly. When the nights got warmer, we could feel the sheets retaining some heat at times. This wasn’t always the case, but these are not the best option if you’re someone who sleeps hot. Since we didn’t always feel too warm at night, we don’t want to persuade you to buy a different set of sheets. It’s up to you to choose if this is the right set, but they will definitely come in handy for cold and chilly weather.

When it comes to numbers, these Egyptian cotton sheets get a 7.4 for the material’s thermal conductivity, a 9 out of 10 for weight, and 8.4 for thickness. In our opinion, these get a 7.9 for cooling.

Easy Maintenance (8.6/10)

If you’re in the game for a set of sheets that will save you time not ironing, this is probably not the pair. It’s well known that cotton comes with wrinkles, but the way you wash and dry these sheets can influence how wrinkly they will end up being.

The most important thing to know when it comes to maintaining cotton sheets is that they get softer in time. After several washes, you’ll feel a significant difference in the softness, and the sheets will become even more comfortable than before. The brand recommends you to machine wash the Egyptian cotton sheets using warm water and no bleach.

When drying the sheets, we made sure only to use mild temperatures in the dryer. When possible, you should hang the sheets to air dry to minimize wrinkles and creases. Because of the fit of these sheets, once you put them on the mattress the wrinkles almost completely disappear. Another very important tip is always to remove them from the dryer before they are completely dry.

It’s a great thing that the brand also reminds customers that cotton sheets will soften up after several washes so that no one is surprised with the sturdy feel. Full disclosure is important when purchasing any product.

Since we felt that the True Luxury Egyptian cotton bed sheets do wrinkle and we have to iron them often, we thought that an 8.6 out of 10 is the most appropriate maintenance grade. Remember that these are high-quality sheets that can go through decades of washing and drying without pilling or ripping.

Final verdict 8.7

It’s time to wrap up our True Luxury Egyptian cotton 1000 bed sheets review. After weeks of sleeping and napping on these sheets, we rounded up the scores and delivered a grade of 8.7 out of 10.

We will definitely re-purchase these True Luxury sheets in the future, as they surpassed most of our expectations. One of the biggest pros for this set is the fact that it is very affordable for such high-quality production. The comfort is great, the sheets will become softer in time. We were really impressed with the quality and the company’s commitment to creating an eco-friendly product. As expected, these sheets are not hard to take care of but require ironing if you don’t like seeing wrinkles.

Our final verdict is that we genuinely enjoy sleeping on the True Luxury Egyptian cotton sheets. We recommend them for everyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality and won’t pay an entire fortune on bedsheets.

[FAQ’s] Consumer questions & answers

Will these sheets shrink after washing them in the washing machine?
Yes, this set tends to shrink a little after washing and drying, but they get back to their initial shape after you place them on the mattress.

Can I purchase extra pillowcases without ordering an entire set?
The brand offers you to order just pillowcases without purchasing the entire set of bed sheets.

Does the fitted sheet come with an elastic fit?
The fitted sheet features an all-over elastic that will help it stay put on the mattress and ensures a better night’s sleep.

Can I iron my Egyptian cotton sheets?
Yes, you can iron Egyptian cotton sheets if you want them to be wrinkle-free. This is not a must, especially if you don’t mind creases here and there.

Can I return the sheets if I don’t like them?
The brand has great customer service that will quickly respond to your messages. If you have any problems or dislike the products make sure to get in touch with them.

8.6 Total Score

  • Great color match
  • Very durable
  • Amazing quality
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Not the best fit
  • Can feel too stiff
  • Doesn't come in prints
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