Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheet Set

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This product is perhaps one of the simplest, easy-on-the-budget bed covers you will find on the market. Interestingly, since fleece sheets are primarily known for warmth and comfort, it is no surprise that Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheet is a top choice for many. Although the brand producing this product has not been around the block for very long, they have quickly gathered enough publicity to be on everyone’s lips.

We didn’t leave it all to chance and believe every little information in the ad campaign launched to sell this spread but decided to have a go at this product ourselves. Our personal user experiences, combined with other reviews we found online, provided us with more than enough information about this product. Sit back and enjoy what we found.


Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheet is generally known for its different styles, each of which is an absolute pleasure to the eye. This product is made at a relatively affordable price without any compromise to quality and comfort. Irrespective of how much you have in your wallet, you will still get a fantastic deal for your money.

Also, Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheet is exquisitely designed with an elastic edge that goes through all the sheets. With pockets that have a depth dimension of 16” and a stitched-in elastic, this product will fit on any mattress with that dimension elegantly. While it might not fit in tightly, this product is designed to have a snug, neat drape over your bed – just the kind of sight you need to come home to after a long day of work. The best part, this bed cover is suitable for any member of your family. Same way Grandpa will enjoy it, your little niece will equally snuggle in comfortably.

One of the highlights of Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheet, and perhaps while it easily trumps other products, is that you can order precise measurements for your spreads. Of course, you will pay for extra adjustments, but the final product is worth the hassles. With just around $59.99 minus shipping fees, this product could drape your bed all year long. Are you up for a night’s rest filled with warmth and bliss?


  • Soft heavyweight sheet
  • Perfect fit with pockets up to 16” deep
  • Premium quality
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy cleaning
  • Relatively affordable


  • There is no warranty or return policy
  • Little product information available

What are Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheets Made Of?

Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece sheets are made from premium quality fleece fabric. An excellent alternative for flannel, fleece, has an extra-plush lightweight warmth, although you should note that the spread is somewhat heavy, at least when compared to other fleece sheets. This product is made from 150 GSM fleece, reflecting on the breathability, softness, and coziness.

With no doubt whatsoever, Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheets might soon become your favorite winter spread.

Our Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheet Set Review

One of the staggering challenges which we encountered in writing this review was finding verifiable manufacturer’s information about this product. It seems the brand enjoys a little bit of mystery. Even the accompanying care guide contains just short sentences, which might leave the mind wondering. In any case, we have provided you with a broad approach to this product by discussing the vital aspects of Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheets under categorized sub-topics.

While we believe that this product is made from top quality materials and is long-lasting with impressive durability, we also think that paying attention to the care guide might save you from unnecessary challenges. In any case, here is what we found out.

Comfort (8.3/10)

The fuzzy feel of this spread sold it for me. At first, I was skeptical about Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheet, primarily because I couldn’t find any reliable information about Amazon’s product – just a little summary of the crucial points. Besides, after using a fleece sheet that arrived with scratchy burn marks last year, I was done with the fabric. But, Sunbeam Super Soft heavyweight fleece sheets have changed the narrative completely. The fuzzy, comfortable feeling from sleeping in this sheet feels like sleeping on a bed filled with stuffed furry animals. Fun fact: sleeping on this sheet after shaving your legs feels like incredible heavenly bliss; try it out.

One of the reasons I bought this sheet was because it matched with the rug in my bedroom, and I thought, ‘well, what could go wrong.’ The design fits perfectly into my bedroom theme and is very comfortable to snuggle into. Although the sheet is heavyweight as advertised, it is not hot like flannel and is just the right sheet you need on a snow day. However, I wouldn’t advise that you use this sheet during the summer. This is because the design and quality of the sheet are primarily for warmth. All in all, a score of 8.3 is just right for this aspect of the Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheet set.

Quality (8.2/10)

Asides from being super soft, plush, and fluffy, this product was an excellent replacement for the heavy wool sheet I used just for the winter. Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheets are made from 150 GSM fabric, which means that while it is still heavy and thick, it is still breathable and has good airflow. Typically, fleece is excellent for trapping air pockets against the skin and keeping the user warm. This quality is adequately expressed in this product. While it might get too hot, especially when the temperature is somewhat warm, it is useful for keeping warm on warm winter nights.

Also, they do not pill or shed, so long as the care guide’s simple instructions are followed. At first, I thought I might have to iron them to keep them neat and crisp, but there was no need. Since the spreads have pockets about 16” deep, and an all-round elastic edge, it drapes neatly and snugly on the bed. Additionally, due to the tight technique used in weaving this sheet, the threads do not hang loose after repeated washing. However, after about two years, you might start noticing some color fading and loose threads. Notwithstanding, since I have not used the sheets for two years, I can confidently accord this sheet’s quality a score of 8.2.

ECO Score (6.0/10)

If you are an environmentally conscious customer, there is a good chance that you might be wary of using fleece sheets. The widespread impacts of fleece sheets on the environment are also expressed in the Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheets. Fleece is a synthetic material. Although some natural fibers were combined to produce this product, it is fundamentally still made from synthetic materials.

Aside from harboring odors over time, especially when not appropriately washed, fleece releases tiny fibers during laundry. These small fibers often contaminate the ocean and waterways and are a threat to ocean life. Also, because the fabric is human-made, I have to be intentional about the disposal method. However, from the customer’s perspective, this product does not consume as many resources as those made from 100% cotton fleece.

From that angle, we could say that this product is environmentally conservative. However, when considered the potential risk that fleece poses to the environment, I believe an average score of 6.0 is the best fit for how eco-friendly this product is.

Cooling (7.8/10)

Generally, fleece sheets are known and made for warmth. The only reason why you use a heavyweight flannel sheet in the summer is when your air conditioning is cranked up. Anyway, I enjoyed using this sheet all through the winter, early spring, and late fall. During all of these periods, I was mindful of the room temperature and how hot it is likely to get at night. You can try to switch the bottom sheet of Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheet with a plain cotton sheet when the temperature spikes.

The layers of fleece allow the trapping of air pockets, which will get warm over time. The downside to this is that the sheet is not adaptable to the body. Also, when compared to cotton materials, the moisture-wicking property is merely average. Therefore, if you sleep in this spread when the room temperature is high, you might end up sweating all night. If you are like me, this can be very uncomfortable. However, since we all know the best time to use this product, I believe a score of 7.8 accurately defines the cooling nature of this product.

Easy Maintenance (8.4/10)

Although Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheets are easy to care for, you will need to follow the instructions in the care guide strictly. Fortunately, this product is machine washable, which relieved me since I run a tight daily schedule. Additionally, you can tumble dry this sheet using a temperature range of 30 to 40 degrees. A friend of mine used a higher temperature and ended up with a shriveled sheet. Also, the elastic came undone, and there were hanging threads everywhere. I believe she had to throw them out.

Also, the soft texture of this product is highly sensitive to detergent. It is clearly stated in the care guide that mild detergent is preferable as compared to a stronger one. Additionally, if you intend to sun-dry the sheets, especially if you have lingering odors, ensure that you do not leave it under direct sunlight for more than 2 hours. Notwithstanding, the maintenance routine of this product is very straightforward without much hassle. A perfect score of 8.4 is entirely justified.

Final Verdict 7.7

After carefully analyzing each of hte Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheets discussed sections, you will understand while it is highly recommended for warmth, especially during winter. Of course, there are some qualities of this product that you might be wary of. Notwithstanding, the benefits far outweigh the downsides. It is essential to state that this review is a collation of submissions from different individuals. That way, we have been able to eliminate biases effectively.

Conclusively, if you are in search of a sheet that will keep you warm, toasty, and comfortable all night, together with styles that create a beautiful ambiance in your bedroom, the Sunbeam Super Soft Heavyweight Fleece Sheets are just what you need.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

What Is The Depth Of The Pockets Of These Sheets?
The pockets are about 16” deep and should fit any mattress with that depth dimension.

Do These Sheets Shed?
No, these sheets do not shed or pill, so long as you follow the care instructions.

How Many Pillowcases Come With These Sets?
Irrespective of the size, each set contains two pillowcases.

Does Thread Count Matter With Fleece Sheet?
Thread count does not matter with a fleece sheet. A different matrix is used to value its quality.

7.7 Total Score

  • Soft heavyweight sheet
  • Perfect fit with pockets up to 16” deep
  • Premium quality
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy cleaning
  • Relatively affordable
  • There is no warranty or return policy
  • Little product information available
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