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Studies show that a significant percentage of men and women suffer from sleep-related problems such as snoring. While snoring can result from wide-ranging issues, it is mostly caused by problems with nasal breathing. When one experiences blockages in the nasal airways, then can encounter many issues, including inconsistent sleep, insufficient blood oxygenation, and disruptive snoring. Luckily, innovative products such as SomniFix Sleep Strips have been developed to combat these problems.

Anyone seeking a solution to their snoring problem will attest that numerous products in the market aim to alleviate snoring. These include CPAP machines, sleep strips, and nasal vents, among others. Are the SomniFix Sleep Strips effective solutions to snoring and other sleep-related problems? Should you choose them above all the other alternatives in the market? Our detailed review of these strips will help you decide.


The SomniFix Sleep Strips are meant to cover your mouth when you sleep. This is intended to encourage more breathing through the nose, which has been clinically proven to be more advantageous than mouth breathing. The strips have a small central vent that allows mouth breathing to a small degree if it becomes quite necessary. The vent also contains a fine mesh to help keep off impurities when breathing through the mouth.


  • Highly effective
  • Super easy to use
  • Painless to remove


  • Relatively pricey
  • Packaging is not user-friendly
  • Can easily come off when sleeping

What are SomniFix Sleep Strips Made of?

Upon our purchase of the SomniFix Sleep Strips, we were pleased to learn that they are manufactured in and using materials sourced from the USA. To some extent, this guarantees some level of quality. The strips are made from a uniquely-engineered adhesive that allows easy application and application without leaving residue on the customer’s face.

It is nice for those with sensitive skin to know that the SomniFix Sleep Strips feature fully hypoallergenic materials, which prevents skin irritations when using the product. Additionally, the packaging and its contents are made from fully recyclable materials, therefore making the SomniFix Sleep Strips quite eco-friendly.

Our SomniFix Sleep Strips review

We purchased the SomniFix Sleep Strips for my husband and two children, all of whom experience some sleep-related problems. All the opinions, views, and scores given in this review will be based on my experience with the strips. We acknowledge that everyone might have slightly varying experiences with the product. We will assess the sleep strips based on their comfort, ease of use, sleep quality, and value for money. We will then give a final score based on the four aspects mentioned above.

Comfort (8.2/10)

When we bought the SomniFix Sleep Strips, we half-expected them to feel claustrophobic. However, we all were pleasantly surprised by the overall comfort when using them. Our children (aged 9 and 11) have a problem with breathing through the mouth when sleeping. Our oral-facial specialist had initially recommended using conventional first-aid tape, but this proved unpleasant due to the pain of removal and residue deposits.

We noticed that the children love the SomniFix Sleep Strips since they can get on and off and feel quite comfortable at night. Besides the children, my husband also loves the fit and comfort of the strips. Our only comfort-related gripe with the strips is that they can easily slip off inadvertently when sleeping.

Ease of Use (8.5/10)

We found SomniFix Sleep Strips to be among the easiest anti-snoring products to use. Before we purchased them, we were quite skeptical about the overall effectiveness of a product that essentially worked by taping your mouth shut. Before use, the three users would follow the instructions on the packaging. These involved cleaning the outer mouth area and drying it off completely before sticking the strips on.

While using the strip itself is a walk in the park, prying open the packaging can be somewhat problematic. When we first bought the SomniFix Sleep Strips, they came in an easy-to-use sleeve that resembled an accordion. However, the manufacturer later changed this design to each strip wrapped in a paper sleeve. For us, this made the overall user experience quite unpleasant and unnecessarily complicated. If it were up to us, we would get the SomniFix Sleep Strips back to their original packaging.

Sleep Quality (8.0/10)

My husband and children often go through the day with regular nasal breathing. However, once they fall asleep, they would begin mouth breathing and often snore. When they started using the SomniFix Sleep Strips, I noticed that their sleep quality and mine greatly improved. There was significantly less snoring and mouth breathing.

My husband’s nasal passages would often become congested when he slept, thus resulting in unbearable snoring. I can attest that the SomniFix Sleep Strips helped with the snoring problem immensely. Our biggest misgiving with the strips when it comes to the quality of sleep involved the strips accidentally coming off when our kids were sleeping. While this was never an issue with my husband, it happened quite a lot for our children.

Value for Money (8.0/10)

While we certainly cannot dispute the SomniFix Sleep Strips’ effectiveness, we did not find them to have great value for money. For a daily-use product, we felt that the $20 per box was overly pricey. This translates to about $260 per year for a single person, which is quite honestly, costly. In our case, the cost was even higher since we needed three strips per night.

After some research, we found that the price had been recently hiked from about $15 per box to the current $20. For us, the cost of the SomniFix Sleep Strips is quite possibly the biggest downside. This explains the product’s lowest score among all the four evaluation fronts.

Final Verdict 8.2

Overall, we were quite impressed with the SomniFix Sleep Strips. In terms of comfort and ease of use, the strips are almost as good as the market’s best alternatives. However, the product’s poor value for money significantly reduces its overall score. Based on price alone, some people may be forced to consider competing products.

If you can overlook the rather steep annual cost of using SomniFix Sleep Strips, you will be impressed with its other attributes. After evaluating the strips’ advantages and disadvantages, we awarded it an 8.2/10 score. This means that while it does have some noticeable downsides, it is still a stellar product worth trying.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

The first time I used the strip, I accidentally took it off. Does that mean I cannot use the product?
Not exactly. Most of the users require about 5 to 7 nights of usage to get used to the strips. Since most users are prone to breathing through their mouth at night, nasal breathing takes a while to get used to.

When using the strip, I noticed that I default to mouth breathing through the vent. Is that normal?
No, it is not. If you find that you default to mouth breathing when using the strip, please reposition it to an area that enhances nasal breathing. To do this, turn your lips slightly inward when applying the strip. Keep in mind that the central vent only exists as a backup option and not the primary breathing mode.

Why will the strip not stick?
Make sure you meticulously wash and dry your lips and the surrounding area. This ensures that the surface is free of any moisturizers or balms that may cause the strip to function incorrectly. Any lubricant will also compromise the strip’s effectiveness.

What is the exclusion criteria for the strips?
The strips should not be used by people with severe nasal breathing problems, those with chapped lips. People with sinuses, colds, ear infections, and low blood pressure should also avoid using SomniFix Sleep Strips.

What is the breathing vent for?
The central cent was designed to mimic nasal functions if a user begins breathing through their mouth. The vent’s small size helps regulate cadence while the mesh filters numerous types of airborne particles. This ensures that when need be, a user can still breathe through their mouth.

8.2 Total Score

Ease of Use
Sleep Quality
Value for Money
  • Highly effective
  • Super easy to use
  • Painless to remove
  • Relatively pricey
  • Packaging is not user-friendly
  • Can easily come off when sleeping
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