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Numerous factors are essential to a person’s well being and health. Top among these are a balanced diet, regular physical exercise, and quality sleep. The latter is particularly important in ensuring consistent productivity and focus. Throughout the years, health experts have offered tips for getting better sleep quality. Despite this, most people often forget that their bedding items are as important as any other aspect meant to enhance sleep quality.

Unsurprisingly, the modern-day world is full of options when it comes to products meant to reduce the effects of sleep disorders. These include innovative pillows, bedsheets, mattresses, and comforters. Items such as the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow are now commonplace in the market. Do these actually improve one’s quality of sleep, or are they just marketing fads? We will review the pillow above and help you decide whether or not it would be an excellent purchase for you.


Bamboo pillows are meant to improve the overall quality of sleep by providing the unique benefits of bamboo fibers or related blends to the user. Attributes such as excellent breathability, softness, dust mite resistance, and durability make bamboo fiber pillows an attractive option. Typically, these pillows make use of shredded memory foam filling to improve the comfort levels. Additionally, one can find the pillow size that best suits their needs.


  • Hypoallergenic bamboo pillow case
  • Quite comfortable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Highly breathable
  • Removable, washable cover


  • Not very fluffy
  • unevenly distributed filling

What is the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow Made of?

The Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow is made from shredded memory foam (for the filling) and bamboo fiber (for the pillowcase). This combination results in excellent support for the user’s neck, shoulders, and upper back. It is also worth noting that the memory foam used in the pillow is fully CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that users can expect top-notch foam quality. The pillow is the ideal bedding item for people with allergy flare-ups since it contains fully hypoallergenic materials.

Our Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow Review

My search for the perfect pillow has made me try countless products throughout the years. I always find every pillow I purchase to have a glaring problem. I recently bought the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow to try out the trending bamboo fiber makes. I have since used the pillow for two months and will share my opinions based on my experience. I will focus on the product’s value for money, support, and comfort. However, keep in mind that your experience with the same product may vary from mine due to numerous factors.

Comfort (8.4/10)

My first impression of the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow was that it was significantly larger than what I expected, which is good. I found that the pillow required a while to fully expand after removing it from the box. It has a ‘new product’ scent, which I was okay with but may not sit well with everyone. The smell had fully dissipated in about thirty minutes. This Sleepsia pillow is amazingly comfortable. I love how the memory foam conforms to the shape of my head when I sleep, thus eliminating earache when I am sleeping on the side.

The Sleepsia pillow I am using right now is my second. I gave my girlfriend the first one after she thoroughly fell in love with it citing its great comfort. My previous pillow was too heavy and contained way too much stuffing for my liking. I was, therefore, quite impressed with this lightweight product. However, I feel like it is still not as fluffy as I would like. Another minor misgiving involves the somewhat uneven memory foam distribution.

I am also quite satisfied that I get to choose among multiple sizes when I am making an order. I am currently using the queen size pillow, which I find perfect for my body size. Additionally, the bamboo fiber pillowcase is just amazing to lay on. It is soft to the touch and highly breathable therefore remaining cool throughout the night. For anyone looking for a super comfortable pillow, I would certainly recommend the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow.

Support (8.6/10)

I vividly remember the first night I used the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow. I barely tossed and turned like I was used to. The pillow was just the right level of firmness without being overly hard. My head would sink too much into the overly soft filling with my previous pillow, and I would wake up with a sore neck. Upon further research, I realized that the manufacturer uses CertiPUR-US certified memory foam, contributing to the pillow’s excellent support.

When I first removed the pillow from its packaging, I was quite skeptical about its support capabilities. This was because it came all rolled up. However, upon unrolling it, it puffed up like a giant could after some minutes. I am a habitual side sleeper with a rather weird touch; I sleep with one of my arms under the pillow. With the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow, there is sufficient filling to support my head and still allow me to have my arm under it.

Additionally, the pillow’s lightweight allows me to make small support-related adjustments when I sleep. With some of the pillows I have used previously, the weight was too much to adjust easily when looking for the perfect support spot. Since I began using the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow, I have not woken up with a stiff neck even once. The pillow is fantastic when it comes to supporting.

The only problem I have with the pillow in terms of its support capabilities involves its depth. I find it’s a bit too much then I would ideally want. The filling is also somehow unevenly distributed, with the central area suffering the most. I hope the company can rectify this and make this the ideal sleeping aid.

Value for Money (8.4/10)

High-quality bamboo pillows can be quite pricey, and most customers will only buy them if they are sure that they will be worth every penny spent. On this front, the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow performs admirably. While it cannot be described as cheap, it is not as pricey as some competing products. After my two months of use, I have not regretted making the purchase decision.

I have become particularly fond of the washability, breathability, softness, and surface coolness of the pillow when I sleep. To me, these attributes contribute to the product’s great value for money. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not include additional memory foam to help different users customize the pillow to their liking. Additionally, I think the memory foam should be more evenly distributed for a pillow in this price range.

I would undoubtedly repurchase the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow, mainly because of how well it has alleviated my stiff neck problem. If the manufacturer can sort out the few minor issues I have encountered with this product, I would be more than happy to make it my number one choice when it comes to pillows.

Final Verdict 8.5

The Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow provides excellent comfort and support. During my usage, I felt like its lowest-scoring aspect was the not-so-stellar value for money. Still, I would recommend this pillow to anyone looking for a comfortable bamboo fiber pillow. I regularly wash the cover, and its overall quality has not decreased.

I gave the pillow an overall score of 8.5/10 after assessing its upsides and downsides. Besides some minor issues, this is a product I can foresee myself using for months to come. I would not hesitate to recommend the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

How do I fluff this pillow after taking it out of the box?
Normally, leaving the pillow to air out for about 24 hours will do the trick and get the pillow fully fluffed up. However, if you are unwilling to wait this long, place the pillow in the dryer for about five minutes. Make sure to put a dryer sheet over the pillow when doing so to prevent damage.

Can I wash this pillow?
Yes, you can wash the Sleepsia Bamboo Premium Pillow on a gentle cycle using cold water. Remember to squeeze out the excess water when you are done. Afterward, you may have to use more than one drying cycle to get the pillow completely dry.

Does the pillow have a zipper to let me remove or add shredded memory foam?
There are two different versions of the Sleepsia pillow. One has a cover with a zipper while the other one does not. Make sure you confirm which one you are buying before making the order.

8.5 Total Score

Value for Money
  • Hypoallergenic bamboo pillow case
  • Quite comfortable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Highly breathable
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Not very fluffy
  • Unevenly distributed filling
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