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Percale cotton is one of the most talked-about sheet materials! Since there are so many options to choose from, we’re here to make things easier. One of the products that really got our attention is the Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Percale sheets. After spending some time testing this set, we can now let you know if they’re worth the hype.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect percale set, it’s time to read our Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Percale Sheets review. We spill all the tea, sparing no details!


It’s tough to know whether a set of sheets is a good fit for you if you don’t know the basics. These pros and cons will give you a general idea of what to expect from Sleep Mantra’s cotton sheets without spending your hard-earned money.


  • GOTS Certified
  • Easy to maintain
  • 100% organic cotton


  • Make noise when moving
  • Not wrinkle-free
  • Show signs of stretch

What are Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Percale Sheets Made of?

The Sleep Mantra organic cotton percale sheets are made of GOTS Certified 100% organic cotton. In the process of production, Sleep Mantra only uses the best naturally grown organic cotton fibers. Although the brand does not mention the thread count in the product description, we noticed that the sheets feature a 300 thread count after receiving the package. According to Sleep Mantra, these sets go through extensive checks to ensure high quality and no defects.
Available in six different sizes and seven colors, you’ll surely find a fit for your needs. The sizes offered for this set are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. All the sets include four pieces, except Twin and Twin XL, which only come with one pillowcase. It’s great that now the brand offers you to buy a set of pillowcases without purchasing the rest. These come in either Standard size or King size.

Most of the colors available for purchase are pale and pastel, although there is one dark grey shade. The range of hues is not impressive, but it includes the basics. People who love percale cotton but also want a wider color selection might need to find another place to shop.

Our Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Percale Sheets review

Below we will merge our scientific research with the personal experience that we had with this bed sheets set.

Comfort (8.0/10)

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics to sleep on. Aside from the durability, it also offers a very clean and crisp feeling once you lay in your bed. It’s very much like paying to spend a night in a luxury hotel. That’s the first impression that we got, but things became even better in time. After several cycles in the machine, the sheets became softer, just like promised.

What ruined the experience for us is the elastic fit on the sheet, which is not tight enough. In other words, the fitted sheet kept slipping off the mattress, so we had to put it back into place over and over again. This is incredibly frustrating if it happens during the night, and you’re stuck in bed with a pile of fabric that is not supposed to be there.
To make the experience easier, the brand made sure to include ‘head’ and ‘foot’ labels on the fitted sheets. We liked that!

Another drawback that helped us form the Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Percale Sheets review is that these sheets make sounds when you toss and turn. It’s a noise that can be very irritating for light sleepers. This is something that is expected from percale cotton, so it’s not news to us.

Now, let’s switch to the scientific part of our research. You know, you can’t get all the information you need by just sleeping on a set of sheets for some time. That’s why we go the extra mile and explore other characteristics, including tensile, shear, and smoothness. This particular set gets an 8.1 for tensile, 7.7 smoothness score, and 8.3 for shear. The final result for comfort is 8.0 out of 10.

Quality (7.4/10)

The fact that these sheets are 100% cotton explains the crisp feel. And it also testifies to the great quality of the Sleep Mantra organic cotton percale sheets. Don’t expect luxury Egyptian cotton, but a set of great sheets that will last you for years.

First-time buyers can be surprised by the crisp and sturdy product they’ll receive, but that is just a part of the beauty of cotton sheets. All you need is patience. They will become so soft and even better to sleep on. This is a well-known characteristic of cotton and another reason why it’s so durable.

Another thing we can’t fail to mention is that the fitted sheets tend to stretch a little after we machine washed them several times. This is not something that should happen so quickly with percale cotton since it’s considered one of the most durable sheet alternatives. However, the pillowcases and top sheets remain in perfect condition. One of the pillowcases featured irregular stitching, which means the brand should stick to their claim that every single piece is checked several times for defects.

Even after several months of use, the color of the sheets did not fade. We did wash them in the washing machine and dried them in the dryer. The low-impact natural dyes that Sleep Mantra uses are obviously high-quality since the sheets maintained their original color.
The product’s price is definitely on the lower end of the scale for percale cotton. We feel like this is a very decent product that will last for a long time. You will get what you paid for, a set of crisp cotton sheets that do get softer, with great quality. There are so many more expensive alternatives that feature the same quality, so this is a great pick if you ask us.

ECO- Score (8.7/10)

The highest score this product got from us is exactly in this category. After learning that Sleep Mantra manufacture their sheets with 100% GOTS Certified cotton, we couldn’t help but praise their work. If you’re not quite sure what this means, we would love to get more into detail.

For a product to be GOTS certified, it needs to fulfill certain criteria. Let’s start with the fact that the fabric needs to have at least 95% organic fiber. That is safe for both customers and the environment. Next, the sheets need to be free of harmful chemicals and toxins. In this case, each set is dyed using low-impact natural dyes. Last, but not least, a company needs to produce their goods in a factory that satisfies numerous eco-standards, properly treats its employees, and pays a lot of attention to sustainability.

This is a very high standard to get, which means you can feel safe sleeping on the Sleep Mantra organic cotton percale sheets. It’s something that every brand should strive for! Since the whole production process is safe, without the use of harmful chemicals, these sheets are gentle to the skin. It makes them suitable for people who fight with allergies or have skin conditions.

What’s really interesting and rare is the type of packaging that this brand uses. The set of sheets comes packed in a cute reusable fabric bag that you can use to store them or repurpose around the house. This speaks very highly on their behalf and proves even more that they are doing a great deal to deliver an eco-friendly and sustainable experience. It could also be an amazing gift for friends and relatives who are eco-conscious.

Although we received our orders in reusable fabric bags, we still noticed several people online who complained that theirs were packed in either a cardboard box or a plastic bag. We would feel even better about the sheets if the brand kept their packaging promise mentioned in the sheets’ description.

Cooling (7.5/10)

Although percale cotton is considered a great alternative for hot sleepers, we did not have the expected experience. Unfortunately, the sheets did not deliver the breathability that we hoped for.

We wanted a completely neutral space to snuggle in, but we still felt a little more on the hot side. On nights when the temperatures were low, we felt great sleeping on the sheets. That’s why we wanted to give them another shot and keep on testing them out. Finally, we can say that the sheets are not the best at keeping you cold, but they won’t make you feel extremely warm as well. They are a great alternative if you are a cold sleeper and live in places where the climate is cold year-round.

Percale is a weave that is crisp, breathable, and durable. It can evenly distribute heat. That’s why we expected better thermal conductivity from this set. Our thermal conductivity score for these sheets is 7. We rated the thickness with 7.7 and the weight with 9. These three together create a grade of 7.5 for cooling.

Easy Maintenance (8.3/10)

Maintaining cotton sheets is not a hard task in general. However, different weaves and sets require a different approach. Since the Sleep Mantra organic cotton sheets feature a percale weave, it’s pretty much expected that there will be wrinkles. The rest is straightforward and easy!

What the company explains is that this set will be delivered to you pre-washed. That means that you don’t have to wash it before using it, but we feel like most customers still decide to throw them in the washer first. The seller recommends that you tumble dry them on low heat. To prevent extra wrinkles, take them out of the dryer right before the cycle is done. The same thing applies to the washer as well. The more you leave the sheets after the cycle is done, the more creases there will be.

While you’re putting the sheets on the mattress, you’ll also stretch them, which means fewer wrinkles. Percale is a type of weave prone to wrinkles and creases, something you need to be aware of before buying sheets. If you are bothered by this characteristic, you can either look elsewhere or simply iron your sheets. For us, it isn’t a big deal. We prefer to lay on high-quality, breathable sheets, even if they are wrinkled.

Our overall experience maintaining the Sleep Mantra sheets is pleasant, so we decided to give it a score of 8.3 out of 10. Although we don’t mind wrinkles, percale can make your bed look like a real mess. Anyways, this isn’t something that can’t be solved with ironing.

Final verdict 8.0

Finding a great set of percale cotton sheets that don’t cost a fortune is not an easy task. When you consider all the things sheets need to check on the list before being approved by us, you’ll know that every single detail matters.

The first thing that convinced us to buy the Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Percale sheets is their GOTS Certified status. You probably already know how much we appreciate an environmentally-friendly product. Although the breathability wasn’t as good as we’d want it to be, we’re still ready to give these sheets a chance during the winter months. They were comfortable to sleep on, with just a few tiny hick-ups, and very easy to maintain, as long as you don’t mind wrinkles.

To conclude our Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Percale sheets review, we’re happy to rate this set with 8.0 out of 10. Although the score doesn’t sound too high, it’s still very high up on our percale list. If you’re ready to buy a set of percale cotton sheets that won’t break your budget, this is it!

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

What is the thread count for these sheets?
The Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Percale sheets feature a thread count of 300.

Is the fitted sheet elasticized all over?
Yes, the fitted sheet comes with an elastic all the way around.

Should I wash the sheets before putting them on my mattress?
The sheets come pre-washed, which means you don’t have to wash them before placing them on the mattress.

How deep are the pockets on the Sleep Mantra Organic Cotton Percale sheets?
The pocket of these sheets is 14 inches, but the brand says that the sheets can fit mattresses with a depth of 16 inches.

8 Total Score

  • GOTS Certified
  • Easy to maintain
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Make noise when moving
  • Not wrinkle-free
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