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If, by chance, you happen to be familiar with Simple and Opulence stores, you’d know they focus on natural home textiles and currently run three brand products. Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet is one of those. Others that you might be familiar with King Linens and Biselina. These products are built on health and comfort; Simple and opulence 100% linen sheet is no exception.

This product is made from 100% Belgian linen with exquisitely detailed modern embroidery design – just the right amount of royal feel you need to lighten your bedroom. In any case, Simple and Opulence stores had much to say about this linen sheet in their advertising campaigns. We decided to get a feel of this new product and compile an honest review that will enable you to make an informed decision if you choose to grace your bedroom with it. With our experience and other reviews we came across online, here are what we found.


Simple and Opulence 100% Linen Sheet took a top spot in a Business Insider review on household textiles and other related categories. This is a big deal because hardly does products commonly accessible to the general public get this amount of spotlight. It is made from 100% outsourced Belgian linen flax known for its cool feeling, impressive breathability, and anti-fade properties. Additionally, this sheet is known to be budget-friendly as you can get a complete set starting from $114 – that’s barely a dent in your wallet.

With perfect craftsmanship and tight, well-woven stitches, this sheet has a lovely feel that ensures it is comfortable sleeping in and drapes nicely. The fitted sheet has a 360o elastic edge, and with a depth of about 14”, it fits snugly on any mattress with that dimension. Interestingly, it has easy maintenance and care routine; all you need to do is stick to the manual attached to your purchase. Compared to most linen sheets, Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet has 170 grams per meter, denoting a thick density and increased durability.

A complete queen-sized set of this product, which by the way comes with a linen bag, contains 1 90” x 102” flat sheet, 1 60” x 80” fitted sheet, and 2 20” x 30” pillowcases. If you wish, this product is perfect as a gift on any occasion. The comfort you stand to gain is enough to get you in anyone’s good books.


  • 100% premium quality French flax linen
  • Heat conduction and moisture absorption properties
  • Breathable, soft material
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Machine washable
  • Highly affordable
  • Fair return policy


  • Limited choice of colors
  • Delivery to some locations isn’t insured

What Are Simple And Opulence 100% Linen Sheets Made Of?

Simple and Opulence 100% Linen Sheet is made from 100% stonewashed French linen flax with exquisite embroidery detailing. Usually, most linen sheets have a drab and dull look with no design. But this brand went the extra length in ensuring there’s more to the sheet than the regular qualities.

Additionally, asides from ensuring no chemicals or fabric whiteners were used in the production process. This product is also certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100. This is proof to lay customers’ doubts to rest and assure them of this sheet’s hypoallergenic nature.

Our Simple and Opulence 100% Linen Sheet Review

I have to admit, writing a review for this product wasn’t so easy. Usually, most linen sheets have the same characteristics and the same set of problems. But, while using simple and opulence 100% linen sheet, I discovered an entirely different side to high-quality linen material. Of course, the scoring system and reviews in this article is subjective and is entirely based on individual experiences.

To ensure that you have detailed information and a smart approach in making a purchase decision on this product, we have addressed each of its significant attributes as an individual sub-topic. This way, you have a balanced approach for Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet.

Comfort (8.8/10)

The first introduction I had to Simple and Opulence 100% Linen Sheet was an ad tagline that claimed the sheet is super soft, comfortable, and healing. After a couple of miserable experiences with some low-quality sheets, I was ready for something new and fresh. Although, I should say out loud, linen isn’t for everyone. You just might need to try it out to verify your preferences.

Simple and Opulence linen sheet is made from 100% naturally grown Belgian linen flax known for its comfy and homey feel. The sheets felt a little crisp at first, but after a few runs through the wash with baking soda, it became very soft and comfortable. Admittedly, the first few days were a little rough. I am completely satisfied with this sheet with no negative comments to pass.

Even though the sheets are slightly thicker than the regular linen I am familiar with, it is still very breathable and lightweight. We had no difficulties agreeing to a consensus score of 8.8.

Quality (9.4/10)

I had earlier used a high-quality and rather expensive sheet with holes in them a few weeks after buying them. So, I was hoping this wouldn’t be a similar case. Needless to say, it wasn’t.

Suppose you are new on linen sheets. Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet could be a viable introduction. Asides from the smooth, vintage look of the sheets, they also have perfectly woven yarns that are quite tight and firm – no loose or hanging threads at all. Seeing as I had to run a few washes till I was comfortable with the softness, this quality was needed. I liken the whole process of washing to breaking in jeans.

Another concern I had that was addressed was draping and fitting. I prefer sheets that have a snug fit on the mattress. This product has a 360o elastic edge and 14” deep pockets. With that dimension, it can fit into any mattress with that same depth dimension or less. Also, the pillowcases aren’t slip-on like others but have a side cover that keeps the pillow inside and prevents the material from moving over and around.

ECO-Score (8.6/10)

Of course, there is an increased need to pay close attention to new products’ biodegradability on the market with our planet on our mind these days. With Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet, we took a closer look at the nurturing, harvesting, and processing methods of linen flax to determine how eco-friendly the entire process is. Also, considering the maintenance and care routine needed to maintain this product, we decided a score of 8.6 is a perfect fit.

From research, I found out that linen is a natural fiber that grows quite easily with little need for resources. The harvesting and processing process also involves eco-friendly methods. Furthermore, the sheet is biodegradable and recyclable, information that should please any environmentally conscious customer. The water and energy resources needed to produce and maintain this product are also minimal compared to most high-quality sheets. Notwithstanding, the dyes used in coloring this sheet might have mild effects on the environment. So, you might decide to go for neutral colors rather than the darker tones.

Cooling (8.9/10)

Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet is made from very breathable organic Belgian linen flax. If you are searching for an affordable option for a great night’s rest, you can decide to spend some money on this product – you will get great value for it. The sheet has impressive breathability due to its increased airflow and moisture-wicking properties.

Like most linen sheets, Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet has an absorbency rate of 20%. So, if you happen to experience night sweats, you still get to sleep easily while the sheets absorb the excess moisture. Of course, other factors like average room temperature have to be in place. While this sheet is pretty easy to use in the summer, you might want to layer it or buy a duvet set during the winter.

Easy Maintenance (7.9/10)

One of the best parts of getting this sheet is that it comes with a linen bag for easy storage and maintenance, as well as a care guide. Most of the sheets I had earlier used didn’t have that, so I often made mistakes during laundry. Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet has a detailed care guide with easy-to-follow instructions on care and handling. Of course, the extent to which you care for your sheet is the extent to which you will enjoy them.

This product is machine washable. You can also try compression hand washing if you are familiar with the technique. Additionally, mild detergent is recommended compared to stronger ones, affecting the sheet’s anti-fade properties. I’d also advise that you monitor the time spent sun-drying this sheet as much as you can keep it away from direct sunlight. All in all, you will find that a score of 7.9 best suits this aspect of Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet.

Final Verdict 8.7

If you carefully analyze all of the sections we have discussed, you will be able to come to a final decision about this product. For us, we were able to concertedly agree on a final verdict score of 8.7 for Simple and Opulence 100% linen sheet. As earlier stated, this review and scoring system is 100% subjective and is based on our personal experiences. While we doubt you will have varying opinions, it is possible. Also, note that this is a combination of different submissions from a wide selection of individuals.

As with most things, there are both benefits and drawbacks to owning this product. So, why not give it a try.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Do these sheets come in California size?
Yes. The product is CK size.

Does this product fit a deep mattress?
The sheets have a pocket of 14” depth. It will fit perfectly on any mattress with that depth dimension.

What is ‘embroidery white’ as compared to ‘white’?
Embroidery white just means the embroidery on the duvet set is white-colored.

Are there more colors other than the major four advertised?
No. There is currently no production of other colors other than the four advertised.

8.7 Total Score

  • 100% premium quality French flax linen
  • Heat conduction and moisture absorption properties
  • Breathable, soft material
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Machine washable
  • Highly affordable
  • Fair return policy
  • Limited choice of colors
  • Delivery to some locations isn’t insured
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