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Many times, some people prefer an all-season comforter to other types. The reason for their choice is not far-fetched. One of their reasoning is that silk comforters are loaded with great value. Sadly, very few of them are authentic with the countless silk comforters available in the market. Because of that, buyers find it tasking to get the real ones they can use throughout the year.

SilkenBliss Silk All-Season Comforter is one of the few genuine silk comforters that anyone can boldly purchase. We have tested this product and found out some hidden facts about it. From quality to comfort of this product, and other aspects that you may not consider, we have checked this comforter and see how real it is.

Endeavor to follow this post to the end. You will see everything we have detected in the event of proving the manufacture wrong or right for this all-season silk comforter.
Here we go!


SilkenBliss is one of the bedding brands that is trusted by its customers. They are not trusted and respected for just any reason but because they are dedicated to giving their customers the best products. Their aim to offer nothing but highly impressive products triggered them to design this top-notch silk comforter.

The SilkenBliss Silk All-Season Comforter is a must-have for anyone that knows the value of quality and comfortable silk comforter. There are many facts about this product that we will unravel as we move on with this review. Among them is its value for the price tag and how it will make you feel when sleeping.

The product is designed uniquely with the brand’s name on one corner of the comforter. This product’s exquisite craft is superb and rare, which is enough reason for anyone to fall in love with it at first sight. Besides that, it is well packaged like a lady’s cute white clutch. In other words, this product is well crafted and packaged for delightful delivery.

You can order the product at the bed size of your choice at a fair price. Let’s move on to unravel more about this pleasant product.


  • Lightweight
  • Silky and soft outer cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Highly ventilated
  • Perfect for winter, and summer season


  • A bit pricey
  • Cannot be machined washed

What Are SilkenBliss Silk All-Season Comforter Made Of?

The SilkenBliss Silk All-Season Comforter is evenly filled with natural and pure long high-grade mulberry silk. This silk grade is solid, absorbent, and safe because it wasn’t treated with toxic chemicals or substances.

The silk comforter’s shell is made with 100% cotton material woven with a sateen pattern. The sateen pattern is what makes the comforter look shiny a bit on the top surface. Likewise, the cotton is of the highest quality that is durable, cool, and silky soft on the body.

There is a long zipper at the side of this silk comforter, which users can use to confirm the quality of the silk filling.

The quality of all the materials used to make this product makes it more worthy for anybody.

Our SilkenBliss Silk All-Season Comforter Review

Our top reviewers have used this product for some months; now is the right time to give their account about it. You will read about their experience using this silk comforter and the scores assigned to each notable area of the duvet. Read carefully to justify this as what you need or not.

Softness (9.6/10)

Let’s start with the feel of this comforter. Out of the package, the product feels like real cotton with a sateen weave because it feels super soft on the touch, and when sleeping in it, it has the same feel. The texture makes sleeping peachy that my friend and I had no complaint about it. It’s not thick but silky soft.
This cozy duvet is not heavy or light, but it has a perfect weight for anybody. Anyone like us, who doesn’t like a bulky or thin duvet, will be satisfied with it.

Comfort (9.8/10)

The next aspect of this review is the most crucial. We carefully examined this duvet to be sure of its level of comfort before reviewing it.

More than our expectations, we were satisfied with how this duvet made us comfortable all through the testing time. Hence, we rate it 9.8 out of 10.

First, the brand says this is an all-season silk comforter. To be sure of that, we tested it in winter and waited till summer to try it. During winter, the duvet served its purpose well. It kept us warm, rather than hot as some comforters do. Sleeping was excellent in this duvet in winter. We can recommend it for winter if that’s your primary need.

Whenever it’s hot during summer, we usually put on the air conditioner, and using this duvet gives us the best result. We never had the urge to get another comforter under such conditions. There was no need for a thicker duvet. This product served well.

The SilkenBliss Silk All-Season Comforter is highly breathable and enhances our sleep quality all night.
We can recommend this product as the right all-season silk comforter that you can purchase. No doubt, it will keep you cool and warm in summer and winter, respectively.

Wrinkle Free (8.2/10)

Oh! No wrinkle at all. We never saw ruffles on it for the whole time we spent sleeping in this duvet, no matter how rough we sleep and toss in it. Instead, it’s smooth and silky soft with a good scent.

Value For Money (9.5/10)

The SilkenBliss Silk All-Season Comforter deserves the 9.5 scores given to it here. The quality of this product is uncommon. When it arrived, we touched the silk cover to test its quality. The cotton material feels sturdy. After using it for some months, there has not been any record of dissatisfaction with the duvet. Everything is still intact, from the stitches to the silk.

Spending that amount of money on this product is what anybody should be happy about because it offers comfort.

Final Verdict 9.3

Look no further for a better silk comforter. The SilkenBliss Silk All-Season Comforter is perfect in all aspects. Except for the fact that this product cannot be washed, everything about it is excellent. We can’t speak for everybody, but we score it 9.3 out of 10 for overall performance with what our reviewers found out about it.

SilkenBliss Silk All-Season Comforter will end the discomfort you might have been experiencing with other silk comforters before.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

What is the weight of this silk comforter?
The overall weight of this silk comforter is 4.7 lb.

Is this silk comforter recommendable for a very cold location?
The product is an all-season comforter for cold or hot places. It keeps the body cool and warm.

Is this silk comforter safe for use?
Both the silk and the cotton material used to design this product are not chemically processed. To be sure about the silk quality, you can unzip it and take some of the silk for a test.

Put some Clorox bleach in a container and put some silk inside it. If the silk dissolves, then it is 100% and lacks chemicals in it.

Another step is to take some silk and burn it. If it smells like hair, that means it’s original, but if it has another odor, then the silk is not authentic.

The external layer is also free of chemicals. You can check this by using ultraviolet light to confirm it. That’s because silk comforter covers that have been chemically processed have a fluorescent agent in it.

Do I need to use a duvet cover with this product?
To protect this silk comforter from dirt since it can’t be washed but only air dry, you will need to purchase any duvet cover of your choice. If you have a duvet cover that fits the silk comforter, then you may not need to buy another one.

9.3 Total Score

Wrinkle Free
Value for Money
  • Lightweight
  • Silky and soft outer cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Highly ventilated
  • Perfect for winter, and summer season
  • A bit pricey
  • Cannot be machined washed
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