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Are you working on your beddings to spruce up the comfort in your bedroom? Then, you need the best silk comforter that is capable of doing so and one that won’t burn holes in your pocket.

Don’t give up on purchasing comforter yet. This review will open your eyes to see the goodness of this Silk Camel, after which you would gladly go and get yours. Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter; what does it have that other silk comforters lack? In other words, is this comforter unique from others? You need to know before making up your mind.

Let’s get started!


Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter is made from natural and pure cotton fiber. The high quality of the cotton used and the 300 thread count are the reason for the comforter’s softness on the body. The inner part is filled with a genuine natural long strand of mulberry silk that is lightweight, and overall the comforter is light. The fluffy feel you will get from this product is lovely and magical that you would sleep off as soon as your head hits the pillow.

We ordered this product, specifically the one for the summer season, and we found out it’s thin, which is precisely what we want, not the one that will make us sweat to death. It’s pure white for the King size; it measures 102 x 90-inch.

We found other types of this product suitable for fall, winter, and spring; hopefully, we would try them out later, but this is what we need for now. They are all available in California King, Queen, King, and Twin Sizes.

We love the comforter because it’s authentic and specifies what season it’s meant for. It’s not like the products that are labeled as “year-round” but, in the end, won’t fit for any season.

Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter is the product you need to purchase for a better experience in your sanctuary.


  • Luxuriously soft and smooth
  • For summer only
  • Eight anti-slip clasps
  • Highly breathable
  • Hypoallergenic


  • A bit pricey
  • Requires duvet cover

What Are Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter Made Of?

The comforter is made with 100% cotton, and it’s filled with original high-quality mulberry silk of long strand that weighs 340g. The silk has a slight sheen on the comforter, which is more visible from any angle of light reflection. It has a thread count of 300 that makes the softness of the shell excellent.

Another effect that the features mentioned above have on the comforter is its fluffiness.

Secondly, the warmth of the comforter is the central essence of purchasing this product.

There is a way to find out if the silk will keep you warm in summer, we carried out the test, and we weren’t disappointed. Thank goodness the comforter has a 43-inch long zipper that will give you access to do a quality test on the silk.

We unzipped the comforter and rubbed our hands through the silk to feel its warmth.

If the silk makes you warm when sleeping, you will be able to tell if you feel the warmth while rubbing your hands through the authentic silk.

Let’s say you rubbed the silk and you didn’t experience any warmth feel, then, that’s artificial or synthetic silk. Besides that, original silk will sound as if you are walking on snow.

We checked other aspects of the product and realized some excellent benefits that make the product special. Find them out in the next section!

Our Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter Review

We committed the thorough testing of this product into the hands of our best reviewers. They came back with their genuine findings and scores for all the essential aspects of the silk comforter. Note that they tested the silk comforter for many months before writing this review.

Softness (9.6/10)

The comforter is divinely soft like a newborn’s skin and extremely lightweight.

The manufacturer was real about the 340g silk and 100% cotton. It’s so soft like a cloud that we always sleep like babies.

Comfort (9.6/10)

The silk comforter has eight side and corner clasps that we used to fix it with a duvet cover, which makes it stay in place all the time. For us, it’s comfortable to use since it doesn’t slip off.

My partner is a woman close to 50; you know what that means to sleep in a perfect comforter in summer. She is always grateful for this product.

She already recommends it to some of her friends that they experience hot flashes, and they are so happy. We took this comforter along with us to a hot state, and after each day’s event, we wrapped our body in this great comforter to enjoy its comfort.

We never get hot, sweat, or pull off the silk comforter to cool off our body; instead, it makes our body warm and wraps the body excellently. Likewise, whenever we put on the air condition, the comforter gets warm enough to make us sleep better. It smells nice out of the package, and after several months of use, it doesn’t harm the skin, even when our kid slept in it.

After several months of using this excellent product, we are so glad we had the chance to test it. Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter is highly recommendable. We have tried some silk comforters before this, but they were all too hot for us in the summertime.

In conclusion, the Silk Camel is breathable and comfortable to sleep in summer. Also, the comforter deals with allergies very well.

Wrinkle Free (9.2/10)

There is nothing like a wrinkle issue with this product. The silk comforter is filled with silk that is evenly distributed, so there is no single space for the shell to wrinkle.

Value For Money (9.0/10)

The first thing we noticed in this product that made us appreciate the amount spent on it is the lovely and cute packaging. It will be perfect as a gift because you won’t need to wrap it up in a fancy gift wrapper. It comes in an attractive package bag; that’s the first time we would see bedding arrived in a gorgeous appearance.

The design of the outer shell is well-made but simple. It has a long, strong zipper for you to check the silk’s quality. But then, the remarkable thing about silk is that it doesn’t cause allergy. We once tested a comforter that gave us a horrible allergy; my partner complained of itching while I had a stuffy nose. We always find it hard to sleep, so we had to pack it up after the second night.

However, this silk comforter is nothing but a relief for us to fall asleep quickly. It’s the best we have ever tested in many years. Of course, this product is a bit expensive but having a good night’s rest is worth its price tag. Right now, the Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter is in our home looking all good and perfect after six months of testing it; it isn’t clumping up.

Final Verdict 9.4

Overall, the Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter is very soft and comfortable to sleep in during summer. The product is durable, straightforward to maintain and use. Our reviewers attested that it is healthy and enjoys a superior design.

In the event of searching for the best silk comforter for summer, at that time, the Silk Camel Luxury Allergy-Free Comforter is the best among others. It’s embedded with myriads of delightful features and benefits that will make you enjoy your sleep time at all times.

The ball is now in your court. Based on the scores and final verdict score, it’s evident that the sheet is worth all the penny. We believed this is a five-star silk comforter that deserves the high scores on this review.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Can I wash the comforter in the machine?
Yes! It would help if you gently cycle it. It’s advisable to buy a separate duvet cover with it and use it always to prevent dirt from the silk comforter. With that, you may not need to clean it except the duvet cover.

Usually, comforters don’t need dry cleaning or washing because of the silk’s ability to resist mold and mildew. Nevertheless, spot cleaning with the hand is better if you would at all need to clean it and line-dry it indoors to avoid high temperatures that may damage it.

Also, do not apply chlorine bleach on the silk comforter; else, it will ruin the silk protein.

Does this silk contain any other material aside from silk?
The shell is authentic 100% cotton, while the silk is natural 100% silk and nothing else.

Is this product very warm for 60-degree nights?
This particular product is for summer, but there are others for winter, fall, and spring. This summer comforter is filled with silk of 340g.

The spring version is 680g silk. You are to select the version you want based on your need. However, the spring and fall version will be suitable for a cold sleeper or 60-degree F.

Note that using a duvet cover will impact the feeling you will get from the silk comforter.

Can I dry clean the silk comforter?
It’s not proper to dry clean this silk comforter because it is 100% pure silk that was not chemically treated.

Dry cleaning usually requires high temperature, and that heat will destroy the protein of the silk, which will take away the benefits of the silk. That’s why you need to get a duvet cover so that you won’t need to wash it. If at all you need to wash it, do so by hand and hang dry it.

9.4 Total Score

Wrinkle Free
Value For Money
  • Luxuriously soft and smooth
  • For summer only
  • Eight anti-slip clasps
  • Highly breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • A bit pricey
  • Requires duvet cover
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