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It’s easy to ignore the need for luxurious sheets when setting up a bedroom, especially if you are not a bedsheet snob. Since sheets are your closest companion all night long, their texture and values play a significant role in how comfortable you will sleep.

When you plan to buy new bedsheets, it may surprise you that sheets are manufactured in various prices, fabrics, thread count, weave, and features. Because of that, purchasing bedsheets can be mind-boggling.

Thank goodness! It’s no longer sophisticated. We’ve selected the best and luxurious bed sheet set and put it all in a simple review.

Additionally, we ensure our best reviewers evaluate the crucial categories with good scores. Their test and scoring will help you get adequate knowledge about the sheets and decide whether they are a good fit for you.


Pure Bedding Hotel Luxury Satin Sheets are manufactured with love from Pure Bedding. The manufacturer’s love for man and animals make them go the extra mile to make these sheets comfortable for consumers and their pets.

The sheets are unique for their extra strength to protect them from your pets’ nails and claws. I need to say that the sheets are also kid-friendly. Your kids and pets are free to jump and play freely on these sheets without ripping them.

There are many more exciting things you would want to know about these magnificent sheets. The next sections of this review will reveal them.

For this review, we got the purple, king size of the four-piece set. Two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet were the content of our set. We purchased them for less than $30, isn’t that fair enough?


  • Ultra-soft and smooth
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fade and wrinkle-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Extra strength
  • Meticulously designed


  • Not suitable for people with rough skin

What Are Pure Bedding Hotel Luxury Satin Sheets Made of?

Pure Bedding Hotel Luxury Satin Sheets are majestically produced with pure 100% polyester microfiber. Polyester is durable and thick, but with the 1800 thread count of these sheets, the thickness is replaced with extra silky softness.

The fabrics are woven with satin that gives them smooth, glossy, and shiny top side texture. The gloss and shine on these satin sheets are excellent. They are slippery and stain-resistant, too, thanks to the satin weave.

The sheets are designed by brilliant artisans that considered every little detail, such as the envelope closure design and elastic all over the fitted sheet’s edges.

The product is available in different fabulous color options and sizes like Full, King, Queen, Twin, California King. The brand also deemed it fit to produce something extra for their customers; the two king pillowcases and two standard pillowcases. In case you would love extra pillowcases of matching color with your sheets, those are the available options for you.

Our Pure Bedding Hotel Luxury Satin Sheets Review

This review is based on our reviewers’ findings on the sheets after evaluating the sheets’ performance for some months.

Comfort (8.2)

We love these satin sheets, from the satiny feel to every bit of the design on them. The pillowcases are designed to make it stress-free for consumer use. It’s easier to cover the pillows and iron the pillowcases with the stitch design on them. The pillowcases are sewn on a side to tuck them over the side of the pillow to get them fully covered.

The fitted sheet is fully elasticized, and so they fit our King size bed well. As instructed, we washed the sheets when they arrived, and we laid them on the bed that same day. The first feel we had on the sheets was magical; the sheets are superbly soft that we slept soundly and comfortably quickly.

The satin feel of the sheets on the skin is fantastic any time we sleep on them. The sheets are slippery, but we didn’t slip off the bed, and the sheets didn’t slip off the mattress too. The fitted sheet elastic is so sturdy that the sheet hugs the mattress tightly, and the pockets are deep.

Our purple satin sheets shine and dazzle in our room, and the room looks like royalty.

After washing and using them for some time now, the sheets don’t itch or scratch; instead, they are smooth. I have been sleeping with my hair oiled and uncovered, and my hair has never been messy neither is my sheets trapped with the oil. The sheets are entirely resistant to moisture.

Personally, the only issue I have with these sheets is that they snag on my rough feet, so I had to wear socks to protect the sheets from getting rough quickly. That’s not the fault of the sheets, though.

If you have rough skin like me, this may not be the right choice for you, except you won’t mind sleeping on them with socks.

These satin sheets give us so much joy for reviewing them.

Quality (7.7)

There is nothing much to say here than the sheets’ quality is highly impressive. We have washed them more than four times, and they never fade or lose quality. I chase our dog away from our bed because I don’t want them to ruin the sheets, but the story has changed with these sheets.

The fabric is so durable that my furry friend has not ruined them with its claws with every jump to catch a throw pillow. From the expression of my dog, I can tell that it loves the fabric.

ECO-score (6.0)

The sheets are very friendly to the planet, man and animals. They are not harmful or hazardous to health. You will enjoy sleeping in them for as long as you desire.

The microfiber used to produce the product is healthy and of the highest quality. At an affordable price, you are getting more than your expectations from a bed sheet set.

Cooling (7.9)

We all love how these fabrics feel on our skin whenever we sleep in them, most notably during summer. Unlike many satin sheets that will make you sweat profusely, these sheets kept us cool all the time. It’s no doubt; this fabric will keep you warm in winter.

The sheets pull sweat and moisture correctly.

These satin sheets are hypoallergenic, which means they would not cause allergic reactions to you.

Easy Maintenance (8.6)

It’s so easy to maintain these sheets for a long time.

Wash them with cold water and tumble dry them. The sheets don’t take time to wash and dry.

Ours were stained but got washed off after one wash. That’s because we mistakenly poured detergent on them once, and they came out with annoying stains. Since then, we always pour the detergent in the water before dipping the sheets inside.

Also, don’t pull any loose thread on them, if there is any. Pulling out the thread will lose the stitches. We handled that with scissors, and the stitches are still intact.

In addition, if you will be sharing these sheets with your pets, you can remove their hair dander or fur by washing them in a machine, brushing, or using a vacuum. It has been so easy for us to get rid of the dirt by these three simple methods.

Final Verdict 7.7

All in all, these sheets are exactly what they say they are by the manufacturer. It’s rare to find a sheet that will give you the privilege to play with your kids or pet without fear.

Sleeping on these fabrics in summer and winter is incredible. The classy look they give to the room and their excellent design is also commendable. The 7.7 given to the product here is fair enough to convince you of their mind-blowing performances.

If you are so concerned about protecting your skin and hair from getting dry every morning, these are your best go-to sheets.

Now that you know the good and bad side of these sheets, would you buy them or not? Remember, they won’t cost you $30, and they have tons of benefits to offer. Finally, you can see this product as a way of getting closer to your pets and showing them the love they deserve.

[FAQ’s] Consumer questions & answers

Do these satin sheets get stained quickly?
Satin is just a weave used to make a fabric to give it a shiny top surface and dull reverse side. The primary key to determine if a sheet is stain-resistant is the material. Polyester is water-resistant, and at the same time, it’s challenging to get a stain out of it. As for these sheets, the 1800 thread count makes the sheets very soft, and easy to get the stain removed with one wash.

How can I maintain these sheets to avoid pilling?
The maintenance is simple; do not expose them to heat, such as a hot temperature machine, dryer, and iron. Avoid bleach and brighteners on them. Those are the things that weaken and damage satin sheets on time.

Do the sheets shrink?
The sheets don’t shrink after washing, but if you expose them to heat, they may shrink and not fit your mattress anymore. That’s more reason for you to maintain them with care and follow all instructions on the product’s care instruction.

7.7 Total Score

  • Ultra-soft and smooth
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fade and wrinkle-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Extra strength
  • Meticulously designed
  • Not suitable for people with rough skin