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Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel sheet is a product from Pinzon stores. Asides from being an Amazon brand, this company has consistently delivered universal products for everyday use and is incredibly popular among environmentally conscious customers. Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel sheet set launched a new arm of the brand. With such a glorious campaign, customers were set to be surprised by the quality of this product. Well, we were not a bit disappointed.

Asides from the raving positive reviews we found online and the incredible promises from the manufacturer’s we decided to try out this product ourselves and experience all that there is. We were intentional about our approach to writing this review and have collated much vital information necessary for you to decide about buying the Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel sheet set. So, let’s get right into it.


Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel sheet is made from 100% combed cotton for optimal cotton. Asides from buying to have a test-run of this product, I also bought it as part of an upgrade program for my apartment. So, I knew I had to get quality sheets to enjoy the beautiful ambiance I was after. The yarn used in making these sheets was pre-combed, so the fibers are perfectly aligned, smooth, and very compact.

Admittedly, this sheet has a soft touch and is very comfortable to sleep in. Flannel sheets are generally known not to have thread counts but rather be measured in the number of ounces. Most regular sheets have between 150 to 160 GSM, but Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel sheets weigh 190 GSM, making it heavyweight and thick. While you might be able to use it all year long, it is peculiarly perfect for keeping warm during the cold winter months.

Also, to make maintenance and handling very straightforward for the users, this sheet is machine washable and has an accompanying care guide. You will get instructions on care techniques. Interestingly, unlike other flannel sheets, this sheet is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to be free from chemicals. This certification is also proof that the production process is up to regulatory standards.

A complete queen size Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheet set contains 1 60” x 80” fitted sheet, 1 90” x 108” flat sheet, and 2 20” x 30” pillowcases. Also, to make this product affordable for all groups of people, it is sold for just 70.99. All things considered, you are getting a great deal at a relatively cheap rate.


  • Highly affordable
  • 100% cotton
  • Double-napped finish with a velvety feel
  • Easy maintenance
  • Heavyweight sheet set
  • Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified
  • Deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 17”


  • Limited choice of colors

What is Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheet Set Made of?

Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel sheet is made from imported premium cotton. To ensure this sheet’s smoothness and softness, which primarily reflects on the users’ comfort, the yarn used in making this product is double combed. Ordinarily, velvety flannel sheets have a rich softness with its breathable weave. With this product, the manufacturers took that a notch higher by providing a double-napped finish on both sides. In all of this, the resulting final product is soft, comfortable, and cozy; in a warm way.

Our Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheet Set Review

It is essential to mention that these reviews and ratings are from our individual experiences and curated reviews online, which is entirely subjective. Although we hope that you will be able to use this review as a basis for making a purchase decision, it is essential to state that with certain factors put in place, you might have a differing experience. Of course, asides from personal preferences, you will enjoy the sheets as much as you handle and care for them.

To ensure that you have detailed information and a smart approach in making a purchase decision on this product, we have addressed each of its significant attributes as an individual sub-topic. This way, you have a balanced approach towards Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel sheets.

Comfort (8.2/10)

Pinzone Signature cotton velvet flannel sheet is comfortable. When compared in weight and comfort to winter sheets that I buy at $250, it’s basically the same thing. The velvety feel of this sheet makes it easy and cool to sleep in. In fact, I had separation anxiety when I had to change to a different sheet. Since the sheets are made from cotton, it has impressive self-insulating and moisture-wicking properties. After several washings, it keeps on getting softer and more comfortable. What more could I ask for?

Admittedly, I was a little bit skeptical about using the sheets during the summer since it was heavyweight. I mostly use my heavyweight flannel sheets during the winter. Although I didn’t use them at the temperature peak of the summer, I still found the sheets cool enough to use even though the AC was on full blast all night. This product is nice and soft right out of the packaging. If you are looking to buy a sheet that will keep you warm in the cold and cool enough when the heat rolls in, then this is a good buy. After careful consideration and weighing the pros and cons of warmth from this product, I believe a score of 8.2 is perfect.

Quality (8.4/10)

Most luxurious heavyweight flannel sheets thin out and tear at the seam after a couple of washes. Still, my package from Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheet Set was a different game entirely. They are indeed made from Portugal, as the tag and packaging say. Equally, I have not experienced any pilling at all, something flannel sheets are known for.
Although a couple of customers complained about their sheets pulling, I believe the company addressed their complaint duly. The weight of this sheet beats the amount I paid for it.

Nonetheless, sizing seems to be an issue. I use a standard king size mattress that measures about 13″ in height. The bottom sheets of this product fit snugly, a little bit too tight for my liking. Both the dimensions of the top sheet and the pillowcases seem fine, but if my mattress was just about 2″ higher, the bottom sheet might not fit. Although I didn’t wash the sheets right out of the package, I doubt if they shrunk in any way. Notwithstanding, I don’t think it will fit up to 18″ as advertised. Despite this little drawback with sizing, which can be easily fixed with a replacement, I believe scoring the quality of Pinzone Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel sheet with 8.4 isn’t farfetched.

ECO Score (8.7/10)

Usually, products from Pinzon stores are mostly up to date on standards of the sustainability of household items; they’ve done the same with this product. Aside from using natural cotton fibers to make this sheet, it was also processed and spun into yarn in a factory certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to be up to date on necessary regulations.

This sheet is biodegradable and recyclable and, by all indications, passes all the requirements necessary to be regarded as being supportive of the plan to save the planet. Both the dyes used in achieving the different tones of colors for this product and the entire process of double brushing did not involve using chemicals, as said by the manufacturing company.

Since this is a culture of the brand, we can take them at their word. From the customers’ perspective, this sheet’s maintenance routine does not consume a lot of resources. In fact, this sheet dries faster than most flannel sheets that I have used – which is surprising since it is heavyweight. In any case, a score of 8.7 perfectly justifies this aspect of Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheet.

Cooling (7.4/10)

Frankly, flannel sheets can sometimes get too hot for comfort. Now, heavyweight flannel sheets can be very uncomfortable, especially in the summer. So beyond this product, keep your use of heavyweight flannel for the winter. Regardless, Pinzone Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheet is quite comfortable and cooling for both seasons.

During the cold winter months, I only needed this sheet and a thin down alternative blanket to keep warm. Of course, I didn’t have to use the same blanket in summer. Cotton generally has excellent airflow, with remarkable moisture-wicking properties. So, even when you get too hot under this sheet, it takes a while before it becomes uncomfortable since the sheets absorb the excess moisture.

Also, since the sheet is double brushed and has a velvety finish, it is smooth and cozy to sleep on. To get the best from this product, especially in the summer, you might need to pay attention to your nightwear. It doesn’t make any sense to use pajamas made from wool and sleep under heavyweight sheets. In any case, a score of 7.4 best summarizes the cooling aspect of Pinzone Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheet.

Easy Maintenance (8.3/10)

After several rounds with heavyweight winter flannel sheets, most of which were ridiculously expensive, Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheet is an absolute relief. Asides from it being cheaper, it also has the same quality as those. The sheets are easy to wash, although I have to wash the sheets individually other than loading the complete set in my fairly large top load washer to get a reasonably good wash. But since I can toss these sheets in the dryer with no issue of them pilling and shrinking miserably, I find it comforting.

I can say the only negative thing about this product is that it takes up more space in the linen closet than other non-flannel sheets. But, I guess that is because the sheet is heavyweight. When folded, the height of the sheets is higher than the standard sheet, especially when the fitted sheet is added to it. The sheets might also wrinkle a little if they are left in the machine for long, especially under a high cycle. If you don’t want to spend extra time ironing, monitor the time, your sheets spend in there. Additionally, the packaging of this product can pass reasonably well for a storage bag. I believe 8.3 is a perfect fit for the maintenance routine of this product.

Final Verdict 8.2

When you carefully analyze each of the sessions discussed, you’d see that there are both upsides and drawbacks to owning a Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel sheet. But, of course, the upsides far outweigh the downsides. We were able to unanimously conclude at a final verdict score of 8.2 after several deliberations. It is essential to state that the reviews were not based on a single individual’s experience but from a broad overview of varying opinions.

With an impressive quality of material, softness, and a relatively affordable price, you have more to gain in jumping in on this deal from Pinzon stores. So, why not try it out.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Are The Sheets Thick? Also, Do They Shrink After Initial Washing?
The sheets are as thick as advertised. Also, it does not shrink once the sheets are washed in hot water.

What Is The Thread Count Of This Sheet?
600 thread count.

What Is The Gram Per Meter Square Of This Sheet?
This product weighs 190 GSM.

In Which Country Was This Sheet Manufactured?
They were manufactured in an Oeko-Tex certified factory in Portugal.

8.2 Total Score

  • Highly affordable
  • 100% cotton
  • Double-napped finish with a velvety feel
  • Easy maintenance
  • Heavyweight sheet set
  • Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified
  • Deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 17”
  • Limited choice of colors
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