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Any pet lover can tell you that a pet brings immeasurable joy to a household. Pets give you company, make you laugh, and sometimes test your limits. One thing that people do not talk about regarding pet rearing is that pets come with some stink. With regular baths, you can make the pet smell more bearable. Pet House Wax Melts are designed to help you eliminate pet smells, especially around the litter area. These wax melts are natural and cruelty-safe, so they will not harm your furry friends.

Wax melts have been used for years to make houses and offices have a pleasant smell. They are quite easy to use, and most people prefer them because most are made of natural products that do not harm the environment or pose a risk to human and animal life. Over the years, many companies have released their wax melts for retail to the public. Our ultimate desire is to help you pick the best product that offers you value for money, so we will be reviewing the Pet House Wax Melts. From its pros and cons, you can decide whether they are worth buying.


Pet House Wax Melts are designed to make all pet-loving households smell clean and fresh at all times. These melts have pleasant fragrances, and the buyer gets to choose their favorite. They contain an odor neutralizer, and the packaging is very attractive. Besides, they are made of natural soy wax, free from chemicals that can harm your furry friends. A pack of this product weighs 6 ounces and contains two paw-shaped blocks of wax.


  • Pleasant smelling
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic


  • Some scents are quite weak
  • Paw block hard to break into smaller pieces
  • Quite pricey

What are Pet House Wax Melts Made of?

Pet House Wax Melts are made of 100% natural soy wax with added fragrances. They come in over 20 pleasant scents that will leave your house smelling clean and fresh. The products are eco-friendly because natural hand-poured soy wax is renewable. They are also non-toxic and do not contain dyes, paraffin, formaldehyde, phthalates, or parabens. When you buy these wax melts, you are assured of high quality because the American manufacturer maintains very high-quality standards. These wax melts are safe to use in any wax melter.

Our Pet House Wax Melts Review

Our family consists of my wife, two little boys, two dogs, a cat, and myself. We love our pets so much and do our best to keep them clean. However, they still have that distinct pet smell, so we have been buying room fresheners to get rid of the pet smell for some time now. We randomly spotted the Pet House Wax Melts as we were doing our monthly grocery haul online. We decided to give them a trial, so we picked two packs. The first pack was the evergreen scent, and the other was sun-washed cotton. When we used them, we noticed a few pros and cons that we will share with you. Kindly note that the opinions in this review are strictly based on our experience with this brand of wax melts.

Scent (8.6/10)

We are a very economical family, so we unpacked the first pack and broke the little wax paws into four little blocks. Breaking the paw block up was a bit difficult, we must mention. We then placed one block in our wax warmer and waited for the magic to happen. We really loved the pleasant and refreshing scent that filled the air within no time because the wax melted pretty quickly in the warmer.

We recently discovered the toxic ingredients in some of the room fresheners we had used before were responsible for our son’s migraines. With these wax melts, the fragrance was perfect without being overpowering, and our son loved it.

One thing we noticed was the wax smoked a little in the wax warmer. However, it was not black smoke that would get us worried. Since we love trying new scents, we looked up all the scents offered by this brand. We realized that most were very floral and food-related scents. Our sun-washed cotton had a fruity smell, and the evergreen had a flowery scent. It would be better if the company added the range of fragrances to include other non-food and non-floral fragrances.

One downside we noted was that our youngest puppy reacted to the fragrance. We melted a small block in our relatively large room and set up her bed about 10 feet away from the melter. She woke up in the middle of the night coughing uncontrollably, and this was something we had never experienced before. We stopped using the melts in our room right before bedtime to prevent such a scary incident from happening again.

Longevity (8.0/10)

Compared to other wax melts, the Pet House Wax Melts come with a higher price tag. For this reason, we expected them to release long-lasting fragrances. We were somewhat disappointed. Both the fragrances we tried smelled great at first, but the scent did not last long. We tried using our wax melter on a timer, making sure that we melted a little block every four hours. Within a week, the two blocks were finished, and there was no lingering scent.

The wax melts would have won our hearts if the strength of the scent persisted longer. When we opened the second pack of the evergreen scent, we decided not to break the paw blocks into small pieces, hoping to get better results. Unfortunately, this did not work either.

Odor Elimination (8.6/10)

Our pets do not stink because we give them frequent baths, but they still have that distinct pet smell that often infiltrates our house. We expected the Pet House Wax Melts to neutralize that smell and leave our home smelling clean and fresh all day long. This was not the case, and we are still convinced that the wax melts did not remove the pet odor.

At first, the product masked the pet odor, but only for a limited period. After the scent disappeared, the pet smell was back, and this was frustrating. We used a little block every four hours to deal with this, which only reduced the number of the little wax blocks left. As a result, the product got finished too soon without eliminating the unwanted odors.

Value for Money (7.8/10)

We have already mentioned that these wax melts are quite expensive than other wax melts in the market. Unfortunately, we did not feel that the wax blocks were worth the price. We loved that they came in cute packaging and an even more adorable paw design, but they disappointed us. The fragrances were just perfect, even for our sensitive little boy. They made our living area smell great, but only for a minimal time. The lack of scent longevity broke our hearts.

We felt that the company should consider using technologies that make the scents last much longer. It should also look into how the wax melts can effectively neutralize pet odors, as they did not do the best job at this either.

Final Verdict 8.3

This product’s overall performance was not the worst we have experienced, but we feel the manufacturer can do a much better job for the price to match the value. It scored very well on the scent because they were pleasant and not overpowering. However, it would be lovely if the Pet House Wax Melts came in other fragrances that are not too flowery or food-based. We also loved the packaging and the paw-shaped wax blocks.s

The longevity of both the scent and the wax blocks was very disappointing. We expected to get scents that would last all day and night, judging by the price of the wax melts. We also expected them to neutralize the pet odor and not merely mask it up for a couple of minutes.

Due to these reasons, we gave the Pet House Wax Melts an overall score of 8.3/10. We strongly feel that there is room for the manufacturer to improve this product.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

I have been told that Pet House Wax Melts contain essential oils that can harm pets. How true is this?
Yes, specific essential oils can be poisonous to cats and dogs. However, this product is safe to use in a house with your feline friends. It will not harm them.

Can I use the Pet House Wax Melts in any melter?
Yes, you can use the melter that you prefer. The wax is easy to work with and clean up.

How long does the Pet House Wax Melts scent last before I am required to buy new melts?
The scent lasts about one week. For longevity, most people break the wax into little blocks and use one small block every week.

Are the Pet House Wax Melts made by a cruelty-free company?
Yes, they are. These wax melts are not tested on animals.

Is the scent strong enough to mask the smell of smoke?
Yes, the scent is strong and can mask a tobacco smoker’s smell if you are in the same room.

I have five furry friends that make my house have some odor. Will these wax melts eliminate the smell?
Yes, they will, but only for a brief period. The surest way of getting rid of pet smell entirely is by getting rid of the pets. However, these wax melts bring some relief because they take away the pet odor when used. You should bathe your furry friends regularly to reduce the pet odor.

What kind of device do I need to melt these wax melts?
You can use any wax warmer or melter you have. There is no specific melter or warmer for these wax melts.

8.3 Total Score

Odor Elimination
Value for Money
  • Pleasant smelling
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic
  • Some scents are quite weak
  • Paw block hard to break into smaller pieces
  • Quite pricey
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