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Have you been researching the best type of bed sheets? Do the Pima cotton bed sheets seem to be your most preferred choice? Are you reading this piece to identify the best among the Pima cotton sheets in the market?

If your answer to all the questions above is yes, then you are at the best spot to get the right answers. This review will focus on Peru Pima 415 Percale Pima Cotton Sheets. There are spectacular details about these sheets that should be unraveled. You would also like to know them before making an order for your Pima Cotton sheets.

Let’s begin!


Peru Pima is a family-owned brand that is based in Peru, Lima, precisely. The company has been in existence for some years, and they are one of the famous brands in the fabric industry.

The company integrates the latest technology and qualified artisans to produce premium beddings with tradition and love.

The mission of the organization is to offer bed linens that are strategically improved by continuous innovation. We’ve seen this company as a socially responsible one that respects the people’s environment and well-being.

That’s why the Peru Pima 415 Percale Pima Cotton Sheets is filled with comfort, quality, softness, and other values.


  • Classic design
  • Silky soft and crisp
  • Breathable
  • Fully elasticized
  • 100% warranty


  • A bit pricey
  • Limited color option

What are Peru Pima 415 Percale Pima Cotton Sheets Made of?

The Peru Pima 415 Percale Pima Cotton Sheets enjoys 100% Peruvian Pima cotton that was handpicked. It’s confirmed that Pima cotton harvested by hand makes for a better white shade that retains color more than other cotton types worldwide. Likewise, such cotton is perfect at resisting pilling, which also makes it last longer than others.

The particular Pima cotton used in these sheets is an extra-long staple that gives the sheets silky soft, luster, and durable finish. With all the Pima cotton’s unique features, the sheets were still designed with percale weave and 415 thread count.

The percale weave was intended to give the sheets a matte surface that will be cool and crisp on the skin. It will be hard for people who believe in high thread count to have faith in these sheets. Frankly, it’s not only about thread count. However, 200-400 thread count is perfect for a cotton sheet, whereas these sheets thread count is 415, which is alright.

Our Peru Pima 415 Percale Pima Cotton Sheets Review

For this review, we tested the white Queen size of this product that comes in a four-piece set. There is a flat sheet, two pillowcases, and one fitted sheet in the pack we ordered.
Specifically, our review focused on the product’s essential values, which we scored according to their performance and personal preferences.
We observed how the sheets made us comfortable and cozy. We also tested its quality, health, and maintenance.

You will learn how we arrived at the scores for each aspect of the sheets in this section.

Comfort (8.7/10)

On arrival, we were mesmerized by the package of the sheets and their classic plus gorgeous look. We took the four-piece out, and we realized they are thick and slightly heavy, which we expected from a cotton sheet set.

The pillowcases are 20 x 30-inch that are designed as envelope enclosures. We could put our pillows in them without any difficulty, and they are neatly covered, plus it will make them convenient to iron, we love them.

The fitted sheet is 60 x 80-inch, which is wholly and well elasticized with 15-inch deep pockets. We fitted the fabric on our 15-inch mattress, and it was just what it needed.
The first night we slept on it, the fitted sheet did not pop-off the mattress throughout the night, and the flat sheet covers the two of us, with extra fabric on each person’s side. The flat sheet is 92 x 102-inch wide enough for two people to sleep in and feel comfortable.

We decided to sleep naked on the sheet the second time to be sure of what we felt the first night. The soft and crisp feel was the same, and the sheets reminded us of a hotel sheet.

The softness is heavenly! We inquired and found out that hotels like Marriott, Westin, Sheraton, Hilton, and others are loyal to Peru Pima. No wonder we got that luxurious hotel experience.

The sheets did not scratch or stiff before and after washing them. They are so comfortable for sleeping. They don’t even cling on the skin when sleeping on them naked; they make me prefer sleeping naked now. After washing them, they remained soft and crisp.

All the nights we slept on these sheets felt unique and unforgettable; I can’t wait to sleep in them again.

Quality (9.4/10)

Asides from the substantial weight and sturdiness of the sheets on the touch, we took note of other little details too. We checked the stitches, and we could see that it is about 4-inch hemstitches that were tightly done. No matter what comes the way of these fabrics, it won’t lose its well-made stitches anytime soon. It’s expected from the brand since the five-star hotels rely on them.

The feel of the sheets makes it seem like they are starched, but they aren’t, it could be the percale weave. For that reason, we don’t have the aim of starching it. We thought the elastic on the fitted sheets we come back loosen after washing because it looks thin, but up till now, it is in perfect condition.

These sheets’ quality is cool; it’s not thin and doesn’t look like other sheets made with cheap materials.

The sheets are always soft after washing, and they retain their weight too, which means we don’t need to start saving up for other sheets soon. Although they have minimal wrinkles after wash, that’s the nature of percale (cross weave pattern), and we aren’t bothered. In fact, the more we wash them, the less they appear with wrinkles. Anyway, we can always iron them on low heat whenever we need a flawless surface.

ECO-score (9.0/10)

Peruvian Pima cotton is mostly harvested by hand; that’s to say, the material is organically grown. We believe that since they are always grown under favorable weather conditions that don’t require any chemical.

For the consumers to believe the sheets are safe, the organization got the sheets tested thoroughly by OEKO-TEX, and they came back certified at standard 100. This means the sheets are manufactured and produced in a safe environment. The manufacturer didn’t use harmful material or substances on the fabrics.

The organic material does not only mean that the sheets are safe for use, but they are also of high quality. It has been detected that materials grown with chemicals do not last long like the organic ones. Hence, another reason for the quality of this product.

Cooling (8.0/10)

We’ve always known that percale and Peru Pima cotton creates one of the most breathable sheets. We decided to try this out to see if they will be up to the task. Let me inform you that we are hot sleepers, so a cool sheet is our top priority.

You would be eager to know if the sheet disappointed us or not. We aren’t disappointed a bit. They are so suitable for hot sleepers. The sheets cool our temperature and make us sleep soundly every night, without sweating.

After our first night experience in them, I asked my friend if she did sweat during the night; all she said was that she couldn’t remember waking up at all. She does wake up whenever a sheet makes her uncomfortable, that means such a sheet is not breathable. She is nearing her menopause, so these sheets are what she needed the most.

Personally, my experience was the same; instead of sweating, I was just relaxed and calm all night. The sheets are almost cold on the body in winter and summer. So impressive!

Easy Maintenance (8.6/10)

The sheets are easy to maintain to get the best out of them for many years to come.
Note that a sheet that is not properly maintained will not last long, even if made with the highest quality material and weave.
All it takes to maintain them is to wash them in cold water; by hand or machine and dry them in low heat. After washing ours many times, they didn’t shrink nor pill.
Don’t let them stay longer in the dryer to minimize the wrinkles if you don’t have ironing time. To make them last long, never use hot water or a hot dryer on them.
We use these sheets daily and wash them weekly; they are still as good as when we received them.

Final Verdict 8.7

The Peru Pima 415 Percale Pima Cotton Sheets have been awarded all the scores above simply because they deserve it. We aren’t generous with scores, but we’ve got no choice with these sheets than to come out straight.

Just like every other thing in life, we all have personal preferences that determine our responses. Few other reviewers have little issues with these sheets, and that’s why our final verdict result is 8.7 out of 10. However, not many bed sheets can get this high score for their performances.

In a nutshell, The Peru Pima 415 Percale Pima Cotton Sheets is worth the price and our time. These sheets allow you and your family to stay safe, sleep comfortably, and use them for a long time. You won’t ever miss sleeping in a hotel again; they are silky soft and crispy.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Are these sheets available in higher thread count?
They are only available in 415 thread count. A thread count of 300-500 is the best for single-ply yarn, and it makes sheets soft.

What are the sizes of sheets for this product?
The product is available in Full, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, and California King.

Can I purchase the pillowcases of these sheets separately?
There are different sizes of pillowcases for this product in the same color of your choice. You can get the pillowcases in Standard and King Size.

8.7 Total Score

  • Classic design
  • Silky soft and crisp
  • Breathable
  • Fully elasticized
  • 100% warranty
  • A bit pricey
  • Limited color option
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