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Sales statistics indicate that in 2020, more people have bought reed diffusers than in other years. They have helped people maintain sanity during the Covid-19 pandemic, and more people now appreciate the importance of self-care and peace of mind. Are you one of those who used reed diffusers for a fresh and relaxing scent in your home? If not, you should consider trying products such as the Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser. Reed diffusers are perfect for homes because they release subtle and long-lasting scents without having the fire hazard that comes with scented candles.

Reed diffusers usually contain special blends of essential oils and reed sticks that allow for the oils’ scent to travel up and into your room. The scent is usually less synthetic than that of your regular air freshener. An Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser is ideal for homes because it uses the fresh linen scent to give your home a calming ambiance. We will explore its pros and cons to equip you with information to guide you when buying a reed diffuser.


Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffusers have an authentic, fresh linen scent. They contain essential oils that smell great without necessarily being overpowering. The product comes with a long-lasting reed diffuser bottle that looks classy and complements the decor in almost all homes. It also contains high-quality and clog-resistant reeds that release the fresh scent for up to 60 days. You can control the intensity of the fragrance by adding or reducing the number of reeds.


  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Classy decorative bottle
  • Pleasant subtle scent
  • Non-toxic fragrance oils


  • Scent too weak for some people

What is Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser Made of?

The Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser is made of a diffuser bottle and reeds. The package contains a classic and minimalistic diffuser bottle that is also decorative and blends well with all interior decor. The second component is the clog-resistant fiber reeds. Each reed is carefully crafted so that it can distribute the scent evenly for up to 60 days. A pack comes with six reeds. Inside the bottle is five ounces of essential fragrance oils that are non-toxic. The fragrance is delightful and not overpowering. It is released evenly in your room or office without the need to light anything, as is the case with scented candles.

Our Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser Review

My roommate and I tried this product for the first time after a mutual friend recommended it. We had been searching for a product that would bring some cheer in the house after being stuck indoors for a while due to the Corona pandemic. We wanted a calming and subtle scent that would make us feel like we were in a spa. We purchased three Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffusers, one for each bedroom and the third for the living area. In this review, we will explain what we liked and what we disliked about this product. We will mainly focus on the scent, value for money, longevity, and odor elimination.

Scent (7.8/10)

The Fresh Linen scent is pleasant and inviting. I thought it did not smell like fresh linen but like a mild perfume that my mother would wear. On the other hand, my roommate said the fragrance was a little more masculine than she anticipated. We both agreed that the smell was perfect for our small home because it was very light and crisp.

Setting up the diffuser was also very easy. In fact, we kept on sniffing the fragrance directly from the bottle because it was very inviting. We noted that two of the lids that secure the reeds were a little wobbly when we placed them over the jar’s opening.

The best aspect of this diffuser was that the scent was not overpowering at all. I am a lover of stronger scents, so I used all the six reeds in my bedroom, while my roommate used three in hers. We agreed to use four in the living area and loved the subtle yet refreshing scent that did not go away. The fragrance was more pronounced after entering the house from outside.

The only thing we would have wished is for Old Factory to come up with diffusers with other scents. We would have loved to pick three different scents for the three rooms. My roommate, who is very picky, would have chosen another scent instead of fresh linen if alternative options were available.

When we looked up the user reviews for this product, we found out that some people complained that the product did not have any scent at all, even after using all the six reeds. While we did not experience this, we must also reiterate that we used three bottles in a relatively small two-bedroom apartment.

Longevity (8.0/10)

We loved the fact that the scent released by this diffuser is very long-lasting. This came as a surprise to us because all the air fresheners we had tried before lasted us a couple of hours before the fragrance disappeared. We learned that the long-lasting fragrance was because the clog-resistant fiber reeds distributed the scent evenly throughout the day.

Although the scent was long-lasting, its power and range were limited, and had we not used all three diffusers simultaneously, we would have probably thought the product did not work. We turned the reeds every three days to keep the fresh linen scent going.

We noticed that the glass bottle contained a lot of oil, and this did not get used up fast, even in my bedroom, where I used all the six reeds. The diffuser in my room lasted about 55 days. My roommate flew to another state to visit her parents after ascertaining that it was safe to do so. She was gone for a while, and I did not bother checking on her diffuser. It must have lasted over 60 days. The third one in the living area lasted 61 days.

Odor Elimination (7.6/10)

Concerning odor elimination, this diffuser did not perform very well. After my roommate left, I moved the diffuser in the living room to the bathroom for two days because it had a musty smell. I later called the landlord, only for him to call the experts who said that one side of the building had a mold problem. During the two days the diffuser was in the bathroom, it did not do much to eliminate the musty smell. In fact, I had to sniff the bottle directly to confirm whether or not the diffuser was still functional.

From this experience, I concluded that this diffuser only worked in rooms that did not have any unwanted odors. It is not suitable for masking or eliminating unpleasant smells from various parts of your house or office.

Value for Money (8.0/10)

Our Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffusers offered value for money. They were very affordable, and they served us for a long time. The bottle was very sizable, and it contained a lot of essential fragrance oils that made our little apartment smell nice and have a calming effect. I particularly thought that the heavy glass bottle was a plus because it looked like an antique decorative bottle. The bottles added some aesthetic value to the living room and the two bedrooms. The sturdiness of the bottle also came in handy when I almost knocked over the bottle. Had it fallen, it would not have broken.

Additionally, the anti-clog reeds worked well and also had a decorative element. I loved this product so much that I bought two for my mother as a Thanksgiving Day gift. I cannot wait to hear her feedback.

Final Verdict 7.9

My roommate and I agree that this product was okay. It was not over the top, and neither was the performance terrible. The scent was pleasant, and it lasted all day because the reeds distributed the essential oils evenly. However, the range was limited, so the product works well in smaller rooms than larger ones. We also loved the aesthetic value of the glass bottle and the reeds.

The Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser lost some points because of the limited scent options. We hope that the Old Factory will allow us access to more scents. It did not perform very well in terms of odor elimination, mainly because it diffuses the scent slowly throughout the day and in small amounts. The fragrance was not strong enough to mask or eliminate unpleasant smells.

FOr these reasons, we gave the Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser an overall score of 7.9/10. We hope that the company will develop products that can eliminate unpleasant smells from homes and offices.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Are there other scents of Old Factory Diffusers except for Fresh Linen?
At the moment, there are no other scents. However, the company is already working on a Lemon Reed scent, which will be launched soon.

Are the oil used in the Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser harmful to cats and dogs?
No, the oils are safe for cats and dogs if the product is used correctly. However, these oils can be harmful to your pets if ingested, so keep the Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser out of reach of your pets.

Do I have to light the sticks on fire for the product to work?
No fire is needed. All you need to do is place the sticks in the bottle.

Can I buy reeds only, or must I purchase the reeds and the bottle every time?
At the moment, the company does not sell reeds alone. The packaging contains both the bottle and the reeds.

What is the coverage area for the Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser?
The Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser is ideal for small spaces like offices, bathrooms, and guest rooms. They release a constant, light fragrance all the time, so they are not strong enough to cover larger rooms.

Where are the Old Factory Fresh Linen Reed Diffusers made?
They are made in the United States of America. They are handcrafted using premium ingredients to make your home smell pleasant and welcoming.

How long will this product last?
Six fiber reeds that release fragrance slowly last up to two months. To increase the intensity of the fragrance, use more reeds, and vice versa.

7.9 Total Score

Odor Elimination
Value for Money
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Classy decorative bottle
  • Pleasant subtle scent
  • Non-toxic fragrance oils
  • Scent too weak for some people
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