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Several studies have confirmed that a significant number of people suffer from sleep-related problems. Like most people, if you suffer from such disorders, perhaps it is time you considered a change in your bedding items. Pillows are undoubtedly among the most important of such things to consider changing. Getting the ideal pillow can be quite frustrating, though. How do you find one with the perfect combination of quality materials, feel, durability, and price?

Products such as the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow can be quite effective in alleviating sleep-related problems. Besides having high-quality viscose bamboo covers, these pillows often contain comfortable shredded foam fillings. Additionally, bamboo fibers are known to be hypoallergenic and, therefore, ideal for people prone to allergies. Could the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow be the ultimate solution to your sleeping disorders? Our review will help you figure this out.


The Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow is designed to help you sleep better by leveraging bamboo fibers’ benefits. Unlike other conventional materials, these fibers are highly breathable, malleable, and dust mite resistant. The pillow contains shredded memory foam for added comfort.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Good support
  • High quality stitching


  • Uncomfortable to use
  • Insufficient filling
  • Not good for side sleepers

What is the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow Made of?

The Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow is manufactured using high-quality bamboo fibers to ensure excellent breathability, durability, and comfort. One can instantly notice the absolutely gorgeous stitching. The pillow’s filling contains shredded memory foam. To guarantee quality, the manufacturer promises a 30-day money-back guarantee to customers who are dissatisfied with the pillow.

Our Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow review

I have been on quite a purchase journey when it comes to pillows. All the products I buy always have an issue that I cannot overlook. They are either too soft, too hard, have too much odor, are not breathable, and so on. I purchased the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow based on a friend’s recommendation and hoping that it would bring to an end my never-ending purchases.

I have used the pillow for about a month now and can confidently give my opinions. Keep in mind that the views expressed in this review are purely based on my experience with the pillow. Yours may vary slightly or significantly from mine. I will be talking about the product’s comfort, support, and overall value for money.

Comfort (7.4/10)

Of all the three customer-related aspects of the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow that I reviewed, comfort was by far the worst. I ordered a set of two king-size pillows and was quite pleased by the package they came in. However, I was unhappy with the pillows once I unboxed them. First, unlike other pillows I had tried, these barely expanded. I thought that after some time, they would fluff up all by themselves. However, a few hours later, nothing had changed.

When using the pillow, I notice that it is overly soft to the point of being uncomfortable. This is probably attributable to the type of shredded foam used in the filling. While I am sure some prefer this kind of feel, it does not work for me. Additionally, the filling shifts too much when I sleep, making me wake up to a funny-looking pillow that only has memory foam filling on the sides. After a week, I decided to be using the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow as a filling for my seat’s throw pillow covers that I had lying around.

I still find the bamboo pillowcase quite great, but what use is a good pillowcase with bad filling? I would not recommend the pillow to anyone whose sleeping needs are similar to mine on this aspect alone.

Support (8.4/10)

My friend had told me that the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow would be ideal for a side sleeper such as myself. However, I have found this to be wildly inaccurate for me. When laying on my side, I find that the filling is too soft, causing my head to almost touch my mattress’s surface. That said, I find that the pillow actually has good support for back sleepers. I have been trying to sleep on my back for a few days, and the pillow serves me quite well in that position.

My other misgiving with the pillow’s support involves the somewhat uneven distribution of shredded foam filling. Regardless of how much I push, pull, or fluff, I cannot balance out the filling within the pillow. There is always a side that has disproportionately more filling than the other. I feel like the pillow’s overall support capabilities would significantly improve if the company solved this uneven distribution problem. Still, the overall support is acceptable for me on those days when I can resist sleeping on the side.

Value for Money (7.6/10)

Would I buy the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow again? Not really. I feel like it has a low value for money. I expected a more comfortable pillow capable of giving me a good night’s sleep for the money I paid. Overall, I do not think the pillow is as good as the manufacturer purports it to be. I also found the pillow to be relatively thin for my liking. I am sure I can get a more satisfactory product in the market for the same amount I paid for this pillow.

Lastly, I wouldn’t say I liked the pillow’s overall look after a few weeks of use. It looked like a cheap, overused pillow. Frankly, I have older pillows that are in better shape after years of use than the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow after only a few weeks.

Final Verdict 7.8

At this point, you can probably tell that the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow is not my favorite piece of bedding. I am quite okay with its support level, but I feel like the relative lack of comfort and poor value for money let it down. The latter two aspects have low scores of 7.4/10 and 7.6/10, respectively. The pillow’s filling is mostly responsible for the poor scores regarding comfort and value for money. I will not be purchasing the pillow again, but I would not rule it out for those on a small budget.

After evaluating the pillow’s weak and strong points, I awarded it an overall score of 7.8/10. While the Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow is by no means among the best products in the market, it is neither among the worst. If you are looking for an inexpensive bamboo pillow and can overlook low comfort, then this product might work for you. On the other hand, if you are a side sleeper like myself and want absolute comfort, you better avoid this pillow.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Is this a soft or firm pillow?
The Niagara Sleep Solution Bamboo Pillow is quite soft.

How fluffy is the Niagara pillow, and is it ideal for fibromyalgia?
It is quite fluffy since the filling is made from super soft shredded memory foam. It is ideal for people who have fibromyalgia.

What are the pillowcase and filling made out of?
The pillowcase is made from bamboo and polyester microfiber, while the filling is composed of shredded memory foam.

7.8 Total Score

Value for Money
  • Relatively affordable
  • Good support
  • High-quality stitching
  • Uncomfortable to use
  • Insufficient filling
  • Not good for side sleepers
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