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An infestation by clothes moths in your closet can make you lose your expensive outfits super fast. Usually, mature clothes moths do not feed on your clothes. Instead, their larvae do. They chew on natural, animal-derived fabrics such as fur, leather, feathers, and wool, but not on cotton and other synthetic materials. Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps are designed to eliminate or prevent closet moths from invading and laying eggs in your wardrobe and expensive clothes. These traps can save your clothes, clothing accessories, rugs, and carpets from any damage by clothes moths larvae.

Buying closet moth traps can be a daunting task, especially among first-time shoppers of this product. Most stores stock different brands of clothes moth traps, making it hard to decide which one to pick. Since we value your time and wish to make your shopping experience easier, we will explore the Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps and let you in on their best features and limitations.


Almost everyone has had their closets attacked by clothes moths. While this is nothing to be ashamed of, most people rarely talk about their closet moths’ experiences and how they handled the situation. If you have such a problem and do not want to speak much about it, you are in luck. In this article, we will review the Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps, which have received numerous positive user reviews. These traps are effective in eliminating closet moths, and they are safe and easy to use too.


  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic design
  • Affordable
  • Safe for children, pets, and houseplants


  • Pheromone not very strong

What are Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps Made of?

Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps are made of high-quality cardboard, meaning that they are free from harmful chemicals, insecticides, and toxins. On one side of each trap, an adhesive is made of odorless and non-toxic glue premixed with unique pheromone attractants that entice clothes moths to come into the trap. The pheromones used are also safe and eco-friendly. These traps are primarily designed to attract and catch closet moths that usually invade upholstery, carpets, rugs, and clothes made of wool, fur, leather, feather, and other animal-derived fabrics. Catching the male moths breaks their reproductive cycle by ensuring that the female moths do not lay eggs that hatch into the destructive larvae.

Our Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps Review

Clothes moth traps have been used for many years now. Some have been effective, while others have not met users’ expectations. We are ecstatic to report that we recently bought and used Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps in our house, and so did a few close friends. Therefore, we will give a detailed review based on our experience that may be similar or different from ours. The views shared below are subjective and do not necessarily mean that your experience will be the same should you decide to purchase these traps. We will pay attention to the traps’ ease of use, effectiveness, value for money, thickness, and scent.

Scent (9.0/10)

Imagine storing your clothes after using your favorite fabric conditioner to realize later that they acquired a new odor from moth repellents or traps? Nasty, isn’t it? We did not want to experience this because we love the scent of the fabric softener and conditioner we use. One of the reasons why we purchased

Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps was because the product label indicated that they were odorless. They did not contain any chemicals that would release undesirable smells. True to the words on the label, these traps did not emit any unwanted smells once we opened and set them up. In fact, the fact that they were odorless made us skeptical about their effectiveness because we expected the special pheromone attractants to have a slight scent.

We confidently set up all the six traps in the packaging and placed them in two different closets where we had spotted moths. To be truthful, we smelled our clothes every few days to ascertain that they did not acquire any new scent. Our close friends did the same. Our clothes still had the nice and flowery scent from the fabric conditioner we use during laundry. Today, we can assure you that these moth traps will not leave your carpets, clothes, bedding, or upholstery with an off odor.

Thickness (9.2/10)

We had lost our favorite woolen rug in the master bedroom to moth larvae. These small insects chewed it up, leaving small unsightly holes, so we discarded the rug and decided the time was ripe to take action before any further damage occurred. When we first bought a pack of Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps, we expected the traps to be very thick so they could attract and catch more male moths. To our amazement, this was not the case as each cardboard trap was very thin and lightweight. The layer of adhesive was also not thick, but it felt quite sticky to the touch.

We soon learned that the traps were quite effective despite being thin. The designers of this product wanted to create high-quality traps with a perfect balance between effectiveness and aesthetics. The thin layer of odorless glue mixed with pheromones worked as well as a thick one would. Similarly, using strong but lightweight cardboard material ensured that each trap was easy to set up and use without compromising its ability to hold the weight of the trapped moths.

Ease of Use (9.8/10)

Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps were the easiest traps to assemble and use among all other closet moth trap brands we had tried before. All we needed to do with each of the six traps was to peel off the protective film that covered the side with the adhesive, fold it up in a triangle, and place it in the closet as we desired. We particularly appreciated the small handle lip that made it easier to hang the traps. Since we did not hang all of them, we lay some flat on the shelves, and they sat perfectly.

Unlike other brands that come with separate pheromone attractants that you have to set up, these were fairly straightforward to use. We truly appreciated the fact that the pheromones were already premixed with the odorless glue at the factory. The traps also had a pleasing aesthetic value. They had a colorful pattern on the exterior that blended well with our bedroom decor.

Effectiveness (8.6/10)

We were so eager to see these traps work that we used the entire pack of six at the same time. To be honest, this was probably not necessary because the two closets in which we placed three traps each were relatively small. Despite overdoing it, we were impressed with how effective they were and will be recommending this brand to our friends and relatives. After about a week, we noted that each trap had caught at least five moths. We must not forget to mention that we cleared our closets of all bulky items before setting up the traps. Our aim was to create more room for the moths to fly and get trapped.

One of our friends also had a good experience. She has a sewing room that contains plenty of expensive and colorful yarn for different DIY projects and had recently spotted moths flying in the room. Since she was afraid of losing her collection to a moth infestation, she quickly consulted with us, and we decided to purchase this brand after reading numerous positive comments and reviews from people who had bought and used it. She reported that the traps had caught all the moths that were flying around the room. She was so impressed that she purchased the traps again to use in her wardrobes.

Overall, we concluded that the pheromone attractants met our expectations. We remain keen to alert you that these traps will not solve an infestation by clothes moths independently. For effective elimination of closet moths, you must also clean out your wardrobes, clothes, and entire rooms before using these traps. You must always remember that these moths thrive in the dark and clammy parts of the room, so clean the whole room thoroughly. It is also crucial to vacuum clean all upholstery and furniture to remove the larvae that feed on your precious belongings.

We had mentioned earlier that we purchased this product together with a few other friends. Although most of us seemed to have a positive experience with the product, one of us did not find the traps very useful or effective. He said that the moth traps had not caught any moths within a week. He further explained that he felt that the pheromone attractants were too weak. He claimed to have previously used another brand that worked wonders. We respected his decision not to buy this product again and also recognize that your experience with this product may be different from ours.

Value for Money (8.6/10)

We can happily state that the Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps were worth every coin we spent purchasing them. A pack of six traps was very affordable, and the retail price was almost similar to other similar products in the market. We particularly loved the brand because it did as claimed in the label without emitting new and unwanted smells of endangering our children and pets’ lives. However, we deducted a point or two because the traps did not work very well for one of our friends, who felt that the pheromone attractants were quite weak.

Final Verdict 9.0

The Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps scored very well in the various points of focus we discussed above. They scored highest on the ease of use, and we commend the manufacturer for this. We also loved how thin yet effective each trap was and the fact that the traps did not inject any secondary odors to our clothes, bedding, and upholstery.

However, we feel like the traps’ effectiveness could be improved by using stronger pheromone attractants, enhancing their value for the money spent. For these reasons, this brand of closet moth traps got an overall score of 9.0/10.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Where are Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps made?
These clothes moth traps are made in China. However, they are designed in Austria.

Are Mottenfalle Clothes Moth Traps refillable?
No, they are not. A pack comes with six traps, and they cannot be refilled after use.

What moth types do the pheromones in these traps attract?
They attract closet moths, which are also known as clothes moths.

Can I place these clothes in the drawer of my dresser together with my clothes?
Yes, you can. The traps do not release any undesirable odors, so you do not have to worry about your clothes acquiring new and unwanted scents.

Will the sticky sides of the traps destroy my clothes if I put them in my dresser?
No, they will not if you use them correctly. The adhesive side traps moths, but it is not sticky enough to destroy your clothing items and accessories.

How long should I leave the traps out?
You can leave these traps out for a maximum period of three months. You can replace them sooner if they are full of moths.

9 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic design
  • Affordable
  • Safe for children, pets, and houseplants
  • Pheromone not very strong
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