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There are various species of moths that have been identified so far, and they are mostly known for attacking food storage areas or items made of fabrics that are derived from animals. Anyone who has had their carpet, pantry, or clothes wrecked by moths can attest that the damage is painful and hard to forget. In the modern-day age, you and I are lucky because we have access to a wide variety of products that help eliminate a moth menace. These include the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps that effectively manage an infestation by carpet and clothes moths.

Closet and carpet moth control can be achieved using either chemical-based products or natural and eco-friendly ones like the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps. The effectiveness of each product varies, and each user makes recommendations based on their past experiences. Currently, the world is very conscious about eco-friendly products because they contribute to global sustainability. As a result, more people are purchasing moth traps instead of harsh moth control chemicals. Today, we will review the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps and let you know whether they are worth buying.


Similar to other moth traps, the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps contain pheromones that attract male moths. By catching male moths, breeding is inhibited because the laid eggs cannot hatch into destructive larvae without being fertilized by the males. One of the unique aspects of this brand of traps is that they are both reusable and refillable. They contain pheromones that specifically attract moth species that invade wardrobes, closets, carpets, rugs, upholstery, or other items made of animal-derived fabrics.


  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for pets and young children
  • Long-lasting
  • Reusable
  • Refillable
  • No undesirable odors


  • Quite expensive
  • Only 3 traps in a pack

What are MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps Made of?

MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps are made of strong cardboard that you assemble into a box. The pheromones come separately, so you have to unwrap the sheet containing them and place it inside the box before using the trap. Unlike other traps, this brand is made using pheromones engineered in Germany, so they are more effective and long-lasting.

Our MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps Review

We live in an apartment that contains plenty of wool because we have a daughter who is interested in knitting and spinning. It did not take us long after buying the supplies before noticing that moths had started invading our cozy home. After doing some online research, we bought and used the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps, and we are going to share our experience using them. Our views will be subjective because each user has their individual experience with a particular product. We will mostly look at the traps’ ease of use, value for money, effectiveness, scent, and thickness.

Scent (8.4/10)

We searched for moth control products that would not make our wool collection, clothes, and upholstery acquire new smells. What caught our attention about this product was the label that indicated that the traps were stick-free and natural. After purchasing the traps, we found out that they did not release strong and unpleasant smells.

However, the traps had a distinct smell, mostly if you smelled them up close. The smell was not that of chemicals but industrial-grade glue. It was not irritating or off-putting, but it was hard to ignore. The sheet with the pheromone attractants also had a mild factory-like smell. Luckily, the smells did not infiltrate our clothes, wool, and upholstery. We felt that the manufacturer should have indicated in the product label that the traps were not 100% free from any odors.

Thickness (6.5/10)

We feel obligated to mention that when we first realized that a moth infestation was looming, we spoke to a friend who gifted us with a few moth traps. The three of them were from different companies, but each was easy to set up and use. They did not occupy much space, either. When we bought this brand, we discovered that they were bulkier than the three other brands we had come across before. Unlike the rest that required folding into small triangles, the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps had to be folded into a box.

The cardboard boxes were relatively thick compared to other brands. Moreover, the sheet containing the pheromones was a bit thick. Perhaps the thick layer of glue contributed to the traps’ distinct smell of industrial glue discussed above. The thickness and bulkiness of the box traps did not give us a very good impression, and this aspect got the lowest score from us.

Ease of Use (9.0/10)

Despite being bulky, these traps were straightforward to assemble and use. We assembled them as soon as our order was delivered. The instructions on the label came in handy when setting up. The process entailed making the cardboard box, peeling off the board’s cover to unleash the pheromones, inserting the board in the box, and finally hanging the trap in our closets and knitting room. If you love cute and fancy things, you will be happy to note that the box looked cute once assembled. The hush colors allowed the traps to blend well with our decor.

The box traps are quite versatile, we must add. They came with cute little hangers to allow for hanging in closets or other spaces containing animal-derived fabrics that are prone to moth attacks. If hanging them is not your cup of tea, you can place them on shelves or desks. They do not occupy too much space and are safe for both young kids and pets. However, it is advisable to place them out of pets’ and children’s reach.

We gave the traps an impressive score because they are reusable and refillable. This means that we did not have to set up the box traps all over again after the first use. Instead, we simply refilled the strips, and they continued being effective in moth elimination and prevention.

Effectiveness (8.2/10)

The traps wowed us immediately after we opened and assembled them. It did not take long before they started attracting moths because they became active within a few minutes. Within the first 60 minutes of hanging the traps, each had caught at least two clothes moths. We attributed the effectiveness to the powerful Germany-engineered pheromones that were designed to attract male clothes moths effortlessly.

We expected that each trap would last a maximum of three months, as the product label stated. Unfortunately, we realized that the pheromones lost their power after about two months, and we had to purchase the refill strips sooner than we had anticipated.

When the time to replace the strips came, we found out that the refill strips were not readily available. We spent a bit of time looking for an online retailer. We could not find any, so we decided to visit all the retail stores within our locality. We were not successful in finding the strips. We found a store that had them in stock on our second online hunt for these elusive refill strips. The manufacturer should consider making these strips more readily available in various retail stores countrywide.

Value for Money (7.8/10)

Unlike other packs that contain six individual traps, the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps came as a three-pack. The price tag was a bit high for only three traps. We assumed that there were six traps when making our order because all other similar items we had looked up online contained six. We were surprised when our shipment was delivered, and we discovered that only three traps were in a single pack. How disappointing! We also felt that the refill strips, which were not very readily available in our locality, were quite expensive, and they lost their power before three months elapsed. The product would offer value for money if a pack contained six instead of three individual traps.

Final Verdict 8.0

We gave this product an overall score of 8.0/10 based on its strong and weak points. It scored very well on the ease of assembly and used because we enjoyed setting the box traps and using them in different rooms in our apartment. It also did well on the overall effectiveness, but we felt that they did not last three months before requiring a refill as the box indicated. The scent was also not off-putting or unbearable, but the smell of the industrial-grade glue made us deduct a point. The manufacturer should consider using odorless glue in the future.

The traps scored lowest in value for money and thickness. We did not like how bulky each trap was compared to other brands of traps that we had come across before purchasing the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps. We also felt a pack of only three traps was quite pricey, and the value would match the price if more traps were added.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Will the traps eliminate carpet beetles?
No, these traps will only get rid of carpet and closet moths, that is, Webbing, Case Bearing, White Shouldered, and Brown House moth species.

Do the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps attract both male and female clothes moths?
No, they only attract male moths. However, this should not worry you as trapping male moths breaks the reproduction cycle. You should not expect to see any new larvae after male moths are dead.

Where do I purchase MothPrevention Powerful Moth Trap refills?
You can purchase refills from online sellers such as Amazon. Alternatively, you can check if your local stores stock them or order them directly from the manufacturer’s website.

I accidentally touched the sticky part of the traps. How do I remove the glue?
Wash your hands with soap and water to get rid of the stickiness from your hands.

Can I use these traps all year round, or must I only use them during the breeding season?
You can use the traps at any time of the year. In fact, why should you wait for the moths to breed? Use them before the breeding season to prevent a moth infestation.

Do the traps kill the moth larvae that destroy clothes and carpets?
No, the traps attract and kill male moths. They will not kill the larvae. The best way to remove the larvae is to thoroughly vacuum clean all your closets, rugs, carpets, and upholstery.

How long should I put out the traps? How long will they remain effective?
The manufacturer recommends changing the moth traps every three months. They are effective for that duration. Instead of throwing out the traps, you should refill the strips containing the pheromones.

How many traps and strips are there in a pack?
A pack of the MothPrevention Powerful Moth Traps contains three traps and three strips. Once you have used all the strips, you can purchase refills.

8 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for pets and young children
  • Long-lasting
  • Reusable
  • Refillable
  • No undesirable odors
  • Quite expensive
  • Only 3 traps in a pack
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