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The new rave in town. Mellanni 100% cotton flannel sheet set stole the show with the few weeks it ranked high in the editor’s choice on Amazon. The reason for that isn’t so far-fetched. Mellanni stores have been around the block for a few years and have their game locked down to a tee. Since they generally manufacture products that the public loves, the brand has built a name for itself.

Asides from getting a lot of attention for its snow-white color and cushioned softness, this product was also featured in a massive sales ad between two major brands in the textiles industry. To ensure that you, dearest reader, have trustworthy and reliable information before making a purchase, we decided to have a go at the product ourselves. Of course, there are several promises from the manufacturer as to how incredibly fantastic this product is, but promises are just words until delivered. In any case, here are some of what we found.


Just in case you are on the market for a sheet that you are happy to come home to, a sheet that could transform your bedroom into the haven that you desire, then Mellanni 100% cotton flannel sheet set is what you are looking for.

This product is made from 100% preshrunk premium quality cotton. It is most likely the best cotton flannel sheet that you will come across and has exquisite workmanship and detailing that provides it with a look that creates a lively ambiance in your living space.

A customer on Amazon commented on how much a friend enjoyed sleeping in her spare guest room and stayed an extra one week – well, I doubt I’d appreciate an extended stay of a week, but you get the point. These spreads are super soft, comfortable, cozy, and homey. With a traditional look that beats your standard sheets, this product has a sleek, luxe hotel look and a quality that matches.

Interestingly, Mellanni is a brand that prides itself on providing impeccable customer service and has a beautiful policy with which you can return your purchase at any time for any reason whatsoever. You most likely won’t find any brand with such a lifetime promise. You can have this sheet, with all of its excellent qualities and offers, at just $42.97.

A complete set of a queen size Mellanni 100% Cotton flannel sheet contains 1 90” x 102” flat sheet, 1 60” x 80” fitted sheet, and 2 20” x 30” pillowcases. By the way, you should know that this product is wrinkle, fade, pill, and stain-resistant. Juicy doesn’t get better than that.


  • All-around elastic
  • 100% cotton flannel sheet
  • Cozy, warm, and comfortable
  • Deep pockets with perfect fit
  • Easy cleaning


  • Limited choice of colors

What are Mellanni 100% Cotton Flannel Sheets Set Made of?

Mellanni cotton 100% flannel sheet is made from 100% cotton imported and processed in India. The sheets have a double-napped finish on both sides to add a soft velvety feel to ensure absolute comfort. Also, this product is thick enough for warmth while still smooth and cool for comfort. Unlike most cotton flannel sheets, it weighs 160 GSM, which directly affects its tensile strength. Thus, its anti-tear properties. Equally, since most cotton flannel sheets are known for shrinking after the first wash, this product is preshrunk and pre-washed with cold water. In essence, it has been preshrunk, so the size will not reduce with use.

Our Mellanni 100% Cotton Flannel Sheet Set Review

Often, complaints associated with cotton flannel sheets are usually a result of poor handling and improper maintenance routine. All of which have been addressed in the care manual attached to this product. We stated this because, while we have based our review of this product on personal experiences and thus are entirely subjective, we believe the extent to which you will enjoy this sheet is dependent on how well you care for it.

We have addressed this product from different angles, all of which we are sure is necessary for making a final decision concerning the purchase. Having stated that the scoring system used in the review of this product is based on individual preferences, let’s get right into it.

Comfort (7.9/10)

As a matter of habit, I washed this sheet immediately and slept in it that same night. It was a fantastic experience! Undisputedly, Mellanni 100% cotton flannel sheet is the best flannel sheet I have ever purchased. The sheet is warm and cool all in one and has a comforting feel against my skin. I must have slept more than my usual routine for the first few days of trying it out because I ran to catch the bus to work all week.

I specifically ordered this sheet because it was listed to have very deep pockets, and I have a memory foam topper for comfort. Combining this soft sheet with my topper was pure heaven. Even though the sheet gets softer after every wash, I was already sold on it from the get-go. I packed this sheet with me on a road trip in my friend’s RV, and we both had positive comments on the level of rest we got when the trip was over. We could acclaim that to the peaceful scenery, but I know this sheet had something to do with it. Without batting an eye, I believe a score of 7.9 is a perfect fit for this aspect of Mellanni 100% cotton flannel sheet.

Quality (7.4/10)

Since the sheet costs just $43 minus the shipping fee, I wasn’t looking forward to much on the quality. Guess I was waiting to be disappointed as usual with cheap purchases. It turns out I was in for a surprise; the stars must have aligned this time around. The queen size sheets, which I got, were a perfect fit for my mattress and surprisingly didn’t have any rip or tear around the seams as my earlier purchases. The spreads are also thick enough for warmth as they are about 160 GSM, a value that isn’t typical for other cotton flannels.

Asides from being wrinkle-free, this sheet also has an elastic edge all around the bottom sheet and the pillowcases. This keeps the sheet from slipping off easily and keeps the pillows in. Equally, since the spreads already have been preshrunk and prewashed, I guess there was no need to worry about them losing shape after the first wash.

Notwithstanding, a few customers complained about having rips and tears in their new packages. But, I guess with the lifetime return policy of Mellanni, that can easily be resolved. Since I had no issues with my purchase and enjoyed the luxe quality, a score of 7.4 seems just right.

ECO-Score (8.4/10)

This is a big deal for me as I’m an environment enthusiast. It is probably the only front with which I wasn’t so pleased with Mellanni 100% cotton flannel sheet. Cotton flannel is a soft woven fabric of various fineness. While this product is not made from synthetic fibers like other flannel sheets, the process of preshrinking it to test the quality and fiver firmness leaves an unnecessary trail of carbon footprint, which can be toxic to the environment.

In essence, the sheet is made from natural fibers, it is biodegradable and recyclable. Also, while compared to other spreads of the same quality, the amount of resources required for production and maintenance is considerably reduced, both from the manufacturer’s and the customer’s viewpoint. Additionally, the dye chemicals used on cotton flannel sheets, especially those with anti-fade properties like this product, can have a mildly negative impact on the environment when disposed of improperly. An average score of 8.4 summarizes the environmental sustainability of this product.

Cooling (7.0/10)

The combination of flannel and cotton is just perfect. Flannel sheets, while they keep me warm, can sometimes get too hot for comfort. Cotton sheets, on the other hand, are somewhat cool and have moisture-wicking properties. For me, this balances out a lot of my initial concerns about this product, but as I said earlier, the price sold it for me.

It took a while to get used to this sheet’s nature and feel, but over time I got a perfect balance in its usage. If you sleep in silk pajamas, you might need to change it for lighter, cotton ones. From experience, it seems silk nightwear is not a perfect combination for flannel; it can get really hot fast. This product is very breathable. Also, since both sides are brushed, it doesn’t matter which side of the sheets I sleep on; I still get the same feel. In any case, a score of 7.0 is justified for the cooling quality of this product.

Easy Maintenance (8.0/10)

With most luxe high-quality, Mellanni 100% cotton flannel sheets have an accompanying manual that explicitly explains its care and maintenance details. So, follow the instructions, and you are good to go. The sheet is elastic and resistant to fading, tearing, and shrinking. Its anti-fade properties are a result of the natural dyes used on mulberry silk during production. Additionally, it is machine washable on a gentle cycle. Although the instructions clearly said to refrain from handwashing, I tried that and had to spend some time ironing out the creases. Other than that, there was no issue cleaning this sheet.

Also, when tumble drying this sheet, it is advised that you keep the temperature low. If you are keen on sun-drying, try not to keep it under direct sunlight. Although I’d have preferred if this product has a storage linen bag like other luxe sheets, I’ll still confidently score this product’s maintenance routine at 8.0.

Final Verdict 7.7

If you carefully analyze all the subsections of this product as discussed, you will understand why we decide a final verdict score of 7.7 is just right. The sheet has several impressive qualities and some minor drawbacks. But really, we can live with a few adjustable errors, with the hope that Mellanni will improve on them.
You must know that this review was based on submissions from various individuals. This was done to eliminate bias based on individual preferences. Are you up for a relaxed sleep to wake up each morning feeling full of energy? Give this product a try.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Which Country Are These Sheets Made In?
This product is made in India.

Are These Sheets Available In King-Size?
Yes. They are available in all the major sizes.

Which Category Of Flannel Weight Does This Sheet Fall Into?
Medium. The weight is about 170 grams.

7.7 Total Score

  • All-around elastic
  • 100% cotton flannel sheet
  • Cozy, warm, and comfortable
  • Deep pockets with perfect fit
  • Easy cleaning
  • Limited choice of colors
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