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The sight of spiders in your house can be quite scary. The truth is, these eight-legged creatures are so common that you’re almost assured of coming across one in your house. There are numerous spider species; some poisonous, and others not. Like other household bugs, spiders can be in your home for various reasons, the most common ones including the search for food and shelter. This explains why products such as MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray are now commonplace in a bid to help eradicate or deter spiders from getting into our houses.

If you have had a recurring spider infestation in your house, then you know just how scary and irritating the creatures can be. It is also possible you have tried some spider-control measures to no avail. Could the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray be the effective product you have been looking for? Read on to find out more about the spray’s upsides and downsides to help you figure out whether you should order one for yourself.


Ideally, a good spider repellent should not only kill any spiders on contact but also prevent future reentry. The MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray is meant to effectively solve your spider problem while remaining safe for use in environments with children, pets, and flowers.


  • Effective
  • Pleasant smell
  • Safe ingredients
  • Long lasting


  • Quite pricey
  • Sprayer can leak

What is MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray Made of?

The MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray is entirely made from natural products that include spearmint oil, lemongrass oil, and peppermint oil. Besides keeping bugs off, these essential oils have pleasant scents and are safe to use. Unlike conventional insecticides that contain harsh chemicals, the MDXConcepts spray is household-friendly.

Our MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray review

I live in an area that’s highly prone to spider infestations. I think it’s probably due to the relatively hot weather. As you can probably guess, I have tried my fair share of spider repellents for several years now. After getting mixed results with these products, I decided to purchase the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray after hearing positive comments from a colleague at work.

I have used the spray for three months now, and I will share my experience in this review. I know that due to several factors, your experience with the MDXConcepts spray might differ from mine. Keep in mind that everything in this review is purely based on my three-month experience with the spray. I will focus on reviewing the product’s value for money, thickness, effectiveness, ease of use, and scent.

Scent (9.6/10)

The first time I used the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray, I was instantly fascinated by its spearmint scent. This was quite a surprise for me since I had immensely hated the smells of the previous three spider-control sprays I had used. There is a nice familiarity with any mint scent, probably due to the significantly widespread mint availability in numerous products. Unlike many spider repellent sprays, I never have to keep my windows open after using this MDXConcepts repellent.

Additionally, the spearmint scent dissipates quite quickly, so even if you are not particularly fond of the smell, it will be gone before you know it. It is hard to fault this spray’s scent. My only (rather trivial) misgiving about it is that I would like the scent to linger on for longer. Trust me; it smells that good.

Thickness (9.0/10)

When it comes to choosing a good spider-control spray, getting one with the right thickness is paramount. If it’s too thick, then there will be problems with the spraying mechanism. If it’s too thin, then it will deplete quite fast. After three months of using the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray, I have not encountered any problems with its thickness.

The spray bottle is easy to use and outputs a fine mist or a narrow stream of spray, depending on your preferences. I have also found that I do not have to excessively shake the spray before using it, as was the case with some other overly thick sprays I had tried.

Ease of Use (9.8/10)

When it comes to ease of use, I could almost guarantee that you cannot find anything to top the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray. I was instantly blown away by how well the entire spray mechanism works. The trigger has sufficient resistance to it without being too hard. After trying several sprays, I have to expect some form of nozzle-related problem. Not with this spray, though. Everything works perfectly.

An adjustment knob lets you choose the type of spray output, and I must say, it works like a charm. The bottle itself feels quite steady and does not wobble as you spray. The nozzle also works consistently and has not failed over the three months I have used the spray. Honestly, this should pretty much be the standard for ease of use in the insect-control spray market.

Effectiveness (9.8/10)

If there were an award for a product that does exactly what it claims, then for me, it would undoubtedly go to the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray. The first day I sprayed it in my bedroom, kitchen, and living room, I started seeing dead bugs that I didn’t even know existed in my house. These included roaches, ants, gnats, and fruit flies. This probably explains why the manufacturer offers a 60-day risk-free guarantee to all its customers.

I am currently on my fourth bottle of MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray, and I am quite pleased with its overall effectiveness. I live in a highly wooded area, making my house the perfect feeding, breeding, and sheltering ground for numerous insects. I honestly feel like the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray has become one of the household’s essential products.

I usually spray all insect entry points a few times per week. These points include cracks on walls, floorboards, under doors, and window sills. The spray’s effect seems to remain for a few days before requiring reapplication.

Value for Money (7.0/10)

By now, you have probably figured that I have nothing but kind words for the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray. It is, in almost all aspects, my favorite insect repellent to date. Well, except for one issue, the dismal value for money. Yes, the product is super effective, smells so lovely, and is unbelievably easy to use. So, why the low value for money score? Well, that has to do with its steep price coupled with how quickly the repellent gets finished.

To start with, I am just about to order my fifth bottle of MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray in slightly over three months. I feel like the spray is priced quite steeply and gets finished too fast. This means that by the year’s end, I will have used the same amount of money on the repellent (or more) as when I used less-effective sprays that I had to spray more often.

Final Verdict 9.0

I would have easily given the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray a perfect score if it wasn’t for my major misgiving with its overall value for money. Regarding ease of use, effectiveness, thickness, and ease of use, you cannot go wrong with this spray. However, I feel like you could have qualms regarding the price and frequent need to replenish.

I will certainly keep buying the product and would recommend it to anyone with an insect problem in their household. If you can overlook the steep price and frequent purchases, then the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray is pretty much the perfect insect-control solution. After evaluating its upsides and downsides, I gave the product an overall score of 9.0/10.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Can I use this as an outdoor spray, and will it be effective if I do?
Yes, you can use the MDXConcepts Spider Repellent Spray both indoors and outdoors. The repellent is extremely effective against the many spiders, especially if you spray directly on the spider.

Can I carry this repellent with me on a trip?
Yes, you can, but not on a flight. If you intend to carry the repellent with you, make sure to seal it in a plastic bag in case of accidental leakages.

What are the spray’s ingredients?
The spray’s active ingredients include peppermint oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, spearmint oil, and lemongrass oil. The main inactive ingredient is distilled white vinegar.

9 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Effective
  • Pleasant smell
  • Safe ingredients
  • Long lasting
  • Quite pricey
  • Sprayer can leak
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