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Rodents are some of the most annoying household pests, and no one likes having them around because they scare most people. It is indisputable that mice, rats, and other rodents can make life unbearable. The quest to keep these annoying and destructive animals away from homes and offices has caused many companies to manufacture different products that repel, kill, and even stop their reproduction. One of the products that repel rodents is the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray.

Rodent control products are readily available in both online and physical stores, and most households buy them in case they experience a rodent infestation. The sheer number of rodent control products means that potential customers often have to scratch their heads before choosing a specific brand. How effective is the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray? Will it be worth my money? This comprehensive review will look into the spray’s positive and negative attributes. The information will help you know if it is a worthwhile purchase.


MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray works in one distinct way; that is, it repels rodents from your property or office. It contains plant-based essential oils that irritate these animals. Since they do not like the scent of these essential oils, they flee from the area you have sprayed. The product is safe for young children, adults, pets, and even plants. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, depending on your needs.


  • Eco-friendly and toxin-free
  • Safe for children, pets, and plants
  • Pleasant scent


  • Sprayer attachment missing
  • Not very effective

What is MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray Made of?

The MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray is made of essential oils derived from plants. The active ingredients are spearmint, peppermint, and rosemary oils. It is free from toxins and is eco-friendly. The primary mode of action involves the essential oils irritating rodents, forcing them to take off from the sprayed areas. The product is not designed to kill these rodents, but it can keep them away from your office or home. Since all ingredients are natural and derived from non-poisonous plants, the spray is very safe to use in households and workplaces with young kids, pets, and even gardens.

Our MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray review

We bought the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray to deal with a mouse problem in our house. The primary reason we chose it was we had used other MDXConcepts products that had worked well for us. Our experience with this product is documented in this review, and we recognize and respect that different users may have varied experiences with the same product. Therefore, we must alert you that the scores, opinions, and findings expressed here are solely based on our experience with the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray. We will center our review on user-related aspects, including thickness, ease of use, scent, effectiveness, and value for money.

Scent (8.6/10)

The scent of any product we buy in our household is essential because we have a teenager who is sensitive to strong smells. In my opinion, the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray had a pleasant smell that did not irritate my eyes and was not overpowering. This made me feel safe using it. However, our teenager thought that the scent was a bit too strong for him, so we used less of the product for a couple of days.

Luckily, he had a sleepover during the weekend, so we finally got a chance to use as much of the product as we pleased. We discovered that keeping the window open during the day helped to dissipate the scent faster.

Although the scent was pleasant and bearable, it was not one that you would want to smell for an extended period. Our children’s grandmother suffered a mild headache after we used the product without sparing over the weekend. We accidentally sprayed on a carpet that absorbed the scent, making it harder for it to go away by the end of the day. Luckily, it did not stain the carpet at all.

Thickness (8.2/10)

Liquid rodent repellents often vary in thickness, and this usually affects the ease of spraying. The MDXConcepts Mice Repellent was not as thick as we thought. We were hesitant to click the order button after reading that it contained peppermint, spearmint, and rosemary oils. We thought these oils would make the product a bit dense and hard to use. When our deliveryman knocked on our door to deliver the product, all our worries went away within a split second. The product was not thick. We felt that it was very easy to apply.

Unfortunately, our delivery was made without a sprayer nozzle, and this was a bummer. Luckily, we had an empty MDXConcepts bottle that we had purchased for moth control, and it was a perfect fit in the mice repellent bottle. We shook the bottle well before spraying, and it worked perfectly. There were no nozzle blockages after repeated use.

As we sprayed, we noticed that the nozzle released a fine mist that made it very easy to cover the intended area. Our primary focus areas were the baseboards, emptied kitchen cabinets, under the sinks, and in the garbage disposal system. These are the spots we had spotted mice droppings or a mouse hiding. The thickness ensured good coverage, and we were impressed with this.

Ease of Use (9.2/10)

Using the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent was straightforward and stress-free. As earlier mentioned, the spray nozzle was missing when the product was delivered, so we used another nozzle that had served us well. All we had to do was secure the nozzle on the spray bottle, shake well, and then spray. We must mention that the score would have been slightly higher if the package delivered contained the nozzle.

It is necessary to note that we did not experience any problems with spraying because we made sure to shake the bottle well before each use. If you fail to do this, you may encounter some challenges using the product.

Effectiveness (8.2/10)

We noticed a mouse problem in our kitchen and basement, which is why we purchased a rodent repellent. We considered picking a chemical-based product for a minute, then we decided against it after reading about such products’ potential danger. We opted for a natural solution because we wanted to protect our health and the health and wellbeing of our feline friends. Once the product was delivered, we sprayed in the problem areas quite generously and kept a record of events.

Two days later, we had not spotted a mouse running or hiding in the problem areas. Moreover, we did not spot any new mice droppings. We felt that the results were better than we expected. The one limitation we recorded was the lack of guidance on how much product to use. We used too much on some days and less on other days. On the days we overdid it, we noticed that our cats preferred to stay out of the house during the day.

Another plus on the effectiveness of the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent was that it was child and pet friendly. One kitten loves to lick everything, so we sprayed the problem areas without worrying that she may get hurt. However, we took extra precautions and put her in a pet cage most of the time. The downside came when we stopped using the product, and the scent had faded away. We noticed the return of one mouse in the kitchen area after about a week.

Value for Money (7.8/10)

While the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent did very well in terms of scent and ease of use, we agreed that the value for money was on the lower side. This was primarily because its effectiveness was limited to the frequent use of the product. Soon after the product was finished or discontinued, the mice problem recurred. We felt that the product would only offer value for money if it kept mice and other rodents at bay for extended periods.

The value for money also went down because our order was delivered without the spray nozzle. We found this very unusual because all the other products from the same company we had used before contained the nozzle.

Final Verdict 8.4

After using the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent for a couple of weeks, we found that the spray scored very highly for its scent and ease of use. It scored relatively well on the thickness and effectiveness, but we must admit that we reduced the effectiveness score because the old problem recurred after we stopped using the product.

The spray’s value for money had the least score because we felt that the product was delivered in an incomplete state, that is, without a spray nozzle. We also felt that the manufacturer wanted to earn more each day because the mouse problem could only be managed if we repeatedly used the rodent repellent over an extended period. Due to these reasons, we gave the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent an overall score of 8.4/10.

[FAQ’s] Consumer questions & answers

Where are MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Sprays made ?
The spray is made in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

How should I use the MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray in my backyard?
You should spray the areas of activity. The spray contains peppermint oil that will repel the rodents.

Can I use this spray in my car?
Yes, you can. The spray will repel rodents and leave your car with a very pleasant smell.

Will the spray kill the plants in my backyard?
No, the spray does not kill the plants in your backyard. However, you should not spray directly on the plants. Instead, spray around them.

Is this product going to kill the rats and mice in my basement?
No, it will not. This product is not designed to kill but to repel rodents. Its smell irritates the rodents, thus forcing them to flee.

What are the ingredients in this mice repellent spray?
The main ingredients are peppermint, rosemary, and spearmint oils.

Will this MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray keep feral cats out of my yard?
Probably not. The spray is designed to repel rodents and not cats.

8.4 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Eco-friendly and toxin-free
  • Safe for children, pets, and plants
  • Pleasant scent
  • Sprayer attachment missing
  • Not very effective
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