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Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforters are among the comforter brands doing relatively well in the market. This brand is known for providing quality comforters that balance functionality and aesthetic value. Their affordability is one reason people buy them, and the fact that they have a 3-year guarantee gives people confidence that they are purchasing good-quality comforters.

In reality, buying a comforter is not easy. Most of us purchase bedding because someone we know has recommended a specific brand or rely on online user reviews. Unfortunately, some reviews are quite misleading, so we purchase substandard comforters or those that do not provide what we were looking for in the first place. These challenges have pushed us to offer honest reviews of products we have bought and used in our households. We do not shy away from telling you any negative experiences to help you make an informed decision before splurging on a comforter.


The Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter is an excellent alternative to a traditional down comforter. It has good weight distribution and is ideal for use both during the colder and warmer weather. It incorporates a reversible design, so people who enjoy changing the look of their bed can do so each day, depending on their mood. Generally, this comforter is easy to maintain. It is available in various colors, including white, grey/ white stripe, sand/mocha/ black/graphite, cloudy sky stripe, and stone/charcoal.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in different colors
  • Available in different sizes
  • Soft and cozy


  • Sloppy sewing
  • Prone to tearing
  • Not easy to clean and maintain

What is Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter Made of?

The Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter is made of hypoallergenic microfiber. The microfiber down-alternative fill weighs 300 gsm to provide optimal comfort without necessarily using feathers or sharp quills. It is designed to offer two colors because it is reversible. The box stitch design on the fabric maintains the fill in place and makes the comforter fluffier. This comforter can be used alone, or you can use the eight loops to attach it to a duvet.

Our Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter Review

My mother in law loves gifting her children with bedding, and we can proudly say that we own several sets of comforters from her. We think that they are very thoughtful gifts. For Easter 2020, she gifted us with a Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter, which we did not unbox until a month ago. We have had both pleasant and distasteful experiences with this product so far, and we will be sharing that with you. Since we are a highly opinionated couple that also struggles with wanting everything to be perfect, we must mention that the thoughts expressed in this review are subjective. We will mainly address the comforter’s comfort, softness, value for money, and extent of wrinkling.

Softness (8.8/10)

It took us several months before we finally unboxed and used the Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter because we already have too many comforters in our household. When we opened the packaging, we immediately noticed that it looked fluffy and cuddly. We then started to analyze it a bit and realized that it was lightweight and felt very soft to the touch. Our initial impression was great because we love cozy and fluffy comforters.

Before using it for the first time, we took it to the dry cleaners next door. We wanted it to be clean and fluffy, without the smells that come from new products. Dry cleaning made it look even fluffier. On the first night, we loved how soft it was. It felt like sleeping in a cloud. The weight was perfectly distributed, and we enjoyed a very calm and peaceful night. We loved that it was reversible, and each side was equally soft. Our family dog also realized that it was very soft, so he lay on it and did not leave until the next day.

Our first smiley impression would soon turn into indifference, as this comforter lost our love after several washes. We have to mention that we washed it several times in our machine because both my partner and I accidentally spilled drinks on it on two movie nights. We are clumsy people! We noticed that the colors were starting to fade away with repeated washing, so the aesthetic value was diminishing.

Shockingly, we also noticed that the softness of the comforter was also fading after each wash. The once ultra-soft comforter was now just another comforter that we had nothing to gush about. We were so concerned about this that we went online to confirm if anyone else had experienced the same. Sadly, we found a few other users who shared the same sentiments.

Comfort (8.8/10)

We reside in an American countryside that is relatively warm throughout the year, and my husband is quite the hot sleeper. Therefore, we have been using cooling comforters for years now. We loved that this comforter was exceptionally lightweight, and it lay pretty flat on our bed. On the first night, we slept well and loved it. However, we soon noticed that it was getting a little too warm, even with the air conditioning turned a little lower than usual. We wanted to use the eight loops to attach it to a duvet but discarded this thought soon after realizing that it was already too warm on its own. We concluded that it would be ideal for colder weather as opposed to hot days.

Overall, it is a comfortable comforter for people who do not overheat or sweat excessively in their sleep. If you are new to comforters, you may enjoy using this product. However, experienced people like us feel that some of our other collections are more comfortable than the Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter. We haven’t decided what to do with it next, but my husband suggested keeping it in pristine condition in the wardrobe until we are ready to fill up a donation box for the people at the shelter. He recommended giving it away.

Wrinkle Free (9.0/10)

When we looked up this comforter as we were unboxing, it claimed that it was machine washable. We were shocked to read the label that stated otherwise. It warned against washing it at home. What a bummer! For the first wash, we took it to the professional cleaners nearby. As expected, we collected it without a single wrinkle or crease.

For the next few washes, we decided to use our washing machine and dryer. We followed the instructions to the letter; that is, we washed it on a cold and gentle cycle, then tumble dried it on low. Big mistake! It came out of the dryer with many wrinkles. Some of the stitching had come off to worsen the situation, and the filler material was already starting to leak out.

As a seasoned home-maker, I stitched it up using our sewing machine and decided to give it a second chance. Soon, we realized that the wrinkling became more pronounced after each wash. If you want to keep this comforter wrinkle-free, it is best to follow the label and take it to the professional cleaners.

Value for Money (9.0/10)

The Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter is probably one that we would have never purchased as a couple. We got it as a present, so we had to look up how much it cost my loving mother in law. Generally, we can say that the value we got from the product did not match the money spent on it. We have used some cheaper comforters that were better than this brand is. Although it came with a three-year guarantee that had somewhat given us confidence in this brand, it did not match our expectations.

The stitches were quite loose and came out after a few washes, so I had to do some repair work. On one side of the comforter, I noticed some severe thread bunching. I corrected it because it was an eye-sore. We also noticed that some users online complained about the same. For some, it was as bad as the fabric ripping and the filler content coming out in large amounts.

Final Verdict 8.9

As a couple that is very passionate about high-quality bedding, we must say that the Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter is not among our favorite comforters. It still scores well compared to other comforters out there. We initially loved how soft and luxurious it felt, only to find out that the softness was short-lived. The comfort level is relatively okay for those who do not overheat or experience night sweats. On the other hand, hot sleepers will not enjoy a comfortable night because the comforter tends to trap heat and gets too warm. Maybe the manufacturer should consider using technologies to promote cooling and temperature regulation properties.

Concerning wrinkling, the product disappointed us yet again. Initially, it was perfect, and it would presumably have remained that way if we dry cleaned it all the time. However, we put it in our regular washer because there were claims that it was machine-washable. It did not take long before it started wrinkling and pilling. Although the comforter is very affordable, we felt that it had plenty of room for improvement for it to offer optimal value for its price tag. We gave the Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter an overall score of 8.9/10 based on the above judgments.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Is it mandatory that I use the Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter with a duvet cover?
No, it is not. You can use the comforter on its own or use a duvet cover. The choice is entirely yours.

Can I use the comforter in my RV that has a short queen mattress?
Yes, you can. The Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter is available in different sizes. However, you should know that RV mattresses may have different measurements from standard mattresses. Kindly measure your RV mattress to confirm the size before you buy the comforter.

Does the comforter have a shiny appearance?
No, it does not. This comforter is made of very soft microfiber with a matte look, so it is not shiny.

How easy is it to wash this comforter?
Quite easy. You can dry clean it or machine wash on a gentle cycle.

Why does the comforter I ordered smell really bad?
The Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter is compressed to make shipping more economical and convenient. When you open it for the first time, it may have a potent smell that will eventually dissipate. To make the smell go away, wash it according to the instructions on the label.

Where is this comforter made?
Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforters are designed and sold by an American company. However, they are manufactured in China and come with a three-year warranty.

Does this microfiber comforter pill?
It does not, even after repeated washing.

8.9 Total Score

Wrinkle Free
Value for Money
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in different colors
  • Available in different sizes
  • Soft and cozy
  • Sloppy sewing
  • Prone to tearing
  • Not easy to clean and maintain
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