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Searching for a silk quilt comforter that will satisfy your need in the bedroom could be infuriating because you will be looking through so many. We understand that feeling, and many times, this feeling will either push you to make a regrettable choice or leave the shopping for another day.

Unfortunately, you will still have to look for a better silk comforter or come back to where you left the cart to start hunting all over. To save you the stress of going through that tiring journey to get the best silk comforter, patiently scroll down to learn some things here.

This page is about The LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter. We will tell you the pros, cons, and every vital and little details of this product. After reading this article, you should be able to make a wise decision before shopping for your next silk comforter.

Keep scrolling carefully to get adequately informed.


The LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter is a unique product that has tons of benefits to offer you. You should know what you would get from a trusted bedding brand like LilySilk, nothing but the best. We don’t expect less. The silk comforter is a high-end product that offers what it advertises.

The LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter is made from natural and genuine materials to give users a satisfactory performance. If you prefer a silk comforter that you can use all year round, then this is the one that is worth your hard-earned money. It’s even better to save cost with this type of silk comforter than to spend double on more than one comforter that will serve you for different seasons. Think about it.

For this review, we chose the twin size of 67 x 87-inch with a silk weight of 1.25kg and a total weight of 2.75 pounds. The product is also available in different sizes, including; Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Each product differs in price according to their sizes. If you don’t know the right measurement you need, measure your mattress to get an accurate order.

Is the LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter worth the price? Find out in the following sections.


  • Lightweight
  • Four corner taps
  • Eco-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Made for ALL seasons


  • A bit expensive
  • Cannot be washed
  • Requires a duvet cover

What Are LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter Made Of?

The LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter enjoys high-quality materials, such as the long strand silk filling that’s 100% natural. The material is unbreakable and durable. Besides, it’s confirmed that the silk used was not treated with any chemical, and that makes it safe for anyone’s use, including toddlers.

The silk is of grade 6A that is the best for human skin. It works better as an anti-aging, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial agent.

The silk comforter’s outer layer is a cotton fabric derived from 100% premium cotton fiber that makes the product ultra-soft, smooth, and cool on the body in any season. The cotton fiber was not processed with toxic chemicals or substances that could harm users.

It’s nicely crafted with unique fixed techniques that make the silk last longer. Also, the stitch technique makes the comforter look outstanding and gorgeous. The silk is excellently distributed all through the comforter. If you are worried about the silk durability, there is a zipper for you to gain access to the silk for testing.

Lastly, it has taps on the four corners, which would make it easier for you to use and fix the silk comforter in place.

Our LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter Review

This product was thoroughly tested for several months before embarking on this review. We tested the softness, comfort, wrinkle-free, and value of the LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter. Each aspect tested is also scored appropriately. We assure you of trustworthy information for this product, which you will find helpful.

Softness (9.5/10)

The LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter is super light, fluffy, and soft like a newborn’s skin. It’s not thick and heavy but thin and dense at the same time. The comforter conforms to the body better than most comforters will, and that feeling will make you sleep soundly.

Don’t be deceived by the pro that says it’s lightweight; indeed, it is, but it’s better than what you may have in mind.

Comfort (9.5/10)

This fantastic product is made explicitly for cool sleepers and hot sleepers. Yes! Check the score we gave it for comfort again, 9.5 out of 10. What that means is that it is truly up to the task.

When we tested it, we needed to be sure that I shared the duvet with a hot sleeper because I am a cold sleeper. We slept in it together for a couple of weeks. The outcome is that I slept better in this since I must curl in a bulky duvet. This comforter did well, without even adding it up with an extra duvet like the ones I tested in the past.

As for my colleague, anything sweats him out, including a simple sheet. We have been on the lookout for a comforter that will help him out, and this is like a jackpot for him. Usually, he would wake up to pill up the comforter on the other side of the bed, and later he would wrap himself up to cool off again. Surprisingly, he didn’t do that or wake up once to cool off. He referred to this comforter as his new lover.

I haven’t found the secret to that effect yet. All I know is that this is suitable for couples with different sleeping conditions like myself and my sweaty colleague. This silk comforter is excellent at regulating body temperature even though it’s not too bulky. We both slept warm and cool at the same time. This is just too good for an all-season silk comforter.

Note that we use it with a duvet cover to secure it because it can’t be washed. This is the first silk filled comforter that impressed us much. The LilySilk quilt keeps us warm at a 65-degrees room temperature without getting hot but warm.

Not to forget, we slept in it at times with just our pajamas and without using a layer on the bed during winter.

The duvet stays put always, it doesn’t shift, and it has enough space for two people to slide and toss in it without being uncomfortable.

Furthermore, allergies suffer like me should invest in this comforter: no dry throat or stuffy nose experience with this product. Likewise, I have stopped waking up to drink water since I switched to this, making me sleep deeply.

No exaggeration, it’s well made and outstanding.

Wrinkle Free (9.0/10)

The silk comforter doesn’t wrinkle. We never noticed a ruffle on it throughout our testing period. Perhaps, it’s because of the unique stitches given to it or the fact that it doesn’t have the space to wrinkle due to the silk filling. Since it cannot be washed at all, I don’t think it will wrinkle.

Anyway, we love its excellent smoothness, and that earns it 9.0.

Value For Money (8.7/10)

When you finally get a product that makes you happy, you sure wouldn’t mind investing more money in it. That’s the case with this product.

The design is fantastic and rare.

It is useful in winter and summer plus it saves us the cost of looking for another product for summer or winter. It has fantastic quality, which means that users may not need to purchase another comforter for many years to come.

All in all, this product serves better than lots of other comforters we have tested in the past. For my colleague that tried this product and me, it’s a good value for the price tag.

Don’t you think this is the silk comforter you need?

Final Verdict 9.2

The LilySilk All-Season Silk Quilt Comforter is a premium product for anyone that prioritizes comfort over price. The silk comforter has been superbly filled with great benefits as a reward for the amount you will pay for it.

You don’t have to hunt further for a comforter, here is what you need in your bedroom. It’s safe as it’s made with natural properties, in and out. The product is also healthy and suitable for your skincare since it will secure your skin from aging easily.

Would you prefer a cheaper product to this highly impressive comforter?

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

What is the weight and measurements of the King and Queen size of this product?
The Kingsize measures 104 x 92-inch and weighs 2.0kg, while the Queen size is 87 x 90-inch, and it weighs 1.75kg.

Can this product be machine wash or hand wash?
This is an all-season silk comforter that cannot be washed. That’s supposed to protect the silk from losing its value-protein.

Is it compulsory I use the silk comforter with a cover?
No! that’s not compulsory, but since the comforter can’t be washed, you would need to protect it from dirt, hence getting a cover is the best idea.

What type of silk is inside this product?
The silk comforter is filled with long strand pure mulberry silk tested to be real, safe for use, and free of unhealthy substances or chemical treatments.

9.2 Total Score

Wrinkle Free
Value for Money
  • Lightweight
  • Four corner taps
  • Eco-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Made for ALL seasons
  • A bit expensive
  • Cannot be washed
  • Requires a duvet cover
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