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There is no need to scroll online for hours anymore, we have the scoop on every single quality silk pillowcase on our site. Among our top favorites is this one, so feel free to read our J JIMOO Natural Silk Pillowcase review. It will give you the most honest assessment in many different categories that are important for the overall experience.


If you’re one of the people who want to get straight to the point without reading pages of reviews, we prepared a list of pros and cons to check out.


  • Great quality silk
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable

  • Not available in prints
  • Won’t keep you cool at night
  • Wrinkles

What is the J JIMOO Natural Silk Pillowcase Made of?

The gorgeous J JIMMO Natural Silk Pillowcase is made of 100% pure Mulberry silk on both sides. As the highest quality of silk available on the market, you can immediately notice the luxurious feel.

These pillowcases feature 6A Mulberry silk, which is the highest grade for this material. When it comes to the Momme count, this one has a high density of 22 Momme.

We’ve mentioned it before, but for every one new here, we want to tell you more about Mulberry silk and why it is so amazing. First of all, it’s produced by silkworms captured, raised, and fed in captivity. They are fed with leaves from the Mulberry tree. The process takes a while, and the final result is a gorgeous, fabulous, durable fabric called Mulberry silk.

For these pillowcases, there are three sizes to select from, including Standard, Queen, and King. They are not sold in sets. To elevate the pillowcase’s appearance even more, there is a hidden zipper on the side.

Unlike our other favorite silk pillows, this one is only available in 14 solid colors. This is still a great selection, ranging from white, beige to navy and black. Everyone who’s been looking for fun prints and striking colors will have to search for another brand. All of the colors have a pretty sheen to them, making them very glamorous.

The prettiest detail about this purchase is the gorgeous box that it comes in, looking very high-end and luxurious. Once we opened the box, the pillowcase was neatly packed inside without any smell. If you’re getting ready for the holiday season, this could be a perfect gift for your mom, sister, or best friend.

The final thing that helped us decide on buying this product is the SGS certification. SGS is one of the world’s most renowned certification and inspection companies. If a product is certified by them, it means that it was manufactured following the latest regulations, national and international standards.

Our J JIMOO Natural Silk Pillowcase Review

Next, we’ll talk more about the softness, comfort, appearance, maintenance, and value for money of this J JIMMO Natural Silk Pillowcase. We get into detail, so stay tuned to find out more before you decide to buy it.

Softness (9.4/10)

The softness of silk on your skin is one of the best feelings to have before bed. Each time you want to get the ultimate sleeping experience, this is the pillowcase you need.

The fabric does feel a little thick to the touch, which is strange for silk. However, it’s still buttery soft, durable, and features a luxurious sheen. Your skin will feel fantastic sleeping on this pillow. You won’t notice any hair tugging or pulling during the night.

One of the reasons why everyone is obsessed with silk is because of the major skin and hair benefits. Other materials can easily dry out your skin and create a messy, frizzy hairdo in the morning. These two things won’t happen with silk since this is a slippery, gentle material that doesn’t cause friction.

At the same time, silk contains amino acids that will maintain the moisture in your skin. You will prevent wrinkles in the long term by constantly sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

The score we gave the J JIMOO Natural Silk Pillowcase for softness is a 9.4 out of 10. It does come very close to some of the softest pillowcases we’ve had so far, and considering the price, it’s a great purchase.

Comfort (9.4/10)

We can’t complain when it comes to feeling comfortable on this pillowcase. Aside from the amazing softness, everything else was top-notch and fulfilled most of our expectations.

Although it did not cause us to sweat at night, the pillowcase didn’t keep us completely cold. That’s the moment when we decided that we should give it a 9.4 score for comfort. Sleeping on silk is superb, but sleeping cold is also critical, especially on hot summer nights.

Since the pillowcase has a side zipper, your pillow will be safe, secure, and won’t slip out of the case. Although it looks very slippery, you shouldn’t worry about slipping off it.

Overall, we enjoyed sleeping on the J JIMMO silk pillowcase, especially during cooler nights. The grade for comfort on our side is 9.4 out of 10. Maybe if the material kept us cool year-round, we would’ve considered giving it a higher score.

Wrinkle Free (8.2/10)

Wrinkles are a common thing that happens with silk. It’s something you should expect even before you purchase a pillowcase. Some will crease more, others less. It’s still an inevitable moment. Out of all our favorite silk pillowcases, this one showed the worst case of wrinkles.

Now, let’s talk more about maintenance in general so that you’ll know how to properly treat the fabric to see fewer creases. It’s not a big deal, just a trick or two that will make your life easier.

Silk pillowcases can be a little tricky to take care of, mostly because the material is so gentle. This doesn’t mean that it will be time-consuming, just that you have to pay a little more attention to the detergents that you’re using.

The pretty box the pillowcases are packed in features an instruction manual. There you’ll find all the details you need to make sure that you preserve the quality.

We found that it’s best to hand wash the J JIMOO Natural Silk Pillowcase. That is also what the brand recommends. You can still go for the washing machine, but make sure that it’s set on a cold setting. When you do use the washer, turn the pillowcase inside out. Try to wash it with matching pillowcases or silk bedding, and avoid mixing it with clothing.

Drying is also essential when it comes to this type of fabric. You should absolutely avoid the dryer because you might notice signs of wear faster. The preferred choice is to line dry it in the shade. Don’t use bleach or harsh detergents.

Now, let’s get to the exciting part. Most of you are probably interested in wrinkles since no one likes to see a wrinkly pillowcase on their perfectly arranged bed. It will be a slight disappointment to hear that these J JIMMO pillowcases do wrinkle. However, things get better when you find out that a part of those creases disappear when you put the cases on your pillows.

You can take care of the rest by using an iron on a low setting. Always turn the pillowcase inside out when ironing to protect the fabric.

All of this might sound too complicated, but it’s just the way you maintain silk bedding. If you want to reap the benefits of this fabric, this is the price you have to pay. It’s still a small price for frizz-free hair and a fresh face in the morning.

To wrap it up, we give it an 8.2 out of 10 for wrinkles.

Value for Money (8.8/10)

It’s tough to compare money and value for a product that you genuinely like. All those little cons that appear along the way don’t even compare to the fantastic pros.

This is a product that will not disappoint you and bring numerous benefits to your life. If you still haven’t tried sleeping on a silk pillowcase, now is the time. Made of durable material it will prevent wrinkles, dry skin, and messy hair.

Over time, we didn’t see any color fade, even though we both hand washed and machine washed the pillowcases. The stitching is great, without any loose threads. Be careful with hidden zipper, it’s a little gentle, but if you handle it with care, there shouldn’t be any problems.

This silk is a tad thicker than what we’re used to, but that means it will be even more durable. There is no sacrifice in softness because of the thickness. Although there was a slight loss of sheen after months of use, the pillowcases are still gorgeous and luxurious.

Eventually, if you’re not happy with the product, you get a 100-night guarantee from the company. In other words, if you take care of it according to the instructions and you’re still not convinced, that’s when you can return it, get a full refund, no questions asked.

Additionally, their customer service is fantastic, fast, and reliable. Whenever you have problems with your package, make sure to contact them, and they’ll do their best to solve it.

The value of this silk pillowcase for money gets a score of 8.8 out of 10. We have to admit that the affordable price is the first thing that convinced us to order it. But, after sleeping on it for a while, we decided that’s in our top five favorite silk pillowcases.

Overall, if you purchase this pillowcase, you won’t be sorry. You’ll score a good deal, but not the best one. We’ve had several other silk cases with a lower price, which had the same quality as this one. Maybe if the price were a bit lower, we would’ve given it a higher score.

Final verdict 9.0

Time to deliver our final thoughts. Everyone who is trying to find a silk pillowcase with a limited budget should read our J JIMOO Natural Silk Pillowcase review.

This product excels in most categories and somewhere on the lower end of the price scale. For the quality that it offers, it’s a fantastic purchase. The 22 MM 6A grade Mulberry silk is durable, soft, comfortable, and luxurious.

Yes, there will be wrinkles, but half will disappear when you put the pillowcase on the pillow. They can easily be taken care of with cold iron.

There is no doubt in the world that we’ll be ordering more of these pillowcases. Whether they will be meant for the guest bedroom, for a gift, or a holiday house, it doesn’t matter as long as we have them in every single color. All of these findings lead to a final verdict of 9.0 for us.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Can I iron my J JIMMO Natural Silk Pillowcase?
Yes, after washing your pillowcase, you can iron it, but use a low setting. If you can avoid ironing and don’t mind a few wrinkles, even better.

Can I return the pillowcase if I don’t like it?
Yes, the seller offers a full refund if you don’t like their product for any reason. They have a 100-night guarantee that you can keep in mind in case anything happens to your pillowcase.

Will the pillowcase help my frizzy, untamable hair?
Silk pillowcases are perfect for people with curly, wavy hair and everyone who’s struggling with frizzy, untamable hair. This is a slippery material that doesn’t create friction and is gentle to the hair.

Will the J JIMMO Natural Silk Pillowcase shrink after I wash it?
No, the pillowcase will not shrink. It’s recommended that you hand wash it and hang it to air dry.

9 Total Score

Wrinkle Free
Value for Money
  • Great quality silk
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Not available in prints
  • Won’t keep you cool at night
  • Wrinkles
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