SIMPLE Tips on how to keep cool in bed! 🥶

Warm weather often makes most of us sleepless. It’s usually impossible to sleep comfortably during the summer nights as the heatwave torments our sleep.

Besides, warmer temperatures make it hard for one to attain the recommended eight hours of sleep. This can quickly change to long hours of sweating and the cool pillow side turns out to be the only good friend we can cling to get through the night.

So, are there ways that you can keep cool in bed during a hot night?

Lucky for you, there is and we’ll be discussing nine simple tips on how to keep cool in bed. Most of these tips include very simple tricks that don’t cost a penny, while some might require a little bit of effort.

Before we jump to the tips, let’s first discuss how temperature changes affect our sleep.

How Temperature Affects Sleep

Changes in temperature influence sleep differently. An increase in temperature results in a heatwave that disrupts sleep and increases wakefulness. This increase causes your body to sweat and makes your sleeping environment more humid, and increases the thermal threshold for sleeping.

On the other side, a drop in temperature doesn’t affect sleep patterns much unless it declines by a very huge margin that will alter your thermoregulation properties.

The average temperature standards for sleep are between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above this ideal range will possibly turn you into a hot sleeper overnight and interfere with the quality of your beauty nap.

Tips for Staying Cool in Bed

Use cooling pillows

Similar to how the engine functions, our brains constantly generate heat as it works. Since the brain continues to function even as we sleep, this makes it very important that we find ways to cool our heads at night. One of the best ways to do so is by completely switching out our pillows. When searching for the best cooling pillows, always aim at looking for brands that feature cooling gel-infused latex and breathable fabric as well.

Sleep in cooling sheets

Cooling sheets are often made of very breathable fabrics such as bamboo or Egyptian cotton. These two materials feature great thermoregulation capabilities and are more effective in cooling the body while you sleep.

One more benefit of sleeping in cooling sheets is that they wick away moisture and reduces the chances of tossing and turning in sweaty beddings. Between bamboo and Egyptian cotton bed sheets, bamboo bed sheets are more affordable and are great for hot sleepers.

Invent your own A/C

Do you know that you can make a simple A/C without any technical background?

Well, for the sake of sleeping better, you have no choice but to let the Macgyver in you get to work. To make a simple A/C unit that will help keep you cool in bed, place several ice cubes in a bowl and put them in front of a working electric fan on your nightstand.

The ice cubes make the air around the fan cooler, meaning that the fan will continually blow cool air over your hot body until the ice melts away. If this is strategically positioned, your self-made A/C will help you keep cool and sleep well through the night.

Use the Egyptian sleeping tactic

Ancient Egyptians are known for many things including their famous methods for sleeping through the constant hot nights. Adopting their sleeping hacks is one way that you can effectively keep cool in bed.

To do this, simply hang a wet (but not dripping) towel or bedsheet on the window, wear damp pajamas, and sleep on a dry large towel to avoid ruining your mattress. By doing so, the breeze that blows through the window carries the coldness of the wet towel and bed sheet which makes your bedroom cooler.

The damp pajamas further increase your cooling mechanism and help you sweat less while you sleep. This method essentially boosts the quality of your sleep on very hot nights at nearly zero costs.

Sleep without clothes

Clothes can sometimes be very annoying, especially if it’s during a hot night. Instead of reducing the heat, these extra fabrics on you can clog up your body’s ventilation and make you warmer.

Therefore, sleeping naked is one of the simplest tips that you can try out today and keep cool at night. You’ll be amazed by how this tactic improves thermoregulation and boosts the quality of your sleep.

Use blackout curtains during hot days

The sun heats the earth during the day and much of this heat is typically radiated during the night. This explains why we always have hot nights during the summer. But what can you do about this?

Strive to use blackout curtains during very hot days or simply don’t remove curtains or blinds from your window during the day. This trick minimizes the number of sun rays and heat that enter your home and subsequently keeps your home cooler.

In other words, there will be fewer terrestrial radiations through your room at night, meaning that you can sleep much better compared to if you opened the blinds.

Sleep on a cooler mattress and use a good duvets

Similar to the first two tips, sleeping on a mattress that features compact cooling features will greatly help keep you cool in bed. For those who aren’t pressed by budget, switching to any of the organic latex or hybrid mattresses would greatly help you sleep better on hot nights.

However, if you don’t have the budget for it, simply consider using a quality cooling mattress pad/topper. Despite their original design for additional cushioning, these cooling mattress pads significantly dissipate excessive heat from your body and neutralize the temperature around your sleeping environment.

Combining this with a great comforter with superb cooling properties helps take your sleeping game a level higher. Silk duvets allow for more air circulation and regulate your body heat as you toss and turn in bed.

Tuck ice-filled water bottle in your beddings

Just as hot water bottles are great for surviving through the freezing nights, ice-filled water bottles are effective for getting through the hot ones. Simply fill your bottle with ice-cold water and tuck it in your beddings around your feet section.

The feet area is always sensitive to temperature changes, and keeping it cool helps maintain an optimal body temperature that’s cool enough to sleep through a hot night.

Shower before going to bed

The thought of having a cold shower at night always sends chills down the spine. But, studies show that taking a shower before going to bed has the potential to help you sleep better even on hot nights.

By taking a shower before bedtime, the water typically moderates your body temperature and signals the brain that it’s time to sleep. All these natural circadian signals normally prepare your body for a comfortable night’s rest.


Catching some sleep on a hot night is always next to impossible and the thought of tossing and turning in a hot sweaty mess makes it even worse. Nevertheless, this doesn’t need to be your main concern anymore. Use any of our top simple tips on how to keep cool in bed and improve the quality of your sleep despite the heatwave. Remember to combine two or more of these tips for better results.

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