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Getting rid of mice and other rodents have become increasingly easy due to the availability of rodent control products that have flooded the market. Some are very effective, while others are not. Some are natural and safe, while others contain harmful chemicals. Regardless of the control option you select, you must always remember that proper sanitation does not eliminate mice, but poor hygiene attracts them. You should also rodent-proof your home to stop infestations in the future. If you are passionate about using natural products, consider picking Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray.

How can you ascertain that the Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray will be effective in your home before spending your money? We acknowledge that many plant-based products claim to get rid of rodents from your property. Today, we will look at this rodent repellent spray and share with you our experience using it. The information will help you to decide whether it is worth buying.


Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray is made by Harris, the oldest EPA company in the United States of America. The product is formulated to repel mice, rats, and other rodents. It is made using essential oils that irritate these animals, forcing them to flee from your property. Since it is made of natural ingredients, it is very safe to apply in households with young children and pets. It also has a pleasant scent that will not irritate you or your loved ones.


  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Pleasant scent
  • Easy to use


  • Not very effective

What is Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray Made of?

Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray is made of plant-based essential oils. The active ingredients are peppermint and cinnamon that have been proven to repel rodents effectively. The product is designed to work fast, and the manufacturer states that it is long-lasting. It can be used in various parts of the home and compound because it is safe and will not harm people or pets. Besides, the spray has a good scent.

Our Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray review

A few weeks ago, we spotted mice droppings in our home and decided to purchase this product after seeing an advert on a local television channel. Therefore, we have hands-on experience with the product. There are a few things we liked and others we hated about the product. By sharing our expertise with you, we will be helping you make an informed decision before purchasing. However, you have to bear in mind that our views are subjective, and your experience may differ. We will look at this spray’s scent, effectiveness, ease of use, thickness, and value for money.

Scent (8.6/10)

The scent of the Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray was of much importance to us because we remembered that we would be hosting a few guests right after spotting the mice droppings. We did not want our guests to spot mice around the house, and neither did we want products that would infuse the home with an unwanted odor. When we used this product for the first time, we loved the scent. It was wonderful, and one could smell a hint of cinnamon and a bit of peppermint in the room. The children also loved the smell. However, our cats hated it and even ran out of the house.

The scent was not overpowering. It was quite strong, but not to the extent of causing irritation or becoming unbearable to be in the house. We also sprayed quite a bit because we were concerned about a mouse or a few of them embarrassing us in front of the guests. On D-day, we sprayed under the fridge and on the baseboards, albeit in smaller amounts. Two of the guests said our house smelled lovely, and we were content with that feedback.

When we used the spray in the closet, we noticed that the scent lingered on the clothes. We did not like this aspect of the product because we like our clothes smelling flowery and fresh, not minty. We have since stopped using the spray in the closet.

Thickness (7.4/10)

One of the worries we had was that this product would not spray well because it contained essential oils typically a bit viscous. When we used the sprayer for the first time, it worked perfectly. Upon repeated use, we found out that the sprayer barely produced the stream of spray we saw on the first day. It looked as though it was blocked, and my partner had to open it up and try to unclog it.

We soon discovered that for effective spraying, we needed to shake the bottle well to ensure that all the ingredients in the spray were well mixed. This reduced the times the sprayer was blocked and made the stream of spray flow better to the target areas.

Ease of Use (9.0/10)

One of the things we loved about this product was that it was very easy to use. The spray nozzle worked just fine, and it released the spray in a stream that easily reached the nooks and crannies without any strain. I particularly loved the fact that the spray nozzle did not leak as other products we used years ago did. I have very sensitive skin that reacts to many products, so I was genuinely happy that I did not come into contact with the spray despite using the product barehanded.

The only downside was the manufacturer did not indicate how much product to spray. The label did not offer any guidance or directions, so we felt that we over-sprayed on some days and under-sprayed on others. This made it extremely difficult to predict how long a bottle would last us because we used it every other day in the shed and every two days inside the house.

Effectiveness (7.8/10)

We were very excited to try this plant-based product but were very disappointed in this area. After using the spray inside the house every other day for a week, we did not spot any new mouse droppings. We were overjoyed, only for our smiles to turn into frowns a few days later. We were out for the weekend, so we went for two days without using the spray. Upon returning home, we saw a mouse happily running across the living room.

Since the Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray was all we had at hand, we used it, and the mouse disappeared, only for it to return after the scent of the product was gone. At this point, we decided to be keener on the shed. Unfortunately, we noticed the same pattern.

We concluded that this product only offered temporary relief instead of a permanent solution. True to its word, it repelled against mice and other rodents. However, these unwanted animals were back as soon as the peppermint and cinnamon scent was gone. Since we were looking for a natural solution to the mice problem on our property, we totally disliked the cat and mouse game the spray seemed to be playing on us. We decided to try another brand after two weeks of using this mice and rodent repellent spray.

Value for Money (7.2/10)

We felt that the Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray did not work as well as we expected. Our curiosity drove us online to see if other users felt that the product was insufficient, making it offer very little value for money. Sadly, many others shared the same sentiments. We are confident that other products provide better value at lower prices. The formulation of the Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray should be reviewed by the manufacturer and, hopefully, come up with a more effective product.

Final Verdict 8.0

Generally, we were not satisfied with most aspects of the Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray. It did not score well in thickness because the sprayer seemed to get blocked after repeated use. Besides, it was not useful at all in eliminating mice and other rodents. Instead, the scent kept them away for a few days, and they returned as soon as it was gone. We think that the mouse hid in a corner or crevice where the scent was less concentrated then came out later.

Despite these shortcomings, we loved the scent of the spray and also liked that it was pretty easy to use, even if instructions on how much to use were missing. Based on these reasons, we gave the Harris Peppermint Oil Mice, and Rodent Repellent Spray an overall score of 8.0/10 and decided not to purchase this product again unless the manufacturer comes up with a better and improved formulation.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

How long will a bottle last if I only use it in my basement?
Unfortunately, it is hard to estimate the length of time that the bottle will last because that depends on your usage. The amount you use per day depends on the air exchange rates and the size of your basement. If you use it daily in a basement that is 100% enclosed, the product should last you about 3-4 weeks. Kindly note that this is just an estimated length of time.

Will the Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray eliminate spiders from my attic?
The formulation is specifically designed to repel mice, rats, and other rodents. It may not work on spiders.

Will this spray harm my young children and pets in any way?
No, it will not. The Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray is made of safe, plant-based active ingredients that will not harm your children or furry friends.

Will this spray get rid of the cockroaches that have invaded my kitchen and food pantry area?
No, it will not. This product is not a cockroach killer or repellent. It is for mice, rats, and other rodents. However, the company has a Harris Roach Killer that you should check out.

Does the spray contain juniper or cedar?
No, it does not. The active ingredients in the Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray are peppermint and cinnamon.

8 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Pleasant scent
  • Easy to use
  • Not very effective
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