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Did you know that female pantry moths can lay up to 400 eggs every time, and these eggs hatch only after one week? Their tiny eggs are hard to spot with the naked eye, but you will certainly notice their presence after hatching into larvae. At this stage, they chew and destroy the dry food items in your house and pantry. Not only is this annoying, but also very expensive because you have to discard the food items that the moths have attacked. To prevent this, you can use the Good Earth Supply Moth Traps that catch the moths in your pantry and avoid moth infestations in the future.

If you visit your nearest retail store to buy moth traps, you will find different brands that can confuse you because they all claim to be the best at moth trapping. How do you pick the best brand? How do you distinguish the authentic and efficient traps from the less efficient ones? To save you from confusion and headache, our in-depth review of the Good Earth Supply Moth Traps will help you understand the pros and cons of this product, which is among the best-rated moth trap brands in the current market.


In reality, every kitchen or pantry will have a food moth infestation, especially if the homeowner or resident stores dry and processed food products. There is no shame in admitting that you have a moth problem and seeking help to manage it and prevent future infestations. You do not have to keep swatting these creatures as this stains your walls, and neither should you use harsh chemical-based products to deal with the menace. Instead, you can use Good Earth Supply Moth Traps, which are not toxic, and neither do they contain insecticides.


  • Easy to use
  • Minimalistic packaging
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-toxic and insecticide-free


  • Not very sticky
  • Only works on Indian meal moths or other food moths

What are Good Earth Supply Moth Traps Made of?

The Good Earth Supply Moth Traps are made of paper that is 100% free of insecticides and non-toxic. The paper contains pheromones to attract moths. The traps also contain industrial-grade glue on which the attracted moths stick. Due to the simplistic yet effective design, the traps can catch multiple moths at a time and continue to be effective for up to three months. The traps are specially designed to attract and catch Indian meal moths or any other type of food moths that usually invade kitchen pantries or any other food storage areas.

Our Good Earth Supply Moth Traps review

They say that one man’s meat is another’s poison. Such is the scenario when it comes to user experiences when dealing with the same product. We are aware that the Good Earth Supply Moth Traps may have worked well for some people and failed others. For this reason, we will strictly share our hands-on experience with this brand of moth traps. We shall focus on their scent, ease of use, thickness, effectiveness, and value for money. Therefore, our opinions will be subjective and may differ from yours.

Scent (9.0/10)

One of the best aspects of the Good Earth Supply Moth Traps is that they do not emit any strong odors. We recently had a severe pantry moth infestation, and this brand was recommended by a close friend who had a positive experience with the product. The label indicated that the traps were free from insecticides and toxins. Therefore, we did not expect the traps to emit any chemical-like or strong smells, and we were impressed when our expectations were met. The pheromones in the traps do not have any distinct smell, but this does not affect their effectiveness.

Since our target area was the kitchen pantry that contained most of our favorite food products, we did not want any chemical-based solutions that could potentially make our foods acquire unwanted smells and odors. We placed six traps in our sizable pantry, especially in the areas where the moths seemed to accumulate most. The moth traps were placed close to the food without worrying about acquiring new smells or contamination from chemicals in the traps.

Thickness (8.0/10)

Each time we looked at the situation in our pantry, we felt sorry for ourselves because these insects were flying all over the place. Some even left unsightly marks on our milk-white walls, especially when we swatted them. When we bought the Good Earth Supply Moth Traps, we anticipated getting very thick and sturdy traps that would catch as many moths as possible. We were in for a surprise after opening the package.

The package contained six traps, which were relatively thin and lightweight. Despite being thin, the paper was relatively sturdy. Each side was coated with a relatively thin layer of industrial-grade glue on which the moths stuck after being attracted by the pheromones. We soon learned that the trap’s thickness was not important, as was the technology used to attract and catch the moths. Although these traps were very easy to set up and highly portable, we felt that they would work better if they had a thicker layer of glue. They would also work better if sturdier paper was used in the construction.

Ease of Use (9.2/10)

Using the Good Earth Supply Moth Traps was easy and straightforward. All we had to do with each was pull off the protective sheet placed over the layer of industrial-scale glue, fold it up into a triangle, tuck in the edges and place them strategically in the pantry. Since we were desperately looking for a way of eliminating the moths in our pantry, we set up all the six traps in the package and placed them in the pantry. We had previously used traps that came with separate pheromone discs, and those were pretty complex to set up, unlike the Good Earth Supply brand.

We loved that the individual traps’ overall design was quite minimalistic, and the color was pretty subtle. The traps blended in beautifully with the items in the pantry. Had they been a different color, they would probably have attracted unnecessary attention and let everyone who walked into the pantry know that we had a moth problem. We have to admit that using the traps was much easier because we decluttered the pantry before setting them up. Their small size allowed us to place them even on the smaller shelves without strain. Sadly, we had to discard most of the food items that the moth larvae and adults had already invaded.

Effectiveness (8.8/10)

As earlier indicated, we bought this brand of traps because someone we hold dear had recommended them. They had given us very positive feedback about the product. However, we felt that the traps’ overall performance was not as good as had been said. We had mixed feelings about the traps after purchasing several packs of the product, each containing six traps.

The first pack of six did not work as well as we expected, mainly because our expectations were too high. While they trapped some moths, they were not as many as we desired, especially because the infestation was pretty severe. We touched the glue on one to feel how sticky it was. Unfortunately, it was not very sticky. Our opinion was that the traps were not as effective as those containing real poison are. We were pretty impatient with the first batch and discarded them too soon, before they were filled up.

We then decided to give them a second try. The next pack of six seemed to work much better. The traps attracted and caught many moths within the next week. We only discarded them because they were full. At the end of the week, the severity of the moth problem had lessened. The notable improvement was partly attributable to the thorough cleaning and decluttering we did in the pantry.

The third pack of six did not seem to do much. While the number of moths had significantly reduced after the cleaning, we still spotted some flying around our food storage area without getting trapped. Most of the traps only caught one to three food moths, which was very disappointing. One of the children joked that they must have trapped the moths, but they escaped because the glue was not sticky enough.

Value for Money (8.0/10)

Besides being eco-friendly, they got a thumbs up from our end because they did not cost us much compared to the other products we had tried. Their retail price was comparable with other similar products on the retail store shelves.

On the flip side, we noticed that for the traps to work well, we needed to purchase several packs because our moth problem was severe. Overall, we would say that the product offered good value for money, but there is a lot of room for improvement. We felt that the paper and glue quality could be improved for the product’s value to match the price.

Final Verdict 8.6

The Good Earth Supply Moth Traps scored very well on the scent and ease of use. They did not emit any undesirable odors, and neither were they hard to set up and use. However, the product’s thickness was not up to the standard we anticipated. The solution to this would be using better quality paper and making the glue layer a bit thicker. Doing so would also improve the value of the moth traps and their effectiveness. Based on these feelings and experiences, we gave this brand of traps an overall score of 8.6/10. We hope that the manufacturer will consider improving their product based on user feelings and opinions.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Where are the Good Earth Supply Moth Traps manufactured?
This brand of moth traps is made in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

Are these traps effective in dealing with clothing and closet moths?
No, they are not. The Good Earth Supply Moth Traps are specifically designed to deal with Indian meal moths and other food moths. Therefore, they may not be very useful in dealing with moth species commonly found in clothes and closets.

Will the traps eliminate drugstore beetles?
Unfortunately, this is unlikely. The traps are for catching food moths that attack dry and processed food items.

Do these traps have pheromone discs?
No, they do not. Unlike other brands of traps that come with separate pheromone discs, the Good Earth Supply Moth Traps contain the pheromones in the adhesive. This means that the pheromones are added to the trap together with the industrial-grade glue during the manufacturing process.

Do the traps have a strong smell?
No, they do not. The traps are made of paper and are insecticide and toxin-free. Therefore, they do not emit any strong odors and are safe for pets, children, and food.

8.6 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Easy to use
  • Minimalistic packaging
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-toxic and insecticide-free
  • Not very sticky
  • Only works on Indian meal moths or other food moths
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