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Do you often find yourself unable to sleep well during the night? Well, rest assured that you are not alone. Millions of people all over the world encounter some form of sleep-related disorders. While a good night’s sleep is paramount for a healthy and productive life, numerous factors can inhibit one from enjoying such sleep. That said, it is worth noting that your choice of bedding plays a significant role in the quality of sleep you get.

Eco-friendly, highly breathable, and hypoallergenic bedding items such as the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam can improve the quality of your sleep immensely. Could this pillow be the solution you have been looking for to alleviate your sleeping disorder? Well, find out from our in-depth review of the product. We will help you figure out whether purchasing this pillow is the right decision and whether or not it is any better than your current one.


Unlike regular pillows designed to support your head, the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam is a full-body product. This means that it provides support across multiple points in the body. These attributes make the pillow ideal for people with various sleep-related disorders.


  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Quite comfortable
  • Excellent size


  • Takes long to fluff up
  • Not very supportive
  • Poor packaging

What is the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Made of?

The Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam is made from a blend of bamboo fibers (40%) and polyester (60%). Combining these materials results in a soft pillow capable of taking on the user’s shape and improving support to their neck, legs, head, and back. The manufacturer recommends placing the pillow in a dryer for about eight minutes to let it fluff up and take the desired shape.

Our Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam Review

My girlfriend purchased the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam for me in a bid to improve my overall sleep quality. We had previously tried other pillows, but they always seemed to lack something. After using this pillow for three months, I can confidently comment on its comfort, value for money, and support. I acknowledge that other users might have different opinions from ours. Remember that everything I will say in this review is solely based on our three-month usage of the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam.

Comfort (9.4/10)

Before I got the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam, I would often sleep horribly because of back and hip pain resulting from an early onset of osteoarthritis. However, I can say that this pillow literally saved me. It allows me to keep my knees in an elevated position while I sleep, resulting in unrivaled comfort. I have found it to be somewhat heavy for any adjustment, though. The pillow’s relatively big size also contributes greatly to the comfort compared to conventional small-sized pillows.

During usage, I find that the shredded foam filling rebounds at the same rate as most other top products in the market. The filling is contained in a super soft casing, enclosed in a bamboo fiber pillowcase. Since I am prone to allergies, I was more than happy with the bamboo pillowcase’s hypoallergenic properties. This way, I can rest assured that the surface I sleep on will not make my allergies flare up.

Like some of the other pillows I had tried, the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam had some discernible odor when I unpacked it. However, this was completely gone after I tossed the pillow in the dryer for a few minutes. I was thus able to enjoy an amazingly peaceful night’s sleep free of any scents emanating from the pillow.

Support (8.3/10)

The Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam provides excellent support, especially for people with lower body conditions. This is due to its rather unique design and relatively large size. When sleeping, my knees are slightly elevated, my hips are aligned, and my back’s pressure is far less than what I was used to before purchasing this pillow. My biggest qualm with the support concerns the time it takes to fluff up fully. In my case, this was more than 30 hours, which is significantly longer than what I expected.

Additionally, I have found that different sections of the pillow behave differently under pressure. For example, the area right under my knees stays compressed even when I wake up and expands quite slowly compared to other sections. I guess this is due to the filling being made from shredded memory foam instead of the regular type. One of the biggest upsides to using the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam is that with my knees bent, I can still get sufficient support for my arms and legs all the way down to the shin. I doubt this is possible with any other type of pillow.

Value for Money (8.2/10)

The Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam is, by all means, a worthy purchase. I feel that the pillow provides better comfort and support compared to other products I have tried for the price I paid. The only issue that adversely affects its value for money is the inconsistent memory foam behavior. For such a large bedding item, I think the manufacturer should have such inconsistency ironed out.

After the first few hours, I had decided to ship the pillow back after noting that it had not fluffed up. However, by the next day, I noticed some improvements and decided to keep it. I have not regretted that decision.

Final Verdict 8.6

Besides being unique, the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam is a great product overall. Its comfort level is way up there with the best pillows in the market today. Its support tanks a bit as a result of the poor rebound in the midsection. After three months of use, I would certainly recommend this product to anyone looking for a full-body pillow.

After taking the pillow’s upsides and downsides into consideration, I gave it an overall score of 8.6/10. If you are considering purchasing the Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam, go ahead and do it, you will not regret it.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Would you describe this pillow as being firm or soft?
The Golden Linens Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam is right in the middle of firmness and softness. Mine does not seem to have sufficient filler material, which causes it to bounce back unevenly.

Is this pillow overly fluffy?
No, it is not. Since the memory foam in it is quite compressed, it is not overly fluffy. Still, its overall feel is amazingly comfortable.

My pillow was delivered in shrink-wrap and, therefore, very compressed. Will it fluff up at all since it seems very flat now?
Yes, once the pillow settles and airs out, it will eventually fluff up and take shape. Mine took more than 30 hours to do so but once complete, it looked amazing.

Does this pillow have a removable cover, and if so, is it washable?
Yes, the pillow comes in a removable cover that can be easily washed.

What are the filling and pillowcase made of?
The filling contains shredded memory foam, and the casing is made out of a blend of polyester and bamboo fiber.

8.6 Total Score

Value for Money
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Quite comfortable
  • Excellent size
  • Takes long to fluff up
  • Not very supportive
  • Poor packaging
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