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Not all silk pillowcases are the same, so that’s why we love talking about different ones and bringing them a step closer to everyone interested in buying. Today we wanted to give you our Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Review, a product that scored a spot on our top five best silk pillowcases list.

If you want to find out why it deserves your attention and money, keep on reading. We didn’t spare any details and included all of the positive and negative sides of this purchase.


Let’s take off with the most important good and bad sides, everyone wants to hear first:


    • 100% 25MM pure Mulberry silk
    • Very soft
    • Gentle to the face and hair


    • Expensive
    • Limited color choice
    • Very wrinkly

    What is the Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Made of?

    Everyone who’s on the lookout for the highest-quality silk pillowcase can thank us later for this fantastic find. Made of 100% pure Mulberry silk, with a 25 Momme count, this Good Housekeeping Magazine-approved pillowcase is next-level luxurious.

    The Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is what most would describe as a high-end product, not just because of the price. Thanks to the 25 Momme count, this is a durable, gorgeous fabric to look at and lavish to the touch. The material used is Grade 6A pure silk on both sides of the pillow, with only long strand fibers.

    We wanted to explain another detail from the description that can get confusing for many customers. The seller mentions both Mulberry and Charmeuse silk, terms that refer to two completely different things. For starters, Mulberry is a type of silk, while Charmeuse is a type of weave. Yes, one single fabric can be described with these two words at the same time. Mulberry is the world’s finest silk made of silkworms that munch on Mulberry leaves, delivering a luxurious, lustrous product with a high value.

    Unlike most silk pillowcases that we’ve reviewed before, this one has an envelope closure on the side. Hidden zippers are great when it comes to the pillow not slipping off the case, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out what happened with this product. We found it very interesting that the case can be used as a pillowcase or a sham, thanks to the unique side entry.

    You can purchase it in three sizes: Standard, Queen, and King. The brand also offers you to buy sets of each size. There are 11 shades to choose from that range from light to dark when it comes to the color selection. Unfortunately, there aren’t any prints.

    Finally, we love buying from eco-conscious brands. The Fishers Finery pillowcase is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified. In other words, every single detail and component is tested and free of over 100 harmful chemicals and toxins. This is a world-recognized certification that inspects textiles, threads, zippers, dyes, and so much more. They have to pass their strict regulations and requirements before they receive a certificate.

    Our Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Review

    Now, let’s get more into detail. It’s hard to buy something, even a single pillowcase, when you don’t exactly know what you’ll get. This one is not as budget-friendly as our previous choices, so we wanted to elaborate on why we gave it the scores that we did. Check out how it performed in different categories below:

    Softness (9.2/10)

    Softness is undisputed when it comes to silk, from our personal experience. The Fishers Finery pillowcase performed amazingly in this category, leaving us happy and satisfied with its softness.

    Yes, the pillowcase is slippery, but that won’t stop you from having a great night’s sleep. Your head won’t slip off the pillow. You will wake up without any creases on your face, frizz, and knot-free hair. These are the two benefits that we noticed first, and we think that softness and slippery nature have a lot to do with them.

    Don’t forget to follow the washing instructions and use a very mild detergent; otherwise, it will affect the material, and it will become stiffer. That’s happened to many people who decided to skip reading the ingredients and ended up with stiff fabric, then blamed it on the company.

    This pillowcase is slightly less soft than the other silk pillowcases we like, so we decided to give it a 9.2 out of 10. The difference is minor, and most people won’t even notice it. But as the trained professionals that we are, it affected our rating. When you go over the surface with your hand, it still glides, but it’s slightly more textured than similar products from the same material.

    Comfort (8.8/10)

    Buying a comfortable pillowcase is what everyone strives for. If it’s comfy enough, your whole life will change, because you’ll sleep much better. This one is more than decent, but there are still some cons we want to include in the review.

    The flap can open from time to time, and that’s when the pillow tends to slip off, but not completely. Still, you’ll have to push it back in, or you’ll end up sleeping on a pillow without a pillowcase. That’s why we prefer zipper closures.

    Keeping the skin warm is the part that bothered us the most. It’s tough to tell whether a product is breathable enough because everyone is different and sleeps differently. Almost all our team members felt hot when sleeping on it, with warm skin and sweat during the hottest nights. That’s something that can be irritating and disturb your sleep.

    Aside from this, we can’t complain about anything else when it comes to comfort. The material is gentle to the skin and hair, helping you wake up with a much more presentable hairdo. It fights against hair breakage, wrinkles, dry skin, and scalp. I hope this paints you a much clearer picture, and you can now understand why we rated it with an 8.8 out of 10.

    Wrinkle Free (7.6/10)

    Wrinkles on your bedding can be such a nightmare, especially if you can’t get rid of them completely. Turning on the iron and ironing your pillowcase takes just a few minutes, but it’s still something that most people want to avoid. We don’t really mind creases, but we do mind when they can’t be ironed.

    We’ll repeat, taking care of silk does require extra work, so be prepared. Washing and drying will take you a little longer compared to other fabrics. This isn’t a material that you can simply throw in the washer, dryer and call it a day.

    When it comes to washing, it’s highly recommended that you hand wash these silk pillowcases. Use a gentle detergent that is meant for silk and no bleach. For all those who’ll decide to do it in the washer, set it to gentle cold water setting to avoid damage. Flip the pillowcase inside out or place it in a mesh garment bag to protect it. High heat and spin cycles can be very harmful to silk.

    Next comes the drying part, which is even more critical in maintenance. Forget about the dryer; this is a product that requires air drying. Find a spot in a ventilated room, and it will be completely dry very fast. Lay it flat for fewer creases.

    This is the lowest grade we’ve given to a silk pillowcase when it comes to wrinkles. To be honest, it was too wrinkly even to our taste. We’re people who don’t mind them, but this one looked too messy after drying. We found it hard to iron those creases, so eventually, we settled with not even trying. As a person who’s deeply into skincare, I make sure to wait for 10 minutes after applying serums and creams before laying my face on the pillowcase to avoid stains. Also, to further protect my sensitive skin, I wash the case more often than I’d wash other fabrics.

    The rating for wrinkles is 7.6 out of 10, mostly because we couldn’t eliminate them, which ended up being a time-consuming task. If you’re not really into ironing, but you don’t care about creases, you’ll love this pillowcase.

    Value for Money (8.2/10)

    Let’s start this part by saying that this is an expensive pillowcase! Yes, it’s not the costliest one you’ll find, but it sure is an investment. If money is an essential part for you when purchasing a pillowcase, this is one that you probably want to avoid. Numerous less expensive alternatives won’t be as high-quality as this one, but they will do the job.

    We gave it an 8.2 out of 10 because we noticed several parts of material thinning on one of the pillowcases that we purchased from the same brand. We didn’t treat it differently compared to the others, so that’s why we’re even more surprised.

    With a rating of 8.2 out of 10, we can say that the Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase passed our test, but it didn’t live up to the hype when it comes to the value for money. We expected a product that will wrinkle less and be much more comfortable for such a high price.
    The Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is somewhere in the middle of the price scale, but when you see that you can purchase a product half this price, it looks costly. It’s still made from a more luxurious fabric than cheaper alternatives, but at the end of the day, it didn’t fully live up to our expectations in specific departments. Overall, it gets an 8.2 out of 10.

    Final verdict 8.5

    Getting very close to the end of this review, so it’s time to deliver our final thoughts. The Fishers Finery silk pillowcase is not the cheapest one you can get, but that’s how you know that you’ll get high-quality silk. The material didn’t fade or shrink; it didn’t show significant signs of wear, except in one of the pillowcases we bought.

    The skincare products you use on your hair and face can leave stains on the pillowcase, meaning you’ll have to wash it often. Our advice is to be careful and wait for products to absorb.

    The next time we purchase this pillowcase is when it will be discounted. If there are any holiday sales, this is what we’ll be buying. Maybe it will even become a part of our gift idea lists for close family members and friends.

    Yes, we find it an investment, mostly because it flopped in terms of maintenance. Too many wrinkles that don’t go away with ironing can be challenging for many customers. Keeping that in mind, we also wanted to mention that the overall maintenance is a bit more complicated and time-consuming.

    We can finalize this Fishers Finery Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase review with a verdict of 8.5 out of 10. There is no dispute about the quality of the fabric or the softness. But, this is a pillowcase we wish had a slightly lower price when we put two and two together.

    [FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

    Does the pillowcase close with a zipper?
    No, the Fishers Finery Mulberry Silk Pillowcase has an envelope closure.

    Is this pillowcase silk on both sides?
    Yes, the entire pillowcase is made of 100% pure Mulberry silk, 25MM, 6A Grade.

    Will the pillowcase shrink if I machine wash it?
    If you wash the pillowcase with cold water and according to the instructions, the material won’t shrink.

    8.5 Total Score

    Wrinkle Free
    Value for Money
    • 100% 25MM pure Mulberry silk
    • Very soft
    • Gentle to the face and hair
    • Expensive
    • Limited color choice
    • Very wrinkly
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