FAVRIQ Luxurious All Season Queen Size Down Comforter

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Are you searching for a quality down comforter that can serve you in winter and summer? This is the right post for you to learn about the best down comforter you should trust. The FAVRIQ Luxurious All Season Queen Size Down Comforter is our five-star down comforter.

What are this comforter’s outstanding features, and how great is it as an all-season down comforter? We will discuss everything that this comforter entails to know if it’s up to the task and worth your money.

Because there are many down comforter brands in the market, you may not know the perfect one for you. Read this article to the end to see more of this product.
Here we go!


The FAVRIQ Luxurious All Season Queen Size Down Comforter is an affordable product with tons of values that are hard to come by in a comforter of its price.

The manufacturer is specifically concerned about their customers’ satisfaction rather than just making sales. Hence, the affordable price of the down comforter for everyone who needs the best product.

This product is available in Queen and Twin sizes only, with different price tags, and they are only made in white color. This product’s only flaw is that it’s not available in many sizes for buyers to select from.

The filling of the Twin size weighs 770g while the Queen size weighs 1000g. The Twin measures 68 x 90-inch while the Queen measures 90 x 90-inch.

We own a Queen bed, so we ordered the Queen size of this product for this review. The comforter covers the whole bed very well.

Finally, let’s go ahead with the review to reveal more things about the FAVRIQ down comforter.


  • Affordable
  • Ultra soft outer layer
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable


  • Slightly warm for summer
  • Limited size options

What Are FAVRIQ Luxurious All Season Queen Size Down Comforter Made Of?

The FAVRIQ Luxurious All Season Queen Size Down Comforter passed through thorough safe and ethical processing, manufacturing, and packaging. The OEKO-TEX certified the product standard 100 and BSCI. All the feathers and down filling in this comforter are gotten from the food industry, making them healthy for each individual’s use.

The down filling and feathers of the FAVRIQ are of high-quality with repeated cleaning with ecological water and sterilization under 120 degrees temperatures. The cleanliness of the comforter is very high up to 1000 while the product remains fluffy and quality. That would ensure you feel comfortable and healthy when sleeping in it.

Besides that, the FAVRIQ is wrinkle-free and shrink-free, thanks to the natural and real Egyptian cotton used to weave the outer cover. The fabric is of high-density with great features like softness, hypoallergenic, and breathability. The cover is also tightly stitched to prevent breakage, and it is well specially treated to make it healthy for all skin types.

This product has a baffle box design that ensures the down filling is evenly distributed and warm on the body. Also, there are eight loops on the corners of the comforter to fix it with a duvet cover or prevent it from shifting when you are sleeping.

Our FAVRIQ Luxurious All Season Queen Size Down Comforter Review

Here are our reviewers’ honest observations and scores for the FAVRIQ Luxurious All Season Queen Size Down Comforter.

Softness (9.8/10)

The fabric cover and down filling of this comforter are so soft on the body. Sleeping on it feels like being on a cloud. The softness, fluffiness, and lightweight of this product are incredible. We loved sleeping in it. Our dog usually wraps itself in it to have a great time. The expressions we get from the dog before we use it speak volumes, and we had to join it in bed quickly. Amazingly, we couldn’t rate it less than 9.8 out of 10.

If you love getting wrapped in supremely soft comforters, the FAVRIQ is the best choice for you.

Comfort (9.8/10)

We stay in the NE region, and the temperatures vary at times during the day and night, especially in fall and winter. Due to that, what we needed was a comforter that kept us warm always, without switching the comforter.

We realized the product was light on its arrival, and we doubted if it would keep us warm. Anyway, we tried it that same night, and we were dumbfounded because it was very warm, even warmer than most thick and heavy down comforters we have used before.

The FAVRIQ down comforter can regulate temperature during hot and cold days; it keeps the body cool and warm nicely. We did depend on this comforter throughout the season. It was never extremely cold or warm.

To make this product retain its performance, you need to maintain it with care, especially if you will wash it frequently. With that, the down filling will continue to keep you warm while they remain intact.

The duvet is very compact to move around when you travel or decide to use it in a hotel.

The comforter is highly recommendable because it’s very comfortable to sleep in and maintain. You can cover it with a duvet cover to avoid washing it often, and

if you would have to clean it, do so with care in a gentle cycle.

Wrinkle Free (8.5/10)

We didn’t notice wrinkles on this down comforter. The Egyptian cotton fiber used is of high quality that doesn’t make the fabric cover to wrinkle or shrink. Besides that, we have never dry cleaned or washed it in the machine, so we can’t say that it won’t wrinkle after washing it.

Value For Money (9.8/10)

We are satisfied with every penny spent on this luxurious product.

The fabric doesn’t give us allergies, and it doesn’t feel too heavy on the body. Likewise, it’s highly ventilated that we didn’t get hot in it like some other comforters.

The design of the product is lovely that we didn’t bother covering it with a duvet cover.

Furthermore, the stitches, the down comforter, and the fabrics are in good condition after using it for many months. The feathers don’t poke out at all because we never had a trace of tiny or big feathers on our bodies. We are super excited about this comforter.

You wouldn’t have any reason to regret buying the FAVRIQ down comforter.

Final Verdict 9.5

The FAVRIQ Luxurious All Season Queen Size Down Comforter deserves all the scores given in this review. The fantastic thing about this comforter is that it’s suitable for any season. It’s tough to find a down comforter that will regulate your body temperature well in different weather conditions.

With this comforter’s quality, you would be able to use it for many years to come depending on how you can care for it.

You shouldn’t expect any significant flaw from the product except the little noises from the down filling, which is not a big deal. You may not even notice the sound when you slide in bed or toss while sleeping.

Stop searching for a better down comforter. This is the best you can get in the market at such a fair price tag!

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Does the down comforter feel too hot in winter or fall?
The FAVRIQ down comforter is an all-season comforter that keeps you warm and cold perfectly.

Is this product machine washable?
You can wash it in the machine, but we don’t advise you do this often to prolong the life span of the down filling and the cover fabric.

Does the comforter come with a separate cover?
It doesn’t come with a separate cover, but you can purchase it. It’s advisable to use a duvet cover to protect it from dirt and reduce the laundry times.

What’s the total weight of this down comforter?
On arrival, the down comforter weighs 2.2 pounds.

Will the Queen size down comforter fit my King size bed?
Yes! The Queen size comforter will cover your entire King size bed, but it won’t overhang from the sides of your bed.

9.5 Total Score

Wrinkle Free
Value for Money
  • Affordable
  • Ultra soft outer layer
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable
  • Slightly warm for summer
  • Limited size options
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