ELINEN Cotton Polyester Blend Sheets

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Just a few trusted brands out there truly offer high-quality cotton polyester blend sheets. Some are either more cotton than polyester or the other way round. However, ELINEN cotton polyester blend sheets are known across boards as a high-quality product of both fabrics. Yes, every sheet brand claims to offer consumers the perfect fitting and most comfortable bedspreads. How do you tell the real deal from brands with little or nothing to offer?

Clearly, you do not have the luxury of time to try out every cotton-polyester brand. Not to worry, we’ve got it covered. This review on ELINEN blend bedspread is based on first-hand experience and ratings from verified brand users. Let’s get started; there’s quite a lot to cover.


This ELINEN bedspread is specially designed using ultra-fine cotton-rich percale. The percale is often used in cotton-rich beddings, which provides ultimate comfort and relaxation. Aside from this ELINEN piece, only a few cotton-polyester beddings are skin-friendly. The majority have poor woven design finishing that leaves a coarse feeling on the skin. With the hypoallergenic feature in these spreads, be sure to have a safe and sound sleep at all times.

ELINEN cotton-polyester blend sheets are breathable and ensure you wake up feeling refreshed. This easy-to-clean and fast-drying spread makes washing and drying done without stress. Wonder how that’s possible? Polyester beddings have fast-drying features, while cotton spreads absorb the soap solution for a quick wash. A combination of these properties makes this ELINEN bedspread easy-to-clean and dry.

Looking for sheets suitable for all bed sizes and ages, then look in this direction. ELINEN is the perfect brand for your family size bed, kids’ bed, bunk beds, and all sizes. They also come in great designs, depending on your style and taste.


  • Affordable
  • Minimal Shrinking rate
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Skin-friendly & Hypoallergenic compatible


  • Limited choice of color

What Are ELINEN Cotton Polyester Made Of?

The ELINEN blend sheets are made from processed cotton and polyester fabrics. For safety, the materials are then screened in Green by OEKO-TEX. This is a product-test routine for harmful substances in fabric materials.

Our ELINEN Cotton Polyester Blend Sheets Review

It is important to mention that these reviews and ratings are from our experience and are, therefore, subjective. Of course, asides from personal preferences, you will enjoy the sheets as much as you handle and care for them.

Notwithstanding, with a little knowledge of how to care for microfiber fabric, and a little help from the accompanying manual, you will get a good grasp on how to care for these sheets. Concerns such as handling, usage are adequately addressed.

To ensure a full understanding of this product, we will get all the reviews from different angles.

Comfort (8.1/10)

When on the search for a new bedspread, the top feature on our list is often comfort. Of course, the only reason anyone should get sheets aside from their design is to derive comfort. The ELINEN blend spreads offer the market with a product that provides maximum comfort at all times. Its breathable and ultra-fine cotton-rich feature ensures you get a comfortable sleep all night long.

This ELINEN masterpiece has a fair fraction of microfiber in its composition, which brings about softness on the sheets. With this product brand, you get a snuggly fitted finish after laying in your bed. This is possible due to the deep pocket feature of a few extra inches on all sides of the sheets. Rating from these features and comfort experienced with the bedspreads, the ELINEN sheets deserve a good 8.1 score.

Quality (8.0/10)

Highly rich in cotton, this bedspread exhibits good quality and lasts a long time. These sheets are specifically designed with high microfiber to ensure they don’t get damaged easily. Unlike other competitive brands, ELINEN spreads are designed with environment-friendly dyes that have high-resistance for fading. From experience and ratings with verified users, this brand gets an 8.0 for maintaining its color over a long period.

These sheets come with an anti-dust woven design that prevents dust from sticking on the spreads. You don’t have to worry much about washing the sheets due to dust particles with this feature. The fabric leaves a slightly crisp feeling on the body that connotes taste and class. As you glide your palms through the finishing, you can tell the difference between a quality bedspread and one with a lesser feel.

ECO-score (6.0/10)

Who considers environmentally-friendly fabric before the global awareness of fashion brands started? Truthfully, no one! We honestly just want clothes or fabrics in vogue, styled, and comfortable. Brands like ELINEN now ensure most products produced for the public’s consumption are eco-friendly. Sadly, this isn’t one of those products made from 100% renewable sources of energy. This is why we rate its eco-score by a fair 6.0.

Some may wonder about the connection between a night of sound sleep and Earth depletion. Well, for now, everything and anything counts even to the littlest detail. A fraction of the manufacturing process of these sheets contains eco-friendly materials. These materials help the sheets last longer.

Cooling (7.7/10)

Cotton, as we know, is a material that allows easy passage of air due to its composition. This is why cotton fabrics are the best breathable options for bedspreads in your home. However, a combination of cotton and polyester like in this product reduces the breathability level. For these reasons and information from verified users, the cooling rating has to be a reasonably good 7.7.

ELINEN cotton-polyester beddings also absorb body heat while you lay down. Unlike bedspreads made from polyester materials, these sheets do not cause much heat while you sleep. They offer an excellent cooling system that ensures you have a cool crisp night rest. To get the perfect refresh feeling off this bedspread, try sun-dry it after use before laying it again.

The sun’s heat immediately takes out the sweat particles absorbed by the beddings, leaving it fresh and cool. This technique works perfectly for these spreads, and we’ve had several comments from verified users.

Easy Maintenance (8.4/10)

I’m sure, at a point, everyone struggles with the routine of maintaining their beddings. We often feel it’s sometimes too much work to have to sun-dry, wash, and dry all over again. Well, if it’s too much work, then try sleeping directly on your mattress and see how fun that gets. Interestingly, this ELINEN product comes with an easy-to-wash and dry fabric layout. We explained the combination of cotton and polyester and how these sheets are easy to maintain.

Due to how easy it is to get dust particles and stains off the sheets, we’d rate its maintenance level by 8.4. Depending on how neat your room is and your city’s humidity level, it’s not expected that you wash this spread immediately after use. By spreading it on the line for a few hours to get off the sweat and stiffness of the night, you’re good to go.

This bed sheet brand doesn’t need special chemicals for the wash. Your regular warm water and a mild detergent are enough to get rid of the stains.

Final Verdict 7.6

The ratings on each factor above is the average of the reviews collated by active users of these beddings. You can be sure to make your next decision based on every fact and ratings assigned to each factor. This brand meets the expectations of many ranging from quality, comfort, eco-score, breathability level, etc. Users of these sheets have testified to the softness, cooling feature, dust-resistance, and pocket-friendly factors as claimed.

If you’re a lover of thick bedspreads, you might not find these sheets comfortable. They may come to you as being extra light than normal. However, having a bedspread that perfectly fits all weather conditions would be the most economical choice when making a purchase. ELINEN cotton-polyester offers just that with its moderately hard texture. One smart way we’ve kept the ELINEN sheets last so long is by using them interchangeably with a duvet or an extra spread.

Our final verdict will be a 7.6 due to a few negative reviews from other users who felt the sheets never met their expectations.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

What Is The Difference Between Cotton-polyester And Cotton-rich Spreads?
Cotton-rich spreads are made from 100% cotton fabrics, while cotton-polyester is a perfect blend of both fabrics.

What Is The Pocket Size of These Sheets?
A little beyond 16 inches, yet wide enough to fit perfectly into all bed sizes.

What Weather Condition Is Best For This Bedspread?
Unlike other selective spread fabrics, cotton-polyester spreads are suitable for all weather conditions.

How Do I Get Rid Of Oil Stains On The Spreads?
Note that they are not prone to absorbing oil stains because of the polyester factor in these bedspreads. The stains would mostly remain at the surface, which soaking for a few minutes would wipe off.

What Is The Lifespan Of This Product?
Like any clothing material, this product’s longevity is determined by how well it is maintained.

7.6 Total Score

  • Affordable
  • Minimal Shrinking rate
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Skin-friendly & Hypoallergenic compatible
  • Limited choice of color
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