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To some consumers, it’s only high thread count or nothing, while others believe in low thread count and others are in between; anyone is perfect for them.

Which of these categories of consumers are you?

Anyway, we aren’t going to tell you if the high thread count is better than low thread count or if thread count doesn’t matter at all. Remember, many other factors made up a great sheet and not just the thread count alone.

We are here today to review a sheet set with high thread count, though we will look at other factors, too, and say if they are an excellent sheet for you to buy or not.

What’s elegant about Elegant Comfort Luxurious 1500 Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Let’s see!


Elegant Comfort Luxurious 1500 Egyptian Cotton Sheets enjoys fine, long, and healthy Egyptian cotton that is carefully woven. The sheets are produced to be softer than other cotton sheets and more potent than silk.

The manufacturers made the sheets exceptional for their consumers’ comfort by using 1500 thread count to make them the softest sheets ever. These sheets could be taken for bamboo sheets in terms of softness.

Many brands are out there that offer comfortable sheets, no doubt, but Elegant Comfort’s mission is to provide all and sundry the most affordable and comfortable sheets.

These sheets didn’t cost up to $30 when we ordered ours for this review. We got the sheet packaged in a fancy transparent bag that we could always use to keep them intact when they are not in use.

There is a fully elasticized fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases in our set. Although we ordered the gray queen size, the sheets are still available in other beautiful twenty-two colors and various sizes like; King, Full, Twin XL, Twin, and California King.

You can order yours in any of the options above.

Below are the other things we found out about these sheets;


  • Luxuriously soft
  • Fade and wrinkle-resistant
  • Very affordable
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Classic design


  • Limited size option

What Are Elegant Comfort Luxurious 1500 Egyptian Cotton Sheets Made of?

The Elegant Comfort Luxurious 1500 Egyptian Cotton Sheets are fashioned with Egyptian cotton yarns and breathable weave that are antimicrobial. The sheets repel mites, mildew, and allergens.

The sateen weave on these fabrics makes them shine slightly, adding to the sheets’ gorgeous look.

Another essential aspect of the fabrics is the huge thread count – 1500. That’s so huge for a cotton sheet. Already cotton sheets are soft but not extreme, but with 1500 thread count, the sheets will be softer than an ordinary cotton sheet.

The significant determinants of a sheets’ performance are the properties, which are the fiber, weave, and thread count. All these parts contribute to these sheets soft and smooth feel plus durability.

We are giving a profound revelation on these sheets in the next section.

Our Elegant Comfort Luxurious 1500 Egyptian Cotton Sheets Review

Here is the full review of these sheets, according to our trustworthy reviewers. After testing these sheets for months, they score and give conclusions about the product’s performance and values.

Take note of the following information carefully before making your decision on this sheet set.

Comfort (8.8/10)

We got the great sheets at a low price that one would think they may be cheap in value too. Each piece is suitable for its function. The pillowcases are not overly spacious or small. The fitted sheet is also fully elasticized and stays neatly on the bed throughout the night, with no popping or sliding off issue. The flat sheet is as well generous and fits our 16-inch mattress.

The fabrics are super soft, thanks to its thread count. Sleeping on this sheet is so comfortable and sweet. We noticed that the sheets repel dust mites whenever they come in contact. They don’t irritate the skin or scratch on sensitive skin.

This is the first low budget sheet we got that is so blessed with many benefits.

Note that we washed the sheets before using them, and they didn’t have annoying wrinkles, didn’t lose the thread, or fade, even up till now. We have been using the sheets for more than three months now, and everything about the fabric is still great.

Since we note all details, we observed one good thing about these sheets; they are resistant to stain. That’s a blessing to many ladies if you understand what I mean. The fitted sheet had a visitor from me, the blood fairy that drops by every month, but the sheets repel the stain instantly after one wash. Unlike many sheets we have tested in the past, they have the spot forever when they get stained.

We also love how the sheets make us fall asleep once we hit our head on the pillow.

If you have difficulty sleeping easily, these are the best choices for you. These outstanding benefits boosted our love for the sheet, making them deserve the 8.8.

Quality (9.5/10)

These sheets’ qualities are exceptional; even though they are soft, they still have a thick feel in touch. Thanks to the long-staple Egyptian cotton for their great thickness. After washing them several times, they didn’t shrink, stiff, or ripe.

Some sheets get shrunk after a few washing, and it will be so frustrating to lay them on the bed since they won’t fit anymore. These sheets don’t belong to that list of sheets at all. They are fantastic, like high-end sheets.

We once used bleach to see the outcome of their quality, but the bleach has no adverse effect on them. This means the sheets will be able to withstand the test of time.

If you need a set of sheets that you can use for some years, this is a good one.

Frankly, these sheets need more than 9.5.

ECO-Score (9.0/10)

Elegant Comfort is not only focused on offering affordable and quality beddings, but they also care for consumers’ health.

These sheets are made from healthy materials at the processing, manufacturing, and packaging stage. There’s nothing to fear about the sheets. From our experience with these sheets, we don’t have any negative observations for these aspects. Generally, healthy sheets have more tendencies to be a durable product. Little wonder, these sheets are durable.

They have 9.0 out of 10 from us. Don’t thank us but for the sheets.

Cooling (7.7/10)

If you live in a warm state or plan to visit one soon, let this be a must-have in your luggage. We could say this boldly because we were in a warm state when we tested these sheets, and all we needed badly then was a very cool sheet; thank goodness we got these.

The softness of the fabric has another noticeable impact on this aspect and the sateen weave pattern.

The ventilated weave on these sheets will make you sleep well and likewise resist sweat if at all you sweat. You would definitely find yourself sleeping better every day.

Easy Maintenance (8.6/10)

First, note that you should not expose these sheets to any form of heat. No hot water, no hot machine or dryer, and don’t iron them with high temperature. Doing that will make them weak over time and lose their quality.

We wash them in cold water and tumble dry them at low temperatures but remove them immediately to keep them wrinkle-free and smooth.

The sheets don’t tear or weaken after many months of use and wash.

We can say they get better with time, hence the 8.6 scores for this aspect.

Final Verdict 8.7

Overall, these sheets have gotten a good score from us, 8.7. Not so many affordable sheets can give you an overall benefit that these sheets offer. Some will provide you with quality and lag in breathability and comfort, while some will only lag on the quality aspect. Some sheets don’t get a 5.0 score out of 10 in all the important areas.

We don’t know what you want from a sheet to label it a great sheet, but we know that these are a perfect choice. You will get all the benefits you need from this product at a low price tag.

Without mincing words, hurry up and make your decision about these sheets. You would never regret giving them to yourself, friends, family, or a newly wedded couple.

[FAQ’s] Consumer questions & answers

What’s the remarkable thing about higher thread count?
Thread count means the total number of vertical and horizontal threads in a square inch. The unique thing about higher thread count is that they make the fabric softer with time and durable. That means the 1500 thread count in this fabric will offer you better values.

Are these Egyptian cotton sheets worth the money?
Usually, Egyptian cotton sheets are more expensive because they last longer and become more durable with time. The thread count and weave of an Egyptian sheet will also determine their values. Besides that, Egyptian cotton sheets are resistant to pilling; they absorb color dyes quickly and get softer than other sheets. Also, they are eco-friendly.

Do these sheets repel bed bugs?
These bedsheets repel mites, and that means they will repel bed bugs too.

How long can I use these sheets?
These sheets get better after every wash. If you can maintain them correctly by avoiding heat, you should use them for many years.

8.7 Total Score

  • Luxuriously soft
  • Fade and wrinkle-resistant
  • Very affordable
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
  • Classic design
  • Limited size option
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