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Percale cotton is what everyone’s talking about in the world of bedding. Aside from being breathable and comfy to sleep in, this is a weave that provides some of the most durable sheets in the market. Today we’ll talk about another percale cotton set that we had to purchase after reading thousands of great reviews online.

Scroll down to read the entire Eddie Bauer Home Percale Cotton Sheets review and see if these sheets will be the next thing to go in your shopping bag.


Your online shopping experience is about to get less complicated thanks to our detailed review. But first, let’s check out the biggest pros and cons of these cotton sheets set:


  • Beautiful prints
  • Soft
  • 100% percale cotton


  • Not available in solid colors
  • 200 thread count
  • Fabric feels thin

What are Eddie Bauer Home Percale Cotton Sheets Made of?

The beautiful Eddie Bauer Home cotton sheets are made of 100% cotton. These are percale sheets, which is a type of weave commonly used in the production of cotton sheets. It took us a little time to figure out the exact thread count of the weave, so we wish the manufacturer would list this very important characteristic in the description. Eventually, we found out that this set is made of 200 thread count percale cotton, single ply.

The Eddie Bauer Home Percale Cotton sheets come in only four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. If you are looking for anything outside of this size chart, you’ll need to find another alternative. All of the sets include a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The only size that comes with one pillowcase is the Twin. Unfortunately, the brand does not have an option for you to purchase only pillowcases without buying the entire set. In case you were wondering, all the pillowcases are made in Standard size, except the ones in the King set, which are made in a King size.

One of the things you’ll probably notice before buying a set of these sheets is that they only come in prints, no solid colors. You can choose your favorite from the twelve options, mostly done in colors such as white, black, blue, and grey. We really love how innovative and pretty the patterns are. The best thing about this selection is that there is a little something for everyone. Whether it’s a cool plaid print for your bedroom or a more vibrant kayak print for the kids’ room, these patterns are a breath of fresh air. They would definitely be amazing for your mountain cabin, boat, or a gift for one of your grandkids, nieces, or nephews.

Our Eddie Bauer Home Percale Cotton Sheets review

Take a look at how this fabric performed in terms of tensile, shear, thermal conductivity, and more before we continue to our personal experience and opinion.

Comfort (7.6/10)

The crisp and sturdy feel is a well-known feature of percale cotton. What surprised us the most is that these sheets are more on the soft side and feel so smooth when you touch them. And we have to admit that it was a pleasant surprise.

Although we love that crisp and cool feeling, we also appreciate it when we can snuggle in soft, comfy bedding without having to wait for them to become softer in time.

What’s even better, the sheets became softer the more we washed them. The surface is very soft to the touch and feels gentle to the skin. They have a matte finish and feel buttery to lay on. It’s like they have a slight note of sateen weave to their finish.

If you move around in bed a lot, expect these sheets to move too. The comfy experience was ruined when we felt the fitted sheet slipping off the mattress. Although the fit is great once you put on the sheets, they tend to slip and slide during the night. This didn’t happen every single night, but it did happen often. Maybe if it was once or twice, we wouldn’t have bothered. But, since it kept happening more than we would want it to, we had to share it with everyone interested in buying the sheets. A fitted sheet that comes off the mattress is one of the worst nightmares that can completely ruin the comfort of a good night’s sleep.

To help us create an even more accurate grade, we went even more in-depth, researching several fabric features. To round up the comfort score, we used a grade of 7.3 for tensile, 7.9 for shear, and 7.7 for smoothness. Together, these three make a 7.6 out of 10. It’s not too bad, but it’s not the best score either. All we can say, we did feel comfortable sleeping on the sheets, but we wish they stayed put on the mattress.

Quality (6.8/10)

This is an excellent set of sheets to get when you want to elevate your bedding ensemble. The prints are so chic, and they will upgrade even the simplest, minimalist bedrooms.

One of the downsides we have to mention is that the fabric feels a little too thin. We could easily see through the material, even though it’s patterned. Despite the thin appearance, it still looked the same after being thrown in the washer for many weeks.

There is a slight mismatch in color from the pictures that are advertised online. It’s just a tiny difference, but it might mean a lot if you’re seeking a specific shade to fit your bedroom décor. What’s great about these percale cotton sheets is that the color did not fade at all, even after months of use.

Pricewise, we feel like these sets should come at a lower price point. We’re happy with the overall experience, but it just doesn’t add up when comparing the price to the quality. For a low thread count of 200, these sheets are slightly more expensive than other similar alternatives.

Honestly, the Eddie Bauer sheets fell a little short in the quality department, hence the score of 6.8 out of 10.

ECO-Score (8.0/10)

When it comes to production, Eddie Bauer Home does not give too much information. What we could find is that the sheets are produced in India. However, the company does not disclose what kind of factories they are manufactured in and whether those factories have any sustainable or eco-friendly certifications.

We can say for sure that cotton is a biodegradable, naturally-grown material that is more sustainable than human-made fabrics.

Although they weren’t made of the best cotton out there, in our opinion, the bedsheets will still last for quite a while. Cotton is a durable material, meaning you won’t have to purchase a new set of sheets for many years. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to give the set an ECO-score of 8.0.

Cooling (7.0/10)

Percale cotton is a breathable material that should keep you cool during hot nights and keep you warm during cold nights. Although we had high expectations for their cooling properties, we have to say we feel a little disappointed.

Our Eddie Bauer Home Percale Cotton sheets review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about breathability. The way a set of sheets acts during the night is significant. Since so many people tend to sleep hot, they want percale cotton bedding to keep them neutral. The Eddie Bauer Home set is good at keeping you cool, but when the temperatures are high, you might find yourself feeling a little too hot.

Breathability was not an issue during cold nights. The sheets provided a neutral environment that was just the perfect space to sleep and rest. Even though the fabric feels thin, we would recommend the sheets for people who are not hot sleepers and live in cold climates.

We couldn’t draw a final cooling score without mentioning three very important characteristics of the fabric. After doing our research, we rated these sheets’ thermal conductivity with 6.2, thickness 7.4 out of 10, and weight 9 out of 10. This helped us form a grade of 7.0, that better explains our overall experience.

Easy Maintenance (8.0/10)

Percale sheets, in general, are very easy to take care of. These did not disappoint. Wrinkles are expected, so don’t let that come as a surprise. Just like any other set of cotton sheets, these will need ironing if you don’t like seeing creases.

Eddie Bauer Home recommends that you machine wash the percale sheets. Set the washer to a cold, delicate cycle, and separate the sheets from the rest of your clothing. Remember to take them out of the washer once the cycle is done. That is how you’ll make sure that there are fewer wrinkles.

Drying is pretty simple, as well. Tumble dry them on low or air dry them. Don’t wait for the cycle to be entirely over. Take them out before it’s done. And, don’t use high heat, it will cause more creases and wrinkles. When washing the sheets, you shouldn’t use bleach.

Although all these instructions are easy to follow, the set still comes out wrinkly and might need some ironing. If you’re not bothered with this appearance, fold them gently, or place them on the mattress. A part of the creases will disappear since the Eddie Bauer Home percale cotton sheets have a tight fit.

Final verdict 7.5

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Time to wrap things up and deliver the overall score.
Let’s start with the price, which we feel is a little too high for the quality that you’re getting. If the brand ever decides to discount their percale sheets, we’ll be the first to buy.

The maintenance process is simple, but if you can’t stand seeing wrinkles, this set might not be the right purchase for you. Remember, cotton is a fabric that wrinkles, but it’s durable, which makes up for most cons. You’ll definitely feel comfortable sleeping on it, but expect the fitted sheet to slip off the mattress from time to time.

When it comes to breathability, we felt like the set could do a better job. We couldn’t get all the details about how and in what kind of factory the sheets are manufactured. What we know is that cotton bedding will last you for a long time, and you won’t have to repurchase a new set often.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the final score! Our honest grade is 7.5 out of 10. After considering all these different features, we would repurchase the Eddie Bauer Home Percale Cotton sheets whenever we need to elevate our bedroom’s look. We feel like these would be a great fit for a guest room, a gift for kids, a vacation house, or a mountain cabin. A 7.5 is not bad at all, especially when you consider the fact that our favorite set of percale sheets got a score of 8.0.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Do the sheets have deep pockets?
Yes, the Eddie Bauer Home Percale Cotton sheets have 15-inch deep pockets and will fit mattresses with a depth that goes up to 18 inches.

Can I buy extra pillowcases?
Unfortunately, Eddie Bauer Home does not offer the option to buy extra pillowcases.

Will the sheets wrinkle?
Yes, these are 100% percale cotton sheets that wrinkle. If you follow the washing and drying instructions, you’ll see fewer wrinkles, but they might still require ironing.

Is the fitted sheet elasticized?
The fitted sheet features an all-over elastic hem to better fit your mattress.

7.5 Total Score

  • Beautiful prints
  • Soft
  • 100% percale cotton
  • Not available in solid colors
  • 200 thread count
  • Fabric feels thin
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