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DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheets are a premium quality sheet manufactured by DAPU stores. Of course, you guessed that right. The brand is known for delivering on promises and producing high-quality products. With DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheets, they’ve not done any less. Several years of existence and top-notch customer satisfaction has enabled DAPU stores to gather enough customer loyalty, which is broadly seen in the customer review on this product.

Despite this glaring praise for DAPU stores and their products, we decided to give a go at an experience before writing a review. We found out a couple of interesting tidbits that will help you make an informed decision about a purchase. From our experience and several other reviews that we found online, here’s what we found out.


DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheets rank 11, 525th in the best sellers rank for Home and Kitchen. While this might look like a bad position, you should remember the grading for all household materials. That is a perfect spot to be in, seeing as it ranks number 60 in Bed Pillow Pillowcases.

This sheet is made from 100% French flax from Normandy, known globally for premium quality and incredible softness. You should understand that these flax fibers were naturally grown and processed without chemicals or additives and processed in an eco-friendly way. The mainstay employed in manufacturing this sheet, as advertised by DAPU, involves exquisite tailoring, excellent material, and impeccable craftsmanship. We have every reason to believe that to be correct.

A complete package of king-sized DAPU pure stone washed linen sheets contains 1 110” x 102” flat sheet, 1 78” x 80” fitted sheet, and 2 20” x 30” pillowcases. With this elegant, luxurious piece of bedding, you get all the value for your money – even if you have to dig the $145.99 out of your pocket. Don’t be surprised if you ask yourself why you’ve gone all your life without linen sheets.


  • Made from 100% French flax
  • 16” deep with a 3600 elastic edge
  • 30 days’ return policy
  • Affordable
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Limited choice of colors
  • It does not have an accompanying care guide instructions

What are DAPU Pure Stone Washed Linen Sheets Made of?

DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheet is made from organically grown French flax. The nursing, harvesting, and processing of these fibers employs eco-friendly and socially responsible methods. This sheet is different from other linen sheets in that, while it gets softer with consistent wash like every other, it is double brushed. This means that both sides of the sheet have the same level of softness and provide the same comfort.

Our DAPU Pure Stone Washed Linen Sheets Review

It is important to note that these reviews and scoring systems are entirely based on our experience, which is relatively subjective. Nonetheless, asides from personal preferences, you will enjoy the sheets as much as you follow consistent care and proper handling routine.

Generally, there are several benefits to owning a linen sheet. Just in case you didn’t know, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture while still keeping you dry and warm. Even at that, there are intricate details that you need to know about linen sheets before you buy them. Mostly, these differences depend on the brand, which is why we have provided a detailed review of different aspects of DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheet.

Comfort (9.0/10)

If you wake up in a cold sweat, feeling sticky and uncomfortable, DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheets are the solution to that. After going through a closet full of different bed sheets, I know that linen is thicker than cotton and has more superior qualities. Of course, it is more durable, and unlike others, it does not break down easily even though it gets softer with every wash. This peculiar comfort obtained from this sheet is primarily attributed to its high-quality flax.

It is generally known that flax organically grown in Normandy, France, produces some of the best and comfy linen sheets. But without leaving that to chance, I know from using this sheet that this product’s exquisite weaving process ensures it has a cozy feel – so good to slide in and just relax. DAPU stores also confirmed the general truth that linen has an absorbency rate of 20%. While I’m a known night sweater, I enjoyed my sleep because, surprisingly, the sheets remained dry while wicking away sweat. Best believe I’m keeping this sheet on my bed all year long.

Unanimously, we agreed that a score of 9.0 in comfort is best suited for DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheets.

Quality (9.3/10)

As advertised, the material used in making DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheets is lightweight, soft, thick, and comfortable. At first, I was skeptical about taking that information as just advertising hogwash, but it turned out to be true. Having stated that DAPU stores are known for high-quality products, it didn’t just happen in a day. It is an accumulated result of years of practice.

You will be happy, as I was, to realize this sheet is stonewashed to produce a sleek and glossy surface, with a soft feel to touch. Furthermore, to dissuade every concern that I and some other customers might have, there is an Oeko-Tex certification, proof that this sheet is free from chemicals and toxic substances. Additionally, the sheets have a deep 16” pocket and a 360o elastic edge, ensuring that it drapes neatly and snugly on mattresses. Care for comfort and ease? Try out DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheets. A score of 9.3 is justified, don’t you think?

ECO Score (8.5/10)

With an increasing need to sustain our ailing planet, it is no shock that customers are concerned about how environmentally sustainable their purchases are. In this session, with a score of 8.5, we considered the manufacturing process of linen fibers, as published by the company. More importantly, we considered the overall maintenance routine of DAPU stonewashed linen sheets.

The entire process of growing and processing flax fibers is 100% organic and does not require much water resources or other energy sources. Additionally, linen is biodegradable and recyclable, information that will delight an environmentally conscious customer. Nonetheless, the dyes used in coloring these linen sheets might have subtle negative impacts on the environment. So, while you stick to the instructions on the care guide, ensure to dispose of this sheet appropriately.

Cooling (8.8/10)

Experience from test running DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheets has assured me that linen sheets remain the best option for a relaxed sleep because of its increased airflow and moisture-wicking abilities. Yes, mark those words. Due to the absorbency rate of linen, DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheets can absorb about 20% of its weight in moisture – including your sweat – while still keeping you cool and comfy. Interestingly, this also doubles to mean that you will be cool in warm temperatures and warm when it gets chilly.

Although, DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheet does not use a unique mélange weave like most high-quality linen sheets, which would reduce its breathability considerably.

Easy Maintenance (7.9/10)

Pay close attention to the care guide of every linen sheet. Well, you should pay attention to the care manual of any sheet. Regardless, depending on the brand, there are usually specific instructions for the care and handling of linen sheets. For DAPU pure stonewashed sheets, you must either hand wash or use a gentle cycle on the machine. A mistake of compression hand washing cost me the first set of sheets. Additionally, you can tumble dry the sheets but in temperatures not exceeding 80oc. Also, the sheets might form creases and wrinkles, so be prepared for extra ironing time.

Notwithstanding, if you closely follow all the instructions on the care guide, you won’t have any difficulties with your sheet.

Final Verdict (8.7/10)

Through each of the sessions discussed, you’d see that there are both benefits and downsides to owning a DAPU pure stonewashed linen sheet. But, the benefits outweigh the downsides. We were able to conclude at a final verdict of 8.7 unanimously. It is important to state that the reviews were not based on a single individual’s experience but from a broad spectrum of varying opinions.

With a perfect vintage look that never fades and blends smoothly into your bedroom and living area, we believe this is an investment worth making if you will.

Consumer Questions and Answers

What is the pocket size of this sheet?
This sheet has a 16” deep pocket size and will fit any mattress with that depth dimension.

How thick are the flat and fitted sheets?
Both the flat and fitted sheets have the same thickness but can be layered in winter for warmth.

Are the sheets dryable in the dryer?
Yes. Linen sheets can be tumble dried, although at low temperatures.

What is the thread count?
Mostly, thread count is used as a measure for cotton sheets. Notwithstanding, this product has a 108 thread count.

Why is linen fabric expensive?
This is a result of the combined peculiar qualities of linen sheets. But, you get a good value for your money, that’s more important.

8.7 Total Score

  • Made from 100% French flax
  • 16” deep with a 3600 elastic edge
  • 30 days’ return policy
  • Affordable
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Limited choice of colors
  • It does not have an accompanying care guide instructions
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