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Have you ever had a rodent infestation in your home or office? Do you remember the disgust and fright you felt every time you spotted a rat or mouse running across the room? Rodents can make your life a living hell, especially if guests come over before you can get a hold of the situation. They can destroy relationships because these little and annoying creatures are associated with poor hygiene. If you notice a rodent problem, you should purchase products to help you get rid of them immediately. Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray is one of the products to consider.

How does Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray work? Is it effective? Well, this natural product contains peppermint oil that is revered for getting rid of rodents. The spray has been in the market for some time now, and many people have used it. To help make an informed decision, we will look at its pros and cons, solely based on our experience with the product.


Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray is specifically designed to repel mice, rats, and other rodents from your office, house, garage, and other areas. It is safe for indoor and outdoor use because it is made of non-poisonous and non-toxic plant-based ingredients. The product works by irritating these pets and forcing them to look for more habitable living conditions outside your home or office. Besides, it has a good scent that most people love. With a few sprays every few days, you will eliminate these pesky pests.


  • Non-toxic and safe for children and pets
  • Nice scent
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting


  • Quite expensive
  • Results are not permanent

What is Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray Made of?

Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray is made of 100% natural peppermint oil. This oil irritates the rodents and forces them to move away from your home, office, garage, car, or even garden. When you use the spray, the rodents become confused but may not flee yet. Repeated spraying irritates them more and causes them to worry. Within a few days of repeated spraying, they feel threatened, so they run away and seek shelter and food elsewhere. A bottle of this spray contains 32 ounces of peppermint oil. Once the pests are gone, you should still use the spray regularly to keep them away.

Our Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray review

Before exploring the best and worst features of Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray, we must alert you that our opinions, scores, and feelings are subjective. They will be based on our experience using Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray. Other people who have used this product may not share the sentiments expressed in this review, and we respect their opinions. Our attention will be on the spray’s scent, thickness, ease of use, effectiveness, and value for money. We strongly believe that our experience will assist you in deciding whether this spray is a wise purchase.

Scent (8.6/10)

Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray is very friendly to the human nose. We first ordered this mouse and rodent repellent because we noticed a few rats in our garage, which is detached from the main house. Our biggest worry was the rodents gaining access to the living quarters. We needed a product that could prevent these pesky creatures from entering the house and, at the same time, get rid of them from the garage. We went all out and purchased a couple of bottles of this spray after watching an online ad. When our order was delivered, we immediately sprayed the house, and one of the things that caught our attention was the pleasant smell the spray had.

Although the minty smell was quite different from the air freshener we usually use, everyone in our house loved it. Our dogs did not seem to mind it either. They went about their business as usual, and we did not note any change in their behavior. Our daughter, who enjoys mint candy, sprayed her room. Unfortunately, she overdid it, and the smell became a little overwhelming. However, all we had to do was open all windows and doors to allow more fresh air inside. We also put on the fans, and the overpowering minty scent was gone in no time.

Thickness (7.4/10)

Since we already had a couple of bottles and did not know how much was enough, we must admit that we were quite generous with the spraying, especially in the garage. When using our first bottle, we noticed that the spray nozzle did not work very well. Initially, it released the product in a fine stream that had relatively good coverage. However, this did not last long. After a few sprays, the liquid just flowed on my hands and was a mess to apply.

We attributed the mess to the thickness of the product rather than the quality of the spray nozzle because oil is denser than liquids like water and vinegar. We shook the product well and changed the spray nozzle, and everything seemed fine again.

Unfortunately, the second bottle behaved the same, and it became frustrating to keep changing the nozzle. We must advise you that shaking the product well before spraying helps a lot, but it is not guaranteed that the spray will come out in a flawless stream whenever you press the spray nozzle.

Once sprayed, the product tends to form small puddles of a water-like substance, so it is important to spray in areas where children and pets do not walk or play as they could slip and fall. If using the spray inside the house, it is better to spray on the baseboards, under the sinks, inside crevices, and on window sills rather than directly on the floor.

Ease of Use (8.8/10)

Although Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray’s thickness was pretty disappointing, it was pretty easy to use. The packaging was decent and ready-to-use. All we had to do was remove from the box and start spraying away. The spray nozzle was already secured on the bottle. We simply squeezed the trigger on the nozzle attachment, and the product came out in a smooth stream.

The only little detail we noted was that the nozzle was not too secure, so we had to keep adjusting it to point to the target area. If you are not careful, you may end up spraying a surface that you did not intend.

Effectiveness (8.0/10)

We must admit that we expected stellar results from this product because the advertisement we watched claimed so. However, the results did not quite meet this expectation. Since we used it in both the house and the detached garage, we can say that it helped keep the unwanted rodents away from the main house. We are yet to see any rodents in the house up to now.

However, the garage has a different tale to tell. We sprayed this product very generously, including inside the cars, under the hoods, and directly on the engines. We sprayed up to four times a day because we were desperate to get rid of these pesky pests. During the first fortnight of using Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray, we got impressive results. The rodents fled for their dear lives, and we could even spend a little time there without worrying that a rat would climb on our clothes.

We continued using the product for three more weeks, and we loved the results. We finally had our old garage back, and we even did some repair work on the things that they had already chewed up. We took our cars for deep cleaning and even had professional cleaners work on the garage.

We celebrated the elimination of these rodents and thought the battle was over for a very long time. Sadly, we celebrated prematurely and let our guard down. We stopped spraying the garage. A few weeks later, we spotted two rats running up and down. You can imagine the horror.

We did not know that we had to rely on this spray every day to eliminate the rodents effectively. We only realized this through experience. In the product description, the manufacturer states that you need to use this product frequently to prevent rodents from returning to your property or office. We had overlooked this information.

Value for Money (7.7/10)

While testing Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray, we felt that the product was worth our money and even recommended it to our friends and relatives. However, we had a change of heart after the rodents reappeared in our garage. We now feel that the product is not as effective as we would have wanted it to be. Besides, the thickness of the spray makes it score lower in the value for money.

We are still using the spray to keep rats and mice at bay in the main house because we had already bought several bottles. However, we will not be placing another order because it does not meet our needs.

Final Verdict 8.1

Although Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray scored relatively well in terms of scent and ease of use, it did not leave a pleasant feeling in our hearts. The thickness was less than impressive, and its effectiveness was limited to reliance on the product for an unspecified period.

Due to these reasons, we gave it an overall score of 8.1/10. We hope that the manufacturer reviews the product and develops a long term rodent control solution in the future.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Can I use Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray on upholstered furniture
No, you should not spray on your upholstered furniture. Although Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray is made of 100% natural peppermint oil, you do not want to risk staining your expensive furniture. Besides, the upholstery could absorb the peppermint smell, and this could take very long to dissipate.

What are the exact ingredients in Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray?
Colton’s Natural Mouse Repellent Spray is made with 100% natural peppermint essential oil, according to the product description.

Is this spray similar to Colton’s Pest and Insect repellent?
No, it is not the same product. Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray is specifically designed to repel mice, rats, and other rodents. On the other hand, Colton’s Pest and Insect repellent is a different formulation that helps you eliminate various pests and insects from your home or office.

Is Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray safe to use in a home with dogs?
Yes, it is safe. The spray is made of peppermint oil with a pleasant smell for both humans and dogs. Since the oil is natural, plant-derived, and 100% free from toxins, it will not cause any harm to your dogs.

Can I spray inside the oven, where I spotted a mouse?
No, this is not recommended. Instead of directly spraying in your oven, you should spray it around the floor and walls of your kitchen. The scent of the product will get inside the oven and irritate the mouse, hence forcing it to flee. Remember to spray frequently for optimal effectiveness.

8.1 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Non-toxic and safe for children and pets
  • Nice scent
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Quite expensive
  • Results are not permanent
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