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Down comforters are known for enhancing the sleep quality of many people. In the past, people did not give much thought to the quality of their bedding and how it influenced their sleeping patterns. After that, sleep experts conducted plenty of research and sensitized the world about the importance of getting high-quality bedding like the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter. The right bedding makes your bedroom look elegant, and it helps you sleep better and wake up the next morning feeling great, so you are likely to be more productive.

Choosing the perfect comforter requires a bit of thought and attention. What works well for you may not work for your child or parent because our needs vary. Some companies have come up with techniques and technologies to produce comforters such as the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter that can be used all year round. We will look at this all-season comforter and explore its positive attributes and not-so-great features. This information will help you decide whether to buy one for yourself.


Down comforters such as the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter are known for being lightweight. They are adequately warm and are ideal for use during the cold seasons. However, the Clima Balance brand is made using special technology that promotes its ability to regulate body temperature and wick away the body’s moisture as you sleep. Due to these cooling properties, it is suitable for use even during the hot summers.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Versatile uses
  • Available in different sizes


  • Annoying statistical charge
  • Stitching comes out easily
  • Can get too hot
  • Incorrect sizing

What is Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter Made of?

The Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter is made of a combination of microfiber and polyester. The manufacturer incorporates the SLEEPHIX with Clima Balance technology when making this all-weather comforter. Therefore, it is suitable for use even during the hot summer days. It is hypoallergenic and has a sewn-in mesh fabric that facilitates heat reduction as you sleep. Besides, it is available in different sizes: full, twin, queen, king, and oversize king.

Our Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter Review

We purchased the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter in a queen size for our bedroom because a friend recommended it. Before making an order, we did not read much about it online, and neither did we go through users’ reviews. We simply trusted the person who recommended it, and we have been using it for the last couple of weeks now. We will share a detailed review based on our experience so far. Our primary focus points will be value for money, comfort, wrinkling, and softness. Kindly note that our opinions and thoughts will be subjective, and your experience with the same product may differ from ours.

Softness (8.6/10)

When we purchased the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter, we did not expect much in terms of softness because we knew it was made of synthetic materials. Upon unpackaging it, we felt it, and although it felt very soft, we have come across softer comforters in the market. Nonetheless, we loved it because it was ultra-lightweight and quite fluffy. The weight was well distributed throughout the comforter.

The fact that the synthetic materials are hypoallergenic made the comforter more valuable. Although I am a hot sleeper, my partner is quite sensitive and prone to allergies. We always have to find a balance between his and my needs, and the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter did just that. We can share it without worrying about allergic reactions, and I love the soft and cool feeling.

Although this blanket felt very soft, all the good feelings I had about it faded when we discovered that it produced a lot of static electricity. This is the most statically charged comforter we have ever bought and used. We dare say that it can be unbearable for people who detest clothing or bedding items that produce static electricity. When the lights are off, and you toss and turn, you will be creating mini fireworks.

Comfort (8.8/10)

As earlier mentioned, we bought the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter because someone we know recommended it. I have been struggling with severe night sweats for many years, and my partner and I have bought countless comforters that have disappointed us. Although I am a night sweater, I love snuggly and comfy comforters because they help me sleep better. Without adequate sleep, I become the walking dead. I was impressed by this product because it made me feel much cooler at night. It is much better than our pure cotton quilts.

One of the best attributes is its lightweight that feels perfect as I sleep. I can sleep without feeling like I am under a bag of cement. In the last couple of weeks, I had only overheated once, which is a tremendous improvement as I was sweating excessively every single night before I started using this comforter.

The most significant limitation that affects our comfort is incorrect sizing. We bought a queen size, but it did not fit our bed quite right when the delivery was made. I still feel like the manufacturer robbed us of a few inches of the comforter. When we use it at night, I tend to hog it, as my partner says. Because of its small size, he is left with nothing to cover himself with when I do a little hogging. Most times, he ends up picking another blanket or comforter from the wardrobe.

We must also mention that we decided to try using the comforter in a duvet cover. Unfortunately, it kept sliding around in the cover. To solve this, we tried using twill tape, but we did not see much change. We realized that the incorrect sizing by the manufacturer could only be solved by adding more tie-downs that would not ordinarily be required. Eventually, we gave up the duvet cover and have been using the comforter without any cover.

Wrinkle Free (8.9/10)

With proper care, the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter does not wrinkle much. The product label said that it should be machine washed on a gentle cycle, and we did exactly that before using it for the first time. After the first wash, we hang it out in the sun to dry instead of using a dryer. It did not wrinkle at all, so no ironing was required before spreading it on the bed.

We used the dryer during the subsequent washes and realized that it came out with some wrinkles. We have since been ironing it after washing, and it has been working relatively well for us. We also noticed that the comforter wrinkled and creased in the spots that our cats and dogs lay. They often come into our bedroom during the day and have formed the habit of laying or playing on our bed. Luckily, the comforter does not attract a lot of pet fur, and with a little straightening of the bed with our hands, the bed looks a lot neater.

Value for Money (8.8/10)

While this comforter has worked relatively well for us, we do not think we will be purchasing it again. The incorrect sizing is the major limitation because we love large-sized comforters that we can share throughout the night. We also noticed that the stitching became a little loose after repeated washing, and this makes us doubt the comforter will last the next 12 months. Besides, the fabric is a little thinner compared to all our other quilts and comforters.

We feel like it does not offer value for money but recognize that the pricing is notably lower than the amount we spent on other comforters. Our recommendations are for the manufacturer to ensure the stitching is well done and fastened. They should also employ advanced technology to reduce static electricity or use a fabric that does not emit static electricity.

Final Verdict 8.8

By now, you already know that the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter is not our favorite comforter. We love its affordability but feel like there is plenty of room to make it better. We gave it a softness score of 8.6 because it did not feel as soft as other pricier comforters in our household. The microfiber fabric is quite fluffy but not cloud-fluffy. The level of comfort for this product would have been better if it was not improperly sized. The queen size we bought was inches smaller than the standard queen size bedding.

The comforter is generally easy to clean and does not wrinkle much. Due to the limitations indicated above and the continuous production of static electricity, we do not think that this product is a very wise buy. For these reasons, its overall score is 8.8. We hope that the manufacturer will address the concerns expressed in this review.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Should I wash this comforter before using it?
Yes, we recommend that you wash it before the first use. Doing this will eliminate any dirt it may have acquired in the production house or from the packaging. It will also help you get rid of any unwanted smells. You should always use clean bedding for optimal comfort as you sleep.

Can I use a duvet cover to protect my Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter ?
Yes, you can. This comforter is versatile, and you can use it alone or place it inside a duvet cover. However, some people had reported that they did not experience any cooling properties when they used a duvet cover.

Is this comforter fitted with loops to attach to a duvet?
Unfortunately, it does not. If you want to attach yours to a duvet, you will have to add the loops yourself. You will need more loops than you ordinarily would because this comforter does not come in the correct size.

Why is this comforter better than a wool blanket inside a duvet?
Well, a wool blanket inside a duvet is too warm for any hot sleeper or use during hot days. The Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter is better because it is warm and cozy, but with temperature regulation and cooling properties. This means that you will not overheat in your sleep.

Is this comforter fluffy? From the description, it looks more like a blanket and less of a comforter
If you are looking for something very fluffy, this comforter will disappoint you. To be truthful, it does not look like a blanket because it is light and has a very airy feel. However, it is not as thick and lofty as other heavier comforters are.

Is the Clima Balance – Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter organic?
No, it is not. It is made of synthetic fibers, that is, microfiber and polyester.

8.8 Total Score

Wrinkle Free
Value for Money
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Versatile uses
  • Available in different sizes
  • Annoying statistical charge
  • Stitching comes out easily
  • Can get too hot
  • Incorrect sizing
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