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Many people who snore do so as a result of a blocked or congested nose. This forces them to breathe through the mouth while they sleep. When it comes to finding a solution to this problem, many options come to mind. These include using mouth strips, CPAP devices, nasal masks, or nasal strips such as Clear Passage Nasal Strips. The latter work by mechanically keeping the nasal passages open, thus reducing air resistance when breathing in.

Are nasal strips any good? If you are searching for an effective anti-snoring product, you have probably wondered whether most of the ones available in the market work as advertised. Should you consider Clear Passage Nasal Strips as the solution to your snoring problem? Well, our review of these innovative strips will help you decide.


Clear Passage Nasal Strips alleviate the snoring problem by enhancing nasal breathing, which has been clinically proven to be superior to mouth breathing. The strips do this by keeping your nostrils open, reducing the possibility of turning to mouth breathing. The strips have a small piece of plastic that connects the tubes going into the nostrils.


  • Highly effective
  • High quality adhesive
  • Super easy to apply and remove


  • Might feel intrusive to some people
  • Packaging is not very user-friendly
  • Adhesive could be too strong

What are Clear Passage Nasal Strips Made of?

Clear Passage Nasal Strips are manufactured using the patented Smart-Flex technology that ensures more nasal hold and coverage than other brands. The strips contain spring-like, flexible bands that fit perfectly above the nostrils. The bands contain an adhesive that minimizes the possibility of accidental slips during sleep.

The Clear Passage Nasal Strips are ideal for people suffering from allergies, nasal congestion, colds, incessant snoring, and deviated septum. Those with sensitive skin will also find the strips quite friendly and safe to use.

Our Clear Passage Nasal Strips review

I purchased the Clear Passage Nasal Strips in a bid to try and end my ever-present snoring problem. All views expressed in this review are based on my personal use of the strips. In line with that, I acknowledge that depending on various factors. Other people might have different experiences with the product. The views in this review are, therefore, subjective. I will discuss and rate the product’s ease of use, value for money, sleep quality, and comfort.

Comfort (8.8/10)

First of all, after my first night using the Clear Passage Nasal Strips, I did not have any adhesive residue on me. This came as quite a surprise since I often experienced unpleasant residues with other brands. After using the strips for more than a month, I found them to be quite comfortable.

I would often end up with other brands with irritated skin, a problem that I never found with the Clear Passage Nasal Strips. The strips have small relief cuts on each end, which I found to contribute greatly to their overall comfort. I discovered that I would almost forget I had the strips on in the morning due to the relief strips. My only qualm with the product when it comes to comfort concerns the adhesive. I found it to be a tad too strong for my liking. I felt like I had to put too much effort into getting the nasal strips off in the morning.

Ease of Use (9.3/10)

If I were to choose the Clear Passage Nasal Strips’ single best attribute, it would undoubtedly be the fantastic ease of use. When I first purchased the strips, I was worried since the strips did not appear sufficiently strong. The strips are relatively easy to use, especially compared to other alternatives that take some getting used to.

Once I got my nasal area clean and dry, applying the strips was as easy as it gets. In the morning, I would use warm water to get the strips off since the adhesive can be strong. Some people will undoubtedly find the strong adhesive to be a plus since it eliminates inadvertent slips during the night.

Sleep Quality (8.6/10)

After taking the sleep apnea test and finding out I did not have it, my doctor suggested using the Clear Passage Nasal Strips. Since then, I have been getting perfect sleep. My perennial snoring problem is almost gone, and my girlfriend can now sleep peacefully without getting disrupted by my incessant snoring.

Before buying the Clear Passage Nasal Strips, I had tried other products, especially during the allergy seasons. Most of these products would turn out quite uncomfortable during this season, and I would end up ditching them for not improving my overall sleep quality. While I used the Clear Passage strips, I barely noticed that I was wearing them at night. Combined with the overall nasal dilation effectiveness, I can comfortably say that I am enjoying better sleep. My only problem with the overall sleep quality involves me occasionally turning to mouth breathing. I never experienced this particular issue with other nasal strips.

Value for Money (8.8/10)

I felt that the Clear Passage Nasal Strips worked way better than other pricier alternatives. Still, I think I could get better value for money elsewhere, especially regarding the ease of removal from the face and the packaging. The strips should be easier to unpack, apply, and remove for the product’s price point. That said, I am pleased with how the strips do what they are meant to.

Final Verdict 8.9

Generally, I was satisfied with most aspects of the Clear Passage Nasal Strips. Regarding ease of use, the strips are up there with the best anti-snoring products I have ever tried. I feel like its less-than-stellar quality of sleep lets the product down compared to other top alternatives in the market. Besides that, though, the strips have good value for money and more than acceptable comfort levels.

After evaluating the strips’ pros and cons, I awarded it an overall score of 8.9, which, quite honestly, is excellent and among the highest from the anti-snoring products I have recently tried. The Clear Passage Nasal Strips are a great purchase, and if you are considering purchasing them, do not hesitate.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Are these nasal strips metallic? Can I remove them from the covering and use them for my homemade surgical masks?
The Clear Passage Nasal Strips do not contain any metallic material. The nasal inserts are made from a type of soft plastic-like material that helps keep the nasal passage open. The strips should ideally not be used with any surgical mask since they are already sufficient at what they are intended to do.

Do these nasal strips contain latex?
No, the Clear Passage Nasal Strips do not contain any natural rubber latex. You can even find some writing on the packaging that says, ‘this product is not made with natural rubber latex.’

What sizes do these strips come in? I often find that large works better for me than the more popular medium or ‘fits most’ sizes.
The nasal strips come in different sizes, ranging from medium to large. The available sizes can easily fit people with varying sizes of nose.

8.9 Total Score

Ease of Use
Sleep Quality
Value for Money
  • Highly effective
  • High quality adhesive
  • Super easy to apply and remove
  • Might feel intrusive to some people
  • Packaging is not very user-friendly
  • Adhesive could be too strong
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