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Many online shoppers rely mainly on online reviews before embarking on their online shopping trip. Are you one of them, and you are looking out for the best bed sheets for your home comfort?

No doubt, this review is what you should read before making any order for your new sheets. Chateau Home Collections 500 Pima Cotton Sheets are worth checking out before you make your choice of sheets. Let’s explore the product together and see if they are precisely what you are searching for online.


Chateau Home Collections 500 Pima Cotton Sheets are manufactured with 100% Pima cotton. Obviously, the cotton type gives the sheets its luxurious softness on the bed. The fabrics are tightly woven with a sateen weave to contribute to their softness and make them shine slightly. If you can’t spot the difference between satin and sateen, you will quickly take these sheets for satin.

We picked one of the products, moonstone color, to be precise, and we marveled at how the set gives our bedroom a classic look. The sheets come in four-piece, and its fitted sheet is suitable for our queen size bed.

We found a flat sheet, two pillowcases, and one elasticized fitted sheet in our four-piece set. The fitted sheet is of 16-inch deep pockets that fit mattresses up to 18-inch.

The product is available in different beautiful colors and sizes, including; Queen, Twin, Cal King, Full, and others.

We love the sheets because they indeed feature the 500 thread count that’s on the label. The fluffiness and softness of these sheets will make you feel like you are sleeping on a puppy.

Chateau Home Collections 500 Pima Cotton Sheets worth your hard-earned money?


  • Luxuriously soft and smooth
  • Affordable
  • Fully elasticized
  • Highly breathable
  • Classic design


  • Minimal wrinkle rate

What Are CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION 500 Pima Cotton Sheets Made Of?

The sheets are fashioned with 100% Pima cotton and 500 thread count of sateen weave, as seen on the label.

The Pima cotton is of the highest quality of fine yarns that are derived from long-staple fibers. You may be worried if indeed these features have any significant impact on the sheets. Yes! They do have an excellent effect on the fabrics. How do we know?

You will tell if a cotton sheet is made from authentic and long-staple fiber and if the thread count is real by the comfort the sheets offer, quality, softness, and breathability of the sheets. Not only that. What do the cotton sheets feel like? Are they heavy? Do they shrink, wrinkle, and become stiff after washing?

We tested these sheets on all levels, and we’ve got answers to all the questions above, so worry not. You will soon get answers to those questions in the next section.
Let’s go!

Our CHATEAU HOME COLLECTION 500 Pima Cotton Sheets Review

Our trusted top reviewers tested and scored these sheets to find out the facts and lies in them. We are glad to inform you that this review is nothing but the truth we found out after thorough testing of the product.

Comfort (8.7/10)

A sheet that doesn’t offer comfort has no value in the first place. That’s why comfort is the first thing we tested in this set of the product.

We put the fitted sheet on our 16-inch mattress of queen size bed, and it was perfect for it. The sheets are so generous that we had enough fabric to tuck into the bed. We also detected the head/foot tag on the fitted sheet indicating the width side; we could quickly fix it on the bed with that feature.

The pillowcases are perfect, too; we didn’t have to compress the pillows to get them all covered.

The whole time we spent on the bed was comfortable, thanks to the anti-slip feature on the fitted sheet that makes it stay put. Don’t worry; you will not wake up at night to redress your bed. This will be the right choice for your rough sleeper kids.

The sheets did not make us freeze or sweat whenever we slept in them. Instead, we enjoyed the smoothness, warmth, coolness, and softness of the sheets all through the nights. Mind you, we washed the sheets before use, as instructed, and they still came back as new sheets.

On the count, we have washed the sheets more than three times, yet we have no issues with its feel in any way. The minor issue we had with it is the minimal wrinkle on them, but it’s manageable. Well, we’ve decided to iron them next time after washing. If you don’t mind, you can iron them too.

The sheets are genuinely the comforter you need on your bed. Hence, they got an 8.7 score.

Quality (9.4/10)

No one wants to purchase a comfortable sheet that won’t be enjoyed for a long time. We checked for the quality of these sheets to be sure of its life span. After our test, we realized that these sheets would last for some years to come.

Out of the box, they have a nice weight, not heavy and not light. They also feel sturdy on the touch, thanks to its thread count and long-staple cotton fibers.

Likewise, the stitches on the fabrics are neat and tight, which means they won’t loosen anytime soon.

The sheets feel so soft, like 100% cotton that it is, which is another proof that you will use and enjoy them for years to come. That’s Because cotton is one of the highest valued fibers due to the quality it offers. We got convinced of this fact again after washing them several times, and they didn’t fade or stiff; instead, they remained soft.

Out of the box and dryer, the quality of the sheets is top-notch. You will hardly find such amazing sheets in the store. We’ve got no choice than to rate them 9.4.

ECO-score (9.2/10)

Who would care for a sheet that is durable but not eco-friendly? No one, right?
Chateau Home Collections is one of the brands that care about their consumers’ health and pocket. That’s why they made these valuable and non-toxic sheets available at a low price.

They got the sheets tested by OEKO-TEX, and they are certified standard 100. That simply means they are entirely safe for use. Do you love to cling with your pets on the bed, then this fabric will not harm them.

In case you don’t know, the fiber used to produce a sheet determines its eco-score and quality. Surprisingly, the Pima cotton is not blended or mixed with other cheap or harmful fiber. That’s why these sheets got a big score on the quality and eco-score aspect.

Cooling (8.0/10)

Cotton is many people’s choice because it makes one breath conveniently, be it a garment or a bedsheet.

Since this set is made with 100% Pima cotton and nothing else, it’s the right choice for a cool night rest.

We slept on it to be sure of that fact, and none of us woke up sweaty. Even one of us that sweat profusely at nights slept in them and had no such experience. He only said he loves the way it soaks up his sweat without making him uncomfortable.

We love the crispy feeling we got on these sheets, no issues at all, so we give it 8.0.

Easy Maintenance (8.7/10)

A valuable sheet like this needs some effort to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.
To our surprise, this product did not stress us out to get them cleaned.

Toss them into the machine; after washing, rinse them in cold water and dry them under low temperature.

After the first wash, one of us complained they were scratchy, and after thorough research, we had our hard water to blame for that. Well, she has sensitive skin too.

Good news! We got a solution for that. The next time we washed them, we added baking soda to our rinsing water; that way, we could get all the soap residue out of the sheets. To make them very safe, we had to rinse them twice, but the second time we didn’t add baking soda to the water.

We were glad that after that procedure, she didn’t complain about scratch.

If you have sensitive skin or the sheets are scratchy on your skin, you can follow that procedure to have your comfortable night’s sleep.

Final Verdict 8.8

Concisely, these sheets are very comfortable to sleep on with good quality and easy maintenance. Our reviewers confirmed that the sheets are healthy and blessed with a classic style by the designers.

You can now decide based on the scores given to all the crucial aspects of the sheets. To us, no other Pima cotton sheets, then these deserve the scores given them on this review.

Chateau Home Collections 500 Pima Cotton Sheets got an overall score of 8.8 on our review. We would have rated it 10 out of 10, but few users didn’t find them to be what they want in all aspects.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Can I use these sheets every day?
Pima cotton is as durable as other cotton types. If you want to use them every day, go ahead.
Note that it’s better to substitute them with other sheets to make them last longer.

Will these sheets keep me cool in winter?
100% Pima cotton is perfect for winter. They will keep you cool and cozy all through the nights. You won’t freeze in them or sweat. They would regulate your body temperature well.

Are Supima cotton sheets better than Pima cotton sheets?
Supima means superior to Pima. Supima has a better fiber than Pima, but that doesn’t mean Pima is not good. Also, Supima cotton sheets are more expensive than Pima. Although, Pima is sought after for its reasonable price and value.

Does these sheets shrink a lot?
After washing them a few times, these sheets don’t shrink; instead, they fit the mattress well every time.

8.8 Total Score

  • Luxuriously soft and smooth
  • Affordable
  • Fully elasticized
  • Highly breathable
  • Classic design
  • Minimal wrinkle rate
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