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Bugs are some of the most annoying household pests, and most people are afraid of such infestations mainly because they are unsightly and are associated with poor hygiene. Pantry moths are some of the most commonly occurring bugs in food storage areas, and they are known to make life unbearable in addition to causing food losses. The need to keep these pests at bay has led to uncountable products that claim to eliminate pantry moths effortlessly. The Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps are among these products, and they will be our focus item in this review.

Pantry moth control is common in most households today, especially because people have increasingly stored food in bulk following the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of pantry moth control products on the shelves of retailer stores continues to increase each day. While this offers all customers a wide array of products to choose from, it also brings confusion. Which brand works best? How much of a specific product do I need? To eliminate these questions, we will look into the Catchmaster Pantry Pest, and Moth Traps to determine whether they are worth buying.


The Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps operate in a simple yet effective manner. They attract and trap male pantry moths. This breaks the lifecycle of these moths by making it impossible for the female pantry moths to lay eggs that hatch into larvae. Besides, these traps can be used as a preventative measure because they trap the odd moth that gains access to your pantry before reproduction can take place. These traps are suitable for Indian meal moths and other moth species that attack stored food items such as flour, cereals, grains, pasta, chocolate, and spices.


  • Eliminates different species of food moths
  • Safe for adults, children, and pets
  • Compact and easy to use
  • No unpleasant odors


  • Quite pricey
  • Pheromones do not work after 30 days

What are Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps Made of?

Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps are made of cardboard, high-quality glue, and a lure containing the pheromone attractants. All these materials do not contain toxins, insecticides, or any other harmful chemicals. The primary mode of action involves the potent pheromones attracting male pantry moths, which are then trapped in the adhesive layer.

By catching males, the moths’ breeding is curtailed because they can no longer fertilize the female moths’ eggs. When assembled, each trap has a width of 2 inches, depth of 5.25 inches, and 3.5 inches in height, so it is compact and easy to place on the kitchen or pantry shelves.

Our Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps review

We were very excited to try out the new and improved version of the Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps. We had previously used the old version, orange in color, over a year ago, but had not found them very useful. This review will share our true and unedited experience with the new Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps. We realize that our understanding may differ from yours, so our feelings and opinions about these traps may differ from yours. Our attention will be on the traps’ effectiveness, scent, value for money, ease of use, and thickness.

Scent (8.0/10)

The fragrance or odor released by a moth control product is one of the most important features to look out for. When our order of the Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps was delivered, my partner and I were speedy to open the box, hoping not to be slapped by a foul or undesirable smell. At this point, I must mention that my better half is pretty sensitive to strong scents, hence the choice of a product that did not contain chemicals or toxins. Fortunately, the product did not have any unwanted smells.

However, the smell of the glue used in the sticky part of the traps had a distinct but not irritating odor. This made us deduct a point when giving the scent score. Since the traps also came with pouches containing the moth lure, we opened one up as soon as the delivery was made. We also noted that the lure had a distinct smell, but this did not bother us much because we already knew that it contained the necessary pheromones to attract and catch male moths flying around our kitchen and pantry. Overall, we felt that the manufacturer should consider using odorless glue when making these traps.

Thickness (9.0/10)

The compactness of these traps caught us by surprise. We had previously tried to deal with a pantry moth problem using other moth traps brands, but these were by far the smallest in size that we had ever come across. In the packaging, they came as flat cardboard sheets with an adhesive and lure or bait. When we assembled the first one, we loved how small it was, mainly because our pantry shelves are not very large.

The traps were also very light in weight, thanks to the thin but strong cardboard used in their construction. We also liked how thin the glue layer was, as it did not make the traps bulky. Despite being very thin, the adhesive was very sticky. To prevent our children and pets from touching the sticky glue, we placed the traps on the higher shelves of the kitchen and pantry, and they worked pretty well.

Ease of Use (9.0/10)

Before purchasing our first-ever pack of pantry moth traps, we were very worried about how easy they would be to assemble and use. We soon learned that they were easy to set up and either hang or place on shelves. The Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps were also pretty easy to assemble. We set them up without looking at the instructions because we already knew what to expect. We even tweaked their usage instructions to match our unique needs. We had to fold each into a triangle and peel off the tape covering the adhesive to use them.

The instructions indicated that the lure should be placed on the pointed part of the trap. This instruction works well for first-time users of these traps. We did not follow this instruction because we already knew what would work best for us. Instead of placing the lure on the indicated square, we set the traps down and put the lure on the flat surface, so our bait was not on the side. This worked very well for us.

Effectiveness (8.8/10)

Compared to other brands of pantry moth traps that we had used before, the Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps worked a lot better. Before settling on this brand, we were a little concerned that they would not work because of some of the negative reviews we had read online. However, the positive reviews encouraged us to purchase this product that we desperately needed to deal with the increasing number of annoying moths that we had spotted flying around our pantry. We were not ready to lose the food we recently bought and stored in our pantry.

After setting up the first two traps, we noticed that the moths in the pantry became more active and were coming out of their hiding spots. This meant that the pheromones were already doing their work within minutes. Within the first 45 minutes of setting them up, one had trapped five moths, which was very impressive. After about seven days, one had caught about 50 moths.

Before you purchase this product and expect miraculous results, you must know that these traps will only work well if you also play your part. Before assembling them, you should clear out your pantry and discard any food items that have already been attacked by moths. You must also store the excellent food in airtight containers or jars, which we did before using our traps.

Over time, we noticed that the power of the pheromones declined significantly. While we expected each trap to last for at least two months, we saw the loss of power after about 20-30 days instead. Curiosity drove us to research more about this, and we discovered that other users shared this opinion. Therefore, we decided to change our traps every 20 minutes and purchase packs that have not sat on the store shelves too long.

Value for Money (8.0/10)

Compared to other brands with similar products, the Catchmaster Pantry Pest and Moth Traps had a notably higher price tag. Nonetheless, we can assert that these traps’ effectiveness justifies their retail price, so we shall be purchasing them again because we do not mind changing them at least once a month. However, people who prefer traps that last much longer may not think that the traps offer value for money. From our experience, we feel that the product could provide better value if the manufacturer comes up with a bait that does not lose its power too soon.

Final Verdict 8.6

After using all the six pantry moth traps in the packaging, we decided that the ease of use and the traps’ thickness were our best features. We also found that the overall effectiveness was pretty impressive, but there was room for improvement. Unfortunately, the non-toxic but distinct smell of the glue and bait used made it score a little less on the scent, and we felt that the overall value of the traps could be enhanced by using more powerful baits. Based on these reasons, we gave the Catchmaster Pantry Pest, and Moth Traps an overall score of 8.6/10.

[FAQ’s] Consumer questions & answers

Do these moth traps also work in closets infested by the wool-eating moth species?
No, these traps contain pheromone attractants that work on the Plodia family species that usually feed on your pantry stock. These include Indian meal, raisin, tobacco, and Mediterranean flour moths. Therefore, the traps will not get rid of closet moths.

Can I use these traps in my house, that also has a dog and a cat?
Yes, you can. These traps are free from toxins and any other chemicals that can pose a health risk to children and pets. These traps will not harm your cat and dog. However, it is recommended that you keep the traps away from the reach of pets and young children.

Do these traps attract female moths?
No, the pheromones in the traps attract male moths, thus breaking the reinsects’ productive cycle.

How long does one trap last?
The product does not kill grass; however, please keep in mind that it can burn some leaves when applied directly.

Is this product going to kill honey bees?
The life cycle of each trap is 2-3 months. You should change the traps every 2-3 months or sooner if they are full.

How far should you place the traps from each other?
Ideally, you should place the traps about 12 feet apart. Each trap is designed to attract and catch moths within 12 feet.

Where are the Catchmaster Pantry Pest And Moth Traps made?
They are manufactured in the United States of America. Initially, they were made in Brooklyn, New York, up to the end of 2015. Since then, they have been manufactured in Bayonne, New Jersey.

8.6 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Eliminates different species of food moths
  • Safe for adults, children, and pets
  • Compact and easy to use
  • No unpleasant odors
  • Quite pricey
  • Pheromones do not work after 30 days
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