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How many ceiling panels and baseboards are in your room? Of course, it’s a weird question, one that I have the answers to. You don’t have to wonder why for so long – I have difficulty falling asleep. Up until recently, I could pick your calls any time of the night. Why? I was wide awake, counting the ceiling panels and baseboards. But, not anymore.

Carlyle Melatonin 12 mg Fast Dissolve Sleep Aid offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy a full night’s rest. The best part, it is berry flavored and therefore free from the bland and sometimes metallic taste of most melatonin supplements. Due to the prevalence of insomnia, particularly in the past few years, there are several products to choose from.

Frankly, you can get lost with so much information about the different sedatives and how best to use them. This review purposefully singles out Carlyle Melatonin 12 mg Fast Dissolve Sleep Aid and provides the information you need to determine whether it is the best fit for your needs. There is so much to know, so let’s hop right into it.


Just in case you frequently suffer from jet lags, Carlyle Melatonin 12 mg Fast Dissolve Sleep Aid might be the best solution for you. Carlyle manufactures the product as a melatonin supplement formulated for vegetarian customers. It is a fast-acting and non-habit forming supplement that doubles as a sedative. This is because melatonin is naturally produced by the brain and controls the sleep-wake cycle. However, this production process is subject to several factors, one of which is exposure to sunlight.

Just in case you experience frustrations about your sleep schedule, Carlyle Melatonin provides a solution that promotes better rest. Besides, it is not enough to sleep; it is more beneficial to wake up feeling refreshed and energized. This product is made using melatonin as an active ingredient combined with vitamins to ensure you get the fresh burst of energy and the amount of rest necessary to maintain and improve your overall health.

Nonetheless, it is essential to state that this supplement is strictly for adults and adolescents. It should not be used on children and pets as it could cause severe reactions, possibly fatal.

This fast-acting, fast-dissolving, high dose melatonin is free from common allergens, artificial flavor, artificial preservatives, yeast, milk soy, gluten, and Non-GMO. It is clinically tested and proven effective by third-party labs. Besides, there are several amazing testimonies from other users online.

Other non-active ingredients in this product include dextrose, sucralose, beetroot powders, mannitol, and natural flavors. It is advised that you stick with the recommended dose and access tolerance before increasing it if need be. Try out this $9.59 melatonin gummy and see just how easily sleep comes to you.


  • Fast dissolve tablets
  • Non-GMO,vegetarian
  • Natural berry flavor
  • 180 count tablets per pack
  • Relatively affordable
  • Melatonin gummies


  • Not suitable for children unless prescribed and supervised by a licensed health practitioner

What is Carlyle Melatonin 12 mg Fast Dissolve Sleep Aid Made from?

Carlyle Melatonin 12 mg Fast Dissolve Sleep Aid is made from synthetically sourced melatonin. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body and majorly controls the sleep-wake cycle. You should know that a melatonin supplement is the safest self-medicated way to treat insomnia.

Carlyle combines this hormone’s effects with essential vitamins to ensure that users are privileged to a full night’s rest. More importantly, this supplement does not contain any habit-forming substance. This is particularly important for those who want to safely correct their skewered sleep cycle without incurring any adverse effects on their health.

Our Carlyle Melatonin 12 mg Fast Dissolve Sleep Aid Review

Before taking any OTC medication or supplements for sleeplessness, you must consult a doctor. This is because insomnia is often the result of an underlying health condition, although it can also be a stand-alone occurrence mostly due to stress. That being said, the information contained in this review should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

We believe Carlyle Melatonin 12 mg Fast Dissolve Sleep Aid will provide relief to a sleepless night and provide you with the rest you need. Nonetheless, to ensure that you have all the information necessary to make a final decision, we have discussed the product under specific categories. A significant part of this review is based on personal experiences. However, the review is a submission from different individuals. That way, we have virtually eliminated individual subjectivity.

Flavor (8.6/10)

Natural berry flavor gummy nightcap, who would pass on that? In my years of using sleep aids, especially medications, most of them come off with either a bland, metallic, or sometimes even bitter taste. Carlyle melatonin sleep aid, on the other hand, tastes like freshly picked crushed strawberries or raspberries. The sweet taste lingers in your mouth till you wash it off.

Although my sleep routine is still a hit and miss on some days, it is easy to get used to this product’s taste. I’ll readily recommend it to anyone sitting on the fence about getting it; plus, it is relatively cheap. Although I’m not a great test subject since it seems I’m somewhat resistant to melatonin, I’ve experienced a significant increase in my sleep quality. Anyway, I’m not ready to give up the great taste of this product anytime soon. The Carlyle melatonin sleep aid scores an 8.6 in the flavor category, as it is among the better tasting sleep aids out there.

Easy to Swallow (9.2/10)

This product is fast dissolving. So, you don’t have to swallow it. Just place it under your tongue, and it dissolves within a minute or two. For many people, this might not be a big deal, but if you’ve ever had trouble swallowing pills, it’s a sure relief. It is also fast-acting, seeing as I get to sleep within 30 minutes of taking the supplement. One significant effect of this drug that I enjoyed the most is the relaxing, calming solitude it brings; I was quite surprised at the level of serenity I felt. Some users complained of vivid dreams, but I was too knocked out to experience any of that.

However, there is a chance the hallucinating effect is linked with alcohol consumption. If you take any sleep aid or sedatives, you should not use alcohol because of food-drug interactions. Overall, it works for me, and I find it very easy to use. I’ll gladly recommend it for anyone looking for a reprieve from sleeplessness. With the ease I experienced, I can confidently award this aspect of Carlyle melatonin sleep aid a score of 9.2. Yes, it’s that fun to take.

Sleep Quality (8.0/10)

To put it simply, this stuff works. I have had insomnia for several years and tried different prescription and treatment methods. None worked satisfactorily; I barely recorded limited success with a number of the pills and techniques I tried. I never tested any melatonin supplements due to my skepticism about natural sleep aids. It turns out they work better than the numerous pills I’ve been chugging for several years. Although some people have reservations about melatonin supplements, I believe everything deserves at least a chance to prove itself.

Since I had developed a high tolerance for medication, I went all the way in and tried out 12 my on my first night. Seeing as it was fast-dissolving, it dissolved quickly under my tongue, and I was putting down my book in about 30 minutes because I could feel the sleep coming on. The best part, I slept for 8 hours.

Considerable, that’s approximately a 100% increment in sleep quality as I only sleep for 4 hours and lay awake all night. I woke up refreshed more than I’ve been in years. Give this a try. For me, it’s an 8.0 for effectiveness on sleep quality.

Value for Money (9.0/10)

Absolutely worth every buck I spent. I had tried an expensive gummy sleep aid, which helped me fall asleep but couldn’t maintain the sleep. Often, I was up in about three to four hours. Since I had to take two soft gels, the packet gets exhausted quite quickly. I looked for other alternatives and found this product from an online recommendation. Less than $20 for 180 nights of great sleep and an energized feeling of refreshment when you wake up is a great deal if you ask me.

One pill of Carlyle Melatonin sleep aid gives as much melatonin as four pills of the product I was on before. I tried splitting the tablets in half to prevent feeling drowsy the next morning, but still, the product works perfectly fine. Although I don’t use the pills every night, I believe my sleep cycle is back on track. No longer do I have to be up all night and feel sleepy during work hours. Remember, I spent little money and only a day of shipping, which was worth the wait. I got a great deal for my money and can confidently accord 9.0 to this aspect of the product.

Final Verdict 8.7

Think about it, with all the categories discussed, is Carlyle Melatonin 12 mg Fast Dissolve Sleep Aid the best fit for you? Left to us, we unanimously concluded on a final score of 8.7. Considering the ease of use, effectiveness on sleep quality, the scintillating natural berry flavor, among others, we believe this final score is worth it.

As earlier advised, this supplement should not be used as a substitute for a licensed medical practitioner’s medications. Also, the FDA has not approved any of the claims made on reviews of this product. Carlyle Melatonin Sleep Aid is a quick way to get relief from restless tossing all night long. Notwithstanding, visit your doctor if symptoms persist longer than two weeks.

[FAQs] Consumers Questions and Answers

Does The Fast Dissolve Mean It Dissolves Under Your Tongue?
Yes. The tablets dissolve quickly under your tongue and will also dissolve if swallowed whole.

Can Nursing Mothers Use These?
Yes. Nonetheless, we advise that you consult with your doctor before using any sedative.

Does This Product Contain A Lot Of Sugars?
It contains sucralose and dextrose, both of which are sugar substitutes.

8.7 Total Score

Easy to Swallow
Sleep Quality
Value for Money
  • Fast dissolve tablets
  • Non-GMO, vegetarian
  • Natural berry flavor
  • 180 count tablets per pack
  • Relatively affordable
  • Melatonin gummies
  • Not suitable for children unless prescribed and supervised by a licensed health practitioner
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