Can Mice Climb ? How to Prevent Mice From Climbing into Your Bed

The sight of mice running across your bedroom is probably one of the worst when it comes to pest infestation. Not only do these annoying rodents make you look bad, but they are also potential disease transmitters. While it is bad enough to see one or more of these little animals around, it is even worse to have them inside your bedding items.

Jokes aside, it is a very unpleasant situation that requires immediate action unless you want to deal with even less pleasant consequences.

can mice climb in bed

Mouse [maʊs] noun, informal
A little hairy b****** that out-wits every means of capture and continues to make noise in the wall overnight.

Can these rodents climb? Well, disappointingly, they can. To make it worse, they can hop a few inches off the ground. If you live in an area where these creatures can easily make their way into your house, you need to take some preventative steps. If they still get into the house, then you will require some eradication measures. Factors such as scents, food crumbs, and others can attract mice into your bed, so you will need to watch out for these.

Like most other rodents, mice are nocturnal creatures and will most probably jump into your bed when you are asleep. It does not get any scarier than this.

Why You Should Keep Away

For most people, the need to keep these rodents at bay involves the sheer fright that comes with encountering one. You can imagine jumping off your bed in unbelievable shock after having a mouse walk right across your face as you sleep. Still, fright reasons aside, mice are known to carry diseases they transmit through bites, urine, or feces. Insects such as fleas can also transmit illnesses harbored by mice making the threat even more possible.

Diseases such as plague, meningitis, hantavirus, and some salmonella infections can be directly attributed to mice. Lastly, the sight of a mouse in your house does not exactly paint a good picture of your housekeeping skills. This is because, usually, rodents are not associated with clean or tidy places.

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How to Prevent Mice from Getting into Your Bedroom

We can all agree that keeping mice out of your house is much easier than getting them out once they are already in. Admittedly, the best way to prevent mice from getting into your bedroom is to ensure they do not get into any room in your house. Here are some excellent tips.

Maintain Cleanliness

do mice climb on beds

While mice can occasionally be found in clean spaces, it is rarely the case. More often than not, dirt-related factors attract mice into a household. For example, it is vital to ensure that no food crumbs are lying around in the bedroom since these will almost inevitably attract mice. Additionally, ensure you do not have piles of dirty clothes lying on the floor since this will act as a potential hiding place for the mice.

Keep your bedroom as clutter-free as possible, vacuum regularly, and ensure that it is well aired out all the time.

H3 Install a Pest Control Door Sweeper

stop mice coming into bedrooms

It is fascinating how a significantly large mouse can get into your bedroom through a tiny space under the door. A pest control door sweeper is an elementary yet effective device installed at the lower end of the door to close the space between the edge of the door and the floor. With this device, there is no space for a mouse to go through.

However, you will always need to ensure that your door is closed after getting in or out. What use would a door sweeper be with an open door anyway?

Invest in Some Essential Oils

stop mice climbing bed

You probably know that essential oils can be super useful against a wide range of household insects. Well, it gets even better; these oils can also keep off rodents, mice included. Variations including eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil are particularly effective against rodents. To use this method, dip a cotton ball in your essential oil of choice and then place it in places you think might harbor mice.

You can use multiple cotton balls if you have more than one point of interest. Remember that you will have to replace the cotton balls after a couple of days since the oils dissipate very fast for the oils to remain effective. If you do not like using essential oils directly, you can mix a few teaspoons of oil with a cup of water and spray the resulting solution around the bedroom.

Remember that you will need to use 100% natural essential oils for this method to work and not those cheap commercially-produced knock-offs. Additionally, these oils will only discourage mice from getting into your house. If you already have an infestation, you might want to consider some of the options outlined below.

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How to Eradicate Mice in Your Bedroom

The preventative measures outlined above will only work if you do not already have mice in your bedroom. However, every once in a while, you might find yourself past this stage and already facing a mice infestation. Here are some of the steps to take in such a case.

Call an Exterminator

While calling an exterminator is not the cheapest or most convenient rodent-control option, it is certainly one of the most effective. Professional exterminators possess extensive experience in insect and rodent eradication as well as the animals’ general behavior.

Therefore, it will take less time for such a professional to eliminate mice in your bedroom than it would for you.
Suppose you live in a connected building such as those in an apartment. In that case, it is advisable to coordinate the extermination exercise with your neighbors since mice can easily move from one room into another.

Use Mouse Traps

mouse trap for bedroom

If you face a mice problem in your house and do not fancy calling an exterminator, you can trap the vile rodents using a wide range of traps.

Snap Traps

This is probably the device that comes to mind when you hear the words’ mousetrap.’ The device makes use of a snapping mechanism triggered by movements. Ideally, it would help if you placed food crumbs on the trap, and when a mouse tries to feed on them, the trap is triggered, holding the mouse captive. Keep in mind that when purchasing a snap trap, you should specifically get the ones designed for mice since they are significantly larger than those meant for rats.

Glue Trap

Unlike snap traps, live traps work by getting mice stuck on them using adhesive. Once a mouse is lured into the trap through the bait, it gets stuck onto the trap’s base. Again, ensure that you get glue traps meant for mice due to the size difference between them and those designed for rats.

Live Traps

Live traps are arguably the most innovative ones among all mice traps—these prey on rodents’ explorative instinct to trap them inside some form of container. A mouse will want to explore where a particular opening leads to, and once it does this, the live trap activates a wind-up mechanism, effectively trapping the mouse.

Get a Dog or Cat

do rats climb on beds

You would think that after decades of unbridled pampering, these furry creatures have lost their hunting instincts. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Cats and dogs will still scare the air out of mice on any given day. Cats, in particular, are great mouse chasers. Consider breeds such as the Persian, Siberian, American Shorthair, and Siamese if you plan to get yourself a cat.

If you are not exactly fond of cats, dog breeds such as dachshunds, chihuahuas, and terriers will goa long way in rodent control. Interestingly, small-sized dog breeds are initially thought to have been particularly bred for rodent elimination. Keep in mind that you have to get your pets vaccinated against any nasty infections from contact with mice.

Get Ultrasonic Repellents

If the rodent-control measures outlined above seem too gory for your liking, then an ultrasonic repellent might be your best option. This device works by emitting ultrasonic waves that effectively drive rodents away without necessarily killing them. By using such a device, you will have the added advantage of eliminating numerous household insects.

Ultrasonic repellents operate at a frequency safe for pets and children and are therefore safe for indoor use. The only downside with these devices is that it takes anywhere between 2 days and two weeks for all rodents to leave. However, since a single device can easily remain effective for more than five years, this is a super budget-friendly solution.

Use Rodent Sprays

can rats climb beds

There are numerous rodent-control sprays available in the market today. Most of them contain active ingredients derived from essential oils, such as those mentioned earlier in this guide. These sprays’ effectiveness varies from one product to another, so it is crucial to do your research before purchasing one. Here are some fantastic choices if you choose this option.

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Preventing Future Infestations

Once you have driven the mice away, you need to make sure they won’t come back.

If you know that your house or apartment is in an area prone to infestation, some protective measures need to be constant:

The pest control door sweep, essential oils and ultrasonic pest repellers will take care of keeping mice and rats away from your place and keep your bedroom a safe, cozy space.

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In Conclusion

If you are worried about mice getting into your bed, you are right: it’s a valid concern. It is true that mice can climb into beds, and they will do so if your bed smells like food, or if they are simply curious.

To avoid unpleasant accidents, always keep your bedroom clean (and smelling of peppermint :).

If the infestation has happened, don’t panic: there are tools and methods that have been successfully used for centuries to drive away rodents, and there are also newer inventions that take care of it quite nicely.

From a simple mouse trap to a sleek and modern ultrasonic repeller, choose your weapon and start your fight with those pesky mice!

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Top Rated and Recommended Mice Repellents

Choosing the perfect mice repellent can be a daunting task considering the sheer number of products available in the market. We have made your search a little easier by narrowing your options down to five amazing sprays.

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Set Alert for Product: Harris Peppermint Oil Mice & Rodent Repellent Spray, Humane Mouse Trap Substitute, 20oz - $15.20
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This product is manufactured by Harris, the oldest American EPA company. Harris Peppermint Oil Mice and Rodent Repellent Spray are designed to effectively repel rats, mice, and other rodents. For added safety during indoor use, the spray is made from essential oils that are entirely safe for pets, children, and plants but irritating to rodents.

The spray’s active ingredients are the pleasant-smelling cinnamon and peppermint. Besides being fast-acting, the manufacturer also promotes it as extremely long-lasting, which implies that a single purchase could cover your household for a long time.

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Last Amazon price update was: 12 August 2022 09:10
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The Rodent Sheriff Pest Control – Ultra-Pure Peppermint Spray is based on an innovative peppermint formula developed in the USA. Scent-wise, the spray has a minty smell that is quite appealing to humans and pets but annoying to rodents and insects. The product is entirely safe to use inside the house, and with each bottle giving you about 1,000 sprays, it is quite long-lasting.

Since the product is sold in a set of two bottles, you essentially get 2,000 sprays per purchase, which is quite impressive. Peppermint oil is the active ingredient in this repellent.

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Set Alert for Product: Grandpa Gus's Mouse Rodent Repellent; Peppermint & Cinnamon Oil Formula, Non-Toxic, Safely Repels Mice/Rats from Nesting, Chewing in Homes/RV, Boat/Car, Storage & Wiring (8 Oz RTU Spray (2 Bottles)) - $27.90
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Grandpa Gus’s Mouse Rodent Repellent is a rodent-control product made using natural ingredients and meant to keep off mice and rats from your household. The spray can be used indoors, outdoors, in your car, office, or camping tent. This spray has an impressive combination of essential oils. It contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (9%), cinnamon oil (3%), and peppermint oil (4%). Besides being extremely effective, the repellent also smells fantastic.

8.4/10 Read review
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Last Amazon price update was: 14 August 2022 19:51
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The MDXConcepts Mice Repellent Spray is a plant-based rodent repellent designed to drive off the annoying creatures from your household, office, or camping site. To guarantee quality, the manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee to any customer who is not satisfied with the spray results.

In addition to driving rodents away due to the smell of ingredients, this spray also kills mice upon contact. This makes it even more effective than some other sprays that only work as preventative measures against rodents.

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Set Alert for Product: Colton’s Naturals Mice Repellent - 32 Ounce -Mouse Repellent Spray - 100% Natural Peppermint Oil to Repel Mice, Rodent Repellent - Natural Deterrent to Rats & Mice - Best Alternative to Mouse Trap - $24.95
Last Amazon price update was: 28 November 2022 16:08
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray is specially formulated using high-quality peppermint oil to keep rodents at bay for a very long time after spraying. To get the best results, you should make the first application heavy around all entry points and food sources. Even after the rodents are gone, it’s essential to use the spray once every 2-4 weeks.

While using Colton’s Mouse Repellent Spray, you can rest assured that the ingredients in it are natural, non-toxic, and thus pet and plant-friendly. It is, by all means, the perfect alternative to mouse traps. The company also guarantees effectiveness by giving customers a no-questions-asked refund if they are not satisfied with the spray’s results.

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[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Can mice climb onto my bed?
Yes, they can, and it’s effortless. Besides climbing using the bed’s legs, they can also jump onto low-lying beds. The presence of items such as food crumbs and messy piles of clothes attracts mice into beds.

Will mice leave if they smell a cat?
Yes, they will. The science behind this involves the interaction of pheromones and neurons. If a mouse smells cat urine, for example, it instantly experiences fear due to the pheromone-neuron interaction and will, most probably, leave the place.

Is a mouse smart enough to avoid a trap?
No, it isn’t. However, you might see mice avoiding traps, but this will often be due to other reasons besides being smart.

Does white vinegar repel mice?
Yes, the smell of white vinegar irritates mice and will therefore repel them to some extent.

  1. […] The increase in rodents have increased in the urban and city areas and they are likely to find a good way to sneak into houses. There definitely a chance of a mouse climbing a bed in your home, the need to have to deal with these pesky mice can be a big task if you don’t know how to go about it. They are feisty climbers any smooth surface will not deter them right from glass to even smooth metal cannot come in their heist. So, bedpost will be an easy climb and they are known to have a good jumping range too. If your bed has any food signs like crumbs spillage of any kind, they are most likely to find the odor and make their attack. Have you seen, can mice climb beds. […]

  2. I recently moved to the country and was horrified to realized that I had a mouse problem!
    The first thing I did was to set out a humane trap in the area where I noticed the most mouse droppings. After I caught the mouse, I released him in a field 2 miles away.
    Then, I cleaned all the areas where he may have been with bleach, followed by vinegar. Then, I used steel wool to fill crevices around pipes and other small spaces.
    Finally, I filled in cracks larger than 1/4 inch with caulking. Lastly, I sprayed a mixture of water and peppermint essential oil around doorways, windows and heating vents.
    It seems to have worked!

  3. But how exactly are the mice getting into your home? You would be surprised at the many crafty ways that mice have to penetrate the four walls of our cozy homes.

  4. How do I prevent mice from climbing an electric cable from the ground into an opening in a trailer?

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