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Briarwood Home Jersey Cotton sheet is a product of World Home Fashion, an American brand known for home textiles and household items. With several years of experience and reliable customer loyalty, it’s no wonder why they have lots of positive feedback and comments from customers worldwide. This product has a luxurious, eye-catching finish, which, coupled with the brand’s exciting ad campaign, was why I bought this sheet as a spare set.

The sheet is made from 100% premium breathable cotton, which provides you with maximum comfort. ‘When buying from Briarwood Home, we ensure you are provided with satisfaction.’ That is the advertising tagline used by the brand for most of their home textiles. While they have reliable customer loyalty, we decided to try it out before giving a final verdict about this sheet. Well, we have some exciting tales to tell. Let’s get right into it.


Briarwood Home Jersey cotton sheet is a 100% cotton jersey knit sheet made with a natural blend of cotton and tightly woven with jersey knit to make the sheet baby soft and breathable. The added jersey cotton provides a smart construction that increases the flexibility and stretch of the sheets and ensures that they have a neat, elegant look when used. Irrespective of the décor you have in your bedroom, this product’s available colors will blend in elegantly. Although, I’d have preferred if there was a wider range of colors to choose from.

This product is recognized as a top product for its excellent reviews from different quarters. Specifically, it is a favorite among several customers because it comes with a durable storage bag that can also be reused later for other purposes. Equally, this top quality product is made in a factory that is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to be up-to-date on new rules by regulatory bodies. In fact, the brand goes the extra mile in ascertaining the quality of this product by publishing a Quality Assurance Setup with which other brands can test their products. This singular act has laid several doubts from customers to rest.

A complete California King size set of this product contains 1 108” W x 102” L flat sheet, 1 72” W x 84” L x 14” D fitted sheet, and 2 20” W x 40” L pillowcases. The fitted sheet has a depth dimension of 16” which makes it a perfect choice for anyone using pads or memory foam toppers. Asides from the shipping fee, with just about $37.99, you can add this absolute work of wonder to your linen collection.


  • Comfortable and soft
  • 100% cotton
  • Breathable, easy fit sheets
  • Super quality at great value
  • Easy care and maintenance routine
  • Oeko-Tex certified


  • Handwashing is not recommended
  • CK size might not easily fit on ultra-size mattresses

What Are Briarwood Home Jersey Cotton Sheets Made Of?

Briarwood Home Jersey Cotton sheet is made from 100% breathable premium cotton. The blend of cotton and tightly woven jersey knit makes the sheet very soft and comfortable. With this product, you still get the general worn T-shirt feel when you sleep in this sheet. This sheet provides maximum comfort; they are a perfect choice all year round since it is lightweight and cool enough for summer while still warm and thick enough for chilly winter nights. The excellent individualistic tailoring of this sheet gives you more value than you paid for.

Our Briarwood Home Jersey Cotton Sheets Review

You should know that the review and scoring system used in grading this product is entirely subjective and based on the experiences of individuals involved in this review. Although we hope that you will be able to use this review as a basis for making a purchase decision, it is essential to state that under certain circumstances, you might have a differing experience.

Equally, we believe that you will enjoy the premium quality of this sheet, depending on the way you handle and care for it. In any case, with baseline information about how to care for cotton jersey sheets, coupled with the information provided in the manufacturer’s care guide, you should not face any difficulty in caring for this product.

Comfort (8.0/10)

In case you do not have a memory foam topper, perhaps you should try to get one. This sheet is a total bomb when used with a memory topper. I initially bought the sheet as a spare for a jersey sheet I was using. Although I had to swap my first purchase for another due to a shipping error, I have to say I’ve had no reason to regret spending some extra dollars on this product.

The sheet is soft and comfortable, as it is made from a natural blend of premium cotton and tightly woven jersey knit. Just like most jersey sheets, sleeping on Briarwood Home Jersey Sheet felt like sleeping in my favorite t-shirt. With the right thickness, it is perfect all year long. I used both the duvet and the complete CK size without swapping any of the sheets with another from a different brand. My friends claim I enjoy all my sheets despite the brand because of my purple mattress, but I believe there was more to this product than the norm. Conclusively, a score of 8.0 seems right for the level of comfort and bliss I derived from this product.

Quality (8.1/10)

Before I started using these sheets, I had checked some reviews online about the quality. While most of these reviews were positive, some had negative comments about the sheets pilling after the first wash. It turns out it was an error from the batch, and most of the sheets were later replaced. The flat sheet from my initial purchase shrunk after the first wash, but it was changed with a full refund later on. Also, I have to say that this company has impeccable customer service personnel.

Unlike most cotton jersey-knit sheets, Briarwood Home Jersey Cotton Sheet has a thickness dimension of 150 GSM. Compared to other luxe high-quality sheets, this value is lower, but the tensile strength is as strong as others. Most likely, this is due to the treated imported premium quality used in producing this sheet.

Although I take extra care to use warm water in washing my sheets, the edges and hem of this product did not shrink as expected. The sheet is anti-wrinkle and quickly spreads out once it is neatly laid on the mattress. With the amount of ease I could use this sheet, solely depending on the premium quality I got at a low price, I believe a score of 8.1 perfectly defines Briarwood Home Jersey Cotton Sheets quality.

ECO Score (8.5/10)

ECO Score explains how environmentally sustainable a product is. Since there is an increased sensitization about how eco-friendly every product needs to be, customers are continually taking note of the best products on the market. Usually, there is concern about the biodegradability of jersey knit, especially when made from synthetic material. But, Briarwood Home Jersey Cotton Sheet is made from naturally grown and processed cotton. Thus, this sheet is biodegradable and recyclable.

You need to strictly follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s care guide as the jersey knit component of the sheet might not degrade as easily as cotton. The dyes used in coloring this product were derived from natural sources, most likely why the color range is limited. Finally, the maintenance and care routine for this sheet requires minimal energy and water resources and, as such, can be considered conservative. After carefully considering all the pros and cons of this product on the environment, I believe a score of 8.5 is a great fit.

Cooling (7.2/10)

Since I had used jersey sheets before, I knew all the potential traps regarding the cooling nature. Nonetheless, I took a gamble on this relatively cheap, high-quality cotton sheet. This sheet is not as soft as the modal sheet I had earlier used, which is good since I had to throw that out during the winter. All the same, Briarwood Home Jersey Cotton Sheet was a good fit for both winter and summer.

Like most jersey knit material, it tends to get bunched when you roll around in bed, and you may need to get up to rearrange it. Notwithstanding, the cotton component of the sheet perfectly blends in with its cooling and self-insulating properties. However, this sheet is a little bit textured, and you might not necessarily enjoy that, especially if you prefer sleeping warm. You might get a little relief from the warmth of these sheets if you remove the bottom sheet and use a plain cotton flat sheet instead. All in all, the sheets are comfortable and cool with a traditional slick feel that will keep you in bed all day. For the cooling effects of this product, a score of 7.2 is justified.

Easy Maintenance (8.6/10)

When I got my package delivered, the first thing I did was to wash the sheets in warm water immediately. I had a bad experience with a purchase earlier on and since adopted this safe method. The sheets did not shrink, and the color held well enough. Few months in, the color is still as vibrant as always, although some of the edges are beginning to fade. That is expected, seeing as I have used the sheets for a while.

The sheets have a durable, reusable bag, which makes storing this product very easy. Since I had to return my first, I was given a storage bag as compensation. It made it easier to store other bedsheets. This sheet is machine washable, and you can also tumble dry, although on a gentle cycle. As much as you can, try not to hand wash this sheet, especially under pressure as the woven threads might come undone. Finally, since the sheets are anti-wrinkle, you don’t have to spend any time ironing unless you have to. 8.6 best describes the maintenance routine of this product.

Final Verdict 8.1

If we were to unanimously give an overall rating to Briarwood Home Jersey Cotton sheets, we would rate it 8.1. Through each of the specific qualities that we have highlighted earlier, you’d see that the product deserves that score and more. It is essential to state that the reviews were not based on a single individual’s experience but from a broad overview of varying opinions.

With just a little amount of money, you can have this high-quality luxe material in your bedroom. Why not take an educated risk and give it a try.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Are There Fabric Blends For This Sheet?
The top quality luxurious heather jersey sheets are 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

What Is The Shipping Weight Of Sheets?
The average shipping weight, including the box, is 4lbs.

How Deep Are The Pockets Of This Sheet?
All the fitted sheets have elastic edges round with a depth of about 16”. However, they might not easily fit on ultra-size mattresses that have a depth dimension of 18.”

How Much Do These Sheets Shrink?
The sheet quality is anti-shrink and, thus, will not shrink after drying.

Are These Sheets Stretchy? Will They Fit On A Purple Mattress?
Yes. The modal sheets are knitted, and so are stretchy. They will fit nicely on a purple mattress.

8.1 Total Score

  • Comfortable and soft
  • 100% cotton
  • Breathable, easy fit sheets
  • Super quality at great value
  • Easy care and maintenance routine
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • Handwashing is not recommended
  • CK size might not easily fit on ultra-size mattresses
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