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Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set is just what you need to make your dreams come alive. Josh Pribyl, the founder of Bare, stated that his company’s products are built on the same tenets that it started with, big dreams and humble beginnings. Products from this brand are known for their impressive qualities without backbreaking costs. In fact, they probably have the best customer service in the home textile industry. Bare has become the first choice for many sound sleepers. You could say the founder’s dream has come true.

Nonetheless, when we came across this product, we decided to test run it before writing a review about it. Like most high-quality products, it has both ups and downs. But, summarily, we believe the company has delivered reasonably well on promises made in their ad campaigns. From our use and other reviews we found online, here is what we found out about this product.


Bare Home Flannel sheet is made from 100% brushed cotton. To meet the specific desire for softness, the sheets are brushed multiple times on both sides till a velvety soft feel is achieved. When compared to other sheets, this product has a denser feel and a high tensile strength, which directly reflects on its durability and tear-resistant properties. Without a doubt, this sheet is going to be the softest flannel sheet you own, that is if you decided to buy it.

Although the choice of colors is limited to just eleven, the primary colors you need to blend into your bedroom design are available. Also, since the sheets have a depth of 15″ with an elastic edge all around the sheets, it fits snugly and nicely on your mattress, providing a sleek, neat look.

Additionally, the sheets are made from extra soft natural Turkish cotton fibers, which provides a warm, cool feel all year long. Since the set has a beautiful packaging and storage bag, it makes for a perfect gift choice for any occasion. Just in case you have sensitive skin, you need not worry about this product because it contains no chemicals or toxic substances that could cause a reaction. Primarily, time spent in bed should be one of the most relaxing periods of the day, which is why Bare Home Flannel Sheet is exquisitely designed to perform all day and night flawlessly.

A complete queen size set of this product contains 1 60” x 80” x 15” fitted sheet, 1 90” x 102” flat sheet, and 2 20” x 30” standard pillowcases. You could own a set of this for just $44.99. if you don’t like it, you can return it within 30 days. That’s more than enough time to decide. Have a wonderful time exploring.


  • 100% cotton
  • Double brushed flannel
  • Deep pockets that fits mattresses 15” deep
  • Premium quality
  • One month return guarantee
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Limited choice of color
  • Not a perfect fit for mattresses with 16” to 18” depth

What are Bare Home Flannel Sheets Made Of?

Bare Home Flannel Sheet is made from 100% imported brushed premium Turkish cotton. This unique cotton fiber brand is known for its cozy, warm feel and perfect moisture-wicking properties, making it suitable for use all year long. Also, the sheets are double brushed to increase the softness of the sheets on both sides. Irrespective of which side you lay on, it’s sweet dreams all the way.

Our Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set Review

We believe that you will enjoy the premium quality of this sheet, depending on the way you handle and care for it. In any case, with baseline information about how to care for flannel sheets, coupled with the information provided in the manufacturer’s care guide, you should have no issues whatsoever in caring for this product.

You should know that the review and scoring system used in grading this product is entirely subjective and based on the experiences of individuals involved in this review. Although we hope that you will be able to use this review as a basis for making a purchase decision, it is essential to state that under certain circumstances, you might have a differing experience.

Comfort (7.7/10)

I love these flannel sheets. They are superior in comfort and quality compared to a set which I paid double for last year. No way I am going to buy that sheet again when I can spend less and get more with this product. However, the sheets are not as comfortable as the ads suggested. The ads painted a picture of a buttery soft sheet – almost unimaginable. Still, I find this sheet very cool, cozy, and warm, all wrapped in one.

Since the sheets are double brushed, I can easily get tangled in between the sheets without feeling discomfort from the scratchy wrong side of the sheets. I tried a hack on the sheet that you might find useful. I washed them immediately. I got them with one cup of baking soda, ½ cup of white vinegar, and several drops of vinegar oil. It seems it worked out well enough; I had no scratchy feeling at all. It is so difficult to find good flannel sheets. I had no complaints when this started to pill after two months. I think I got the value for the money I spent. 7.7 seems just right; what do you think?

Quality (7.3/10)

This fabric is described as lightweight in its product description. For a second, I thought that meant feather-light, turns out they meant heavyweight compared to other flannel sheets. Bare Home Flannel Sheets are thicker and denser than the average flannel sheet but remain comfy and easy on the skin. The yarns look tight enough for me, and since the threads didn’t hang loose after repeated washing, I guess I got a good bang for my money.

The sheets didn’t shrink or fade even after using the compression hand wash technique for washing the sheets. A method that many people complain about shrinks their sheets.

The sheets started peeling after two months, but I guess that could be because I had used it continuously for that period. I’d have preferred to get a replacement, but the 30 day period had elapsed. In any case, off to explore other flannel sheets. Notwithstanding, I enjoyed the soft, luxurious quality more than the norm and what I had earlier expected. Scoring grade of 7.3 was pretty much straightforward for me.

ECO Score (8.5/10)

Generally, flannel sheets are considered a hot topic when it comes to how eco-friendly they are. Depending on the fiber used in making the sheet, whether synthetic or natural fibers, flannel sheets could be considered a danger to the ecosystem or just another product to be recycled. I believe every customer should allow themselves to learn about how our choices affect the ecosystem.

That being said, Bare Home Flannel Sheet, since it is made of cotton, is biodegradable and recyclable. From the manufacturer’s review, the process of processing the cotton fiber and spinning them into flannel yarns does not involve the use of any chemical or toxic substances. Although the manufacturing factory isn’t Oeko-Tex certified like most brands, it is clear that it is due to the country of location. The sheet does not also require lots of resources, mostly water and energy for maintenance. This product requires just the barest minimum for preservation. All of this put in mind, a score of 8.5 seems just right in explaining how environmentally sustainable Bare Home flannel sheets are.

Cooling (7.1/10)

It seems wool duvet and flannel sheets are a terrible combination; I never knew. But, that speaks to my ignorance, not the quality of the sheets. Ordinarily, the cooling properties of this product are impressive. Flannel sheets are known for sometimes getting too warm, especially in the summer. But, these sheets have amazing airflow. Turkish cotton is also known for impressive airflow, which increased the ease with which I could sleep under the sheets. My apartment usually gets warm, so I knew something about the sheet working magic all night. Either that or the magical genie comes into the room with a fan.

Although the sheets are somewhat thicker than other flannel sheets, they can sometimes be uncomfortable. I guess people who live in the tropics might find it challenging to use this product’s complete set. Also, whatever you do, do not use a wool duvet or blanket with this sheet, especially if you have sensitive skin. You might wake up with a full-blown heat rash by morning. Despite this, I feel an average score of 7.1 best defines Bare Home Flannel Sheets cooling capacity.

Easy Maintenance (8.3/10)

This sheet is easy to wash and maintain. Asides from having a manufacturer’s care guide that carefully defaults all the necessary information needed to handle this sheet properly, it also has a reusable, durable storage bag. You might be able to use the bag for other things rather than linen storage. I admit to using it for grocery shopping occasionally.

The sheets are both machines and hand washable. Also, you can tumble dry the sheets, although at low temperatures. The sheets might not hold well under strong detergents as several people complained of color blotches after using them. Additionally, since I washed the sheets using a mixture of baking soda and lavender oil, there was no shrinking incidence, and the sheets didn’t crease or wrinkle. Since there is a core guide that you can follow to avoid any unnecessary surprises, there isn’t a need for concerns. In any case, if your sheets pill or fade within 30 days, you can always get a replacement with a full refund. For the maintenance and care routine of Bare Home Flannel Sheet, a score of 8.3 summarizes it all down to a tee.

Final Verdict 7.8

Through each section discussed, you will realize why there is such a rave about Bare Home Flannel Sheet, asides from their beautiful campaign ads. Despite this, the sheet, like every other, has its benefits and drawbacks. But, with a final verdict score of 7.8, we believe the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Of course, we have left room for objectivity and for you to make a choice.

You should know that this review was a collation of different submissions from individuals with varying preferences. Notwithstanding your final decision, it is important to prioritize your comfort and what best suits you.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

What Is The Thread Count Of This Sheet?
Flannel sheets do not have a thread count; instead, they have a listed weight.

Will Any Of The Sizes Work For A Dorm Bed?
Yes. The twin XL size is quite common across campus and will be a good fit for dorm beds.

Can You Use This Sheet On A Memory Topper And Purple Mattress?
Yes. The correct size of the sheet will fit on your memory topper and purple mattress.

7.8 Total Score

  • 100% cotton
  • Double brushed flannel
  • Deep pockets that fits mattresses 15” deep
  • Premium quality
  • One month return guarantee
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Limited choice of color
  • Not a perfect fit for mattresses with 16” to 18” depth
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