Bamboo vs. Linen: Which Should Your Sheets Be Made Of?

When it comes to bedsheet affairs, you will realize that manufacturing sheets is a science on its own. From the realization of material to processing, it created a fabric and then designed them to fit for various beds.

The identification of bed sheets first happened in the 15th century. Before then, people have been using bedsheets, which they create from different materials. Even though they don’t know much about bed sheets, they were wise enough to identify the importance of having bed sheets on their mattresses. That’s to buttress the point that sleep is essential. Back then, bedsheets were mainly made of cotton, linen, and silk fiber alone, and they are usually in white colors of plain and patterns design.

Bamboo vs. Linen

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Later, technology and science were helpful to man, which made man identify more materials that can be used to produce more and better bed sheets. Among the newly invented bed sheets are polyester, bamboo, and others. All of these sheet types vary in one way or the other. They have their similarities, their good and bad sides. Since they were made from different materials, not all of them are suitable for everybody; our bodies differ.

Therefore, It has to do with choosing the bed sheet that has what you need, that’s within the range of your budget. It would be better not to pay much attention to price tags because the price can sometimes be deceiving. Some cheap sheets are truly cheap in value, while some expensive sheets are not worth a single star.

Today, we take an in-depth look at two different bed sheet types. One belongs to the old generation while the other can be called the new age sheet–linen and bamboo sheets. Bamboo vs. linen: which should your sheet be made of?

You may or might have never thought of comparing these two sheets before. Here we are to enlighten you about them. Before answering the question above, you will have to answer this question, what do I want from a bedsheet?

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What are Bamboo Sheets?

What Are Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are a kind of bedsheet that features four subsets – differentiated by the process use and fabric in which they are made. The first is a kind that is made from bamboo rayon and named accordingly; the second is a style that is made from a contemporary fabric and made to form 100% bamboo lyocell sheets; the third is deemed bamboo and cotton sheets, as both kinds of yarn or fabric make an appearance in the production of these sheets; and finally, there is a one called bamboo linen bed sheets, which assimilate the strength of linen material with the softness of bamboo.

Bamboo sheets, regardless of the type, are gaining a lot of traction and popularity in today’s market for these main reasons:

  • Extremely soft to the touch
  • Environmentally sound
  • Naturally moisture-absorbing


Bamboo sheets have been described by a lot of consumers as softer than that of cotton or even linen sheets. When made the right way, bamboo sheets should be extremely soft to the hands and body. This is due in part, to the natural bamboo fibers and finely woven threads that make up the fabric of your sheet. These sheets can be relaxing for those who suffer from skin ailments or sensitive skin.

Oftentimes, bamboo sheets are weaved in two distinct ways – a bamboo twill and a bamboo sateen. The bamboo twill is considerably stronger than that of the sateen but does not have the silky and sleek texture of the bamboo sateen.

To retain the softness of either style or kind of bamboo sheet, it is very important to remember to pay very close instruction to all the instructions involving its washing. Bamboo can tear, wrinkle or lose their suppleness easily when proper care instructions are not followed to the letter.

Green Fabric

Bamboo sheets are not only ideal to those that have sensitive skin or skin issues but also to those that want to enjoy comfort but not at the expense of the environment. For the environmentally conscious, the bamboo sheets’ natural fibers are derived from a plant that can be grown nearly anywhere! As a matter of fact, recent market figures show that bamboo is slowly beating more commonly-recognized sheet sets with those concerned with their carbon footprint on the planet leading the charge.

It Absorbs Moisture Naturally

If you are the kind of person who suffers from night sweats, hot flashes or you just sleep hot during the warm season, a breathable and dry set of bed sheets is a no-brainer. When a person spends the night in wet or damp fabric, the skin becomes irritated and can trigger a flare-up of specific skin conditions. Mold and other bacteria can also become embedded in the sheets, which can lead to more skin and respiratory issues.

Bamboo sheets boast of natural breathability from its crude weaving pattern and organic materials. This breathability lets these sheets absorb moisture instantly and evaporate it straight back into the atmosphere.

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What are Linen Sheets?

What Are Linen Sheets

For generations, linen sheets have been praised for generations as the ideal fabric when outfitting a bed.

With its various thread counts and woven structure, a lot of people enjoy the comfort and smoothness of linen sheets. It is specially made even better by the fact that you don’t need to take a bank loan to afford this kind of sheet.

The threads of linen sheets are often thicker and longer than cotton and can last far longer than their counterparts because of its heavy-duty nature. With a stiff-to-smooth and consistent texture, these sheets can also have delicate massaging qualities because of microscopic breaks in the fabric. The softness of linen sheets can also get considerably better over time without their durability being compromised.

But What is the Linen Fiber?

Linen is a robust natural fiber that is derived from the flax plant. The finest linen often comes from Europe. To be specific, it is found in Belgium, where the climate and rich soil is best for strong, beautiful flax. With Belgian linen, you’ll get bedding that feature higher quality fibers.

Linen fabrics are heavier than their cotton counterparts, and they are anticipated to be 30% stronger. They feel crisp at first, though through time and consistent use, linen fabrics become soft to the touch. Linen’s primary features are longevity, luster, and lovely drape. As linen fibers are thicker than cotton fibers, a lower thread count is essential to ensure high quality, enduring linen fabric.

Linen is known for its absorbency as these can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. Its facility for wicking moisture makes it the preferred bed sheet when it comes to keeping bedrooms and the people inside it cool. But if you are the type of person who likes to sleep all warm and toasty, breathable linen is an ideal choice for you.

Linen bed sheets should be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and can be tumble dried on delicate and low heat.

Benefits of Linen Sheets

Most of the time, hotels and Air BnBs use linen sheets because these kinds of sheets are made of durable fabric. Linen sheets are so long-lasting that they often outlast most fabrics aside from also being anti-allergic.

In addition, linen sheets have unique filtering qualities that can reduce the number of allergens and germs found in common sets of bed sheets. With moisture lessening capabilities and breathability, airflow through the sheets keeps them cool and dry no matter how long they are in use. This can also reduce allergy symptoms or other respiratory disorders.

Linen sheets are also anti-static, which lets the skin and body keep their natural pH levels, which can be a huge benefit to those who have sensitive skin or skin concerns.

Linen sheets have also been deemed as one of the more environmentally-sound options when it comes to bed sheets because of their long life-span and their manufacturing from flax seeds — which is a renewable resource. These sheets are made from natural methods and are also considered to be biodegradable when you are done with them and decide to finally throw them away.

The Downsides to Linen Sheets

It can really take a while for linen sheets (think three years worth of washings) to feel as smooth as cotton sheets. The reason for this is because of their thicker and coarser material at the start of their lifespan can be off-putting to those who actually want softness in their sheets from the minute they rip the package apart.

The higher the thread count in linen sheets can also increase its price, so to buy a softer linen bed sheet set would often mean you having to shell out hundreds of dollars. While it’s always prudent to invest in nice, comfy bed sheets, it’s not always the best idea when you are strapped for cash.

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Bamboo Sheets vs. Linen Sheets: Which Should Your Love Nest Have?

Bamboo vs Linen

Now that we’ve covered substantial ground on bamboo and linen fabric, we’ve come to the part you have been anxiously waiting for: which is best for your love nest, bamboo sheets vs. linen sheets? Let’s find out!


A very intricate process is involved in making bamboo sheets. The raw bamboo chunks are turned into a soft and fine fiber and later on, to bamboo yarns. These bamboo yarns are constantly manufactured to make high-quality and long-lasting bamboo sheets.

Organic bamboo sheets are inescapably high-grade when it comes to durability. Unlike traditional bed sheets that the market has in spades, bamboo sheets give you a quality that can last for years on end and in some cases, even for a lifetime when maintained and cared for appropriately. They do not wear out easily, shrink, and even pill with repeated usage and cleaning

Meanwhile, linen also goes through a meticulous process to make the fine linen sheets you see in the market today. Linen sheets, however, are not nearly as versatile and elastic as bamboo sheets. They have a tendency to break or wear out throughout the process of production, which makes them more arduous to weave.

Manufacturing linen sheets is no laughing matter and as such, very labor-intensive. However, they demonstrate excellent quality but not quite like the bamboo sheets that can last for many tears. Linen sheets can wear out over time due to washing and regular use.

Which is Better: Bamboo


Bamboo sheets are soft and superbly lightweight. You can hardly know it’s there when you cover yourself with these comfy sheets. And this is actually an advantage when you need to make up your bed. Aside from its softness, the light feeling makes it so much easier to change the sheets every so often. Being so light also means it won’t take so much storage space in the cabinet or while you’re cleaning it in the washing machine. It doesn’t feel rough or harsh on the skin. It wraps the skin with an extreme comfort that makes the bed feel comfier and more inviting to sleep in.

Sheets made from linen meanwhile, are also incredibly soft and comfortable to sleep in. I’d say that the demanding production process is worth the wait and definitely pays off. These sheets deliver premium comfort and a plush vibe that can make you look forward to sleeping every single day. While linen feels crisp fresh off the package, it gets softer and silkier and feels smooth on the skin due to regular use and proper maintenance.

Which is Better: A Tie


Bamboo sheets are versatile even when the temperatures and seasons change from time to time. They can make you feel all toasty during the winter or cold season but cool when the summer season arrives. And since these sheets are breathable, they wick away moisture and sweat making you feel fresh and cool.

Linen is also a breathable material. As it is lightweight, it lets the air to pass through which allows the sheets to cool down during the hot summer months thus leaving you with a fresh and cool sensation. When the winter season comes, linen also has its way to snuggle you with heat. But with its lower thread count, it can’t offer as much warmth as the bamboo sheets.

Which is Better: Bamboo

Health and Environment

What I have found to be bamboo sheet’s most intriguing quality is its beneficial impact on health especially to those that have sensitive skin or suffer from skin conditions. They are antibacterial, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Bamboo touches the skin softly as it prevents the development of bacteria and keeps you away from possible allergy outbreaks. Bamboo is also environment-friendly as it is sustainable and does not need any pesticides and other harsh chemicals to make it flourish.

Linen is also one of the eco-friendly fabrics that you can find on shelves everywhere. The Flax plant does not also require pesticides and other dangerous chemicals to grow. As it is resilient, it can take mercurial conditions and even poor soil and less water consumption. When these linen sheets are not dyed or treated with other chemicals, they are completely biodegradable. On the other hand, the linen is absorbent. It is an advantage, especially when the temperature gets warmer leaving you cool and fresh without that clammy feeling. However, as it absorbs the sweat and excess oils from our skin, it does leave open the possibility of bacterial growth.

Which is Better: Bamboo


Bamboo sheets are a slight kind of fabric that needs sensitive, cautious and super careful handling. Though there are moments when you can just toss it in the washing machine for washing, every brand or manufacturer offers a detailed instruction guide on how these sheets should be dealt with. Following these guidelines is a prerequisite for keeping the sheets long-lasting.

On the other hand, linen requires simple and easy cleaning and washing. Lukewarm or cold water works with linen sheets. As they are not as gentle as bamboo sheets, linen can be cleaned and washed with any detergent and softener. Another intriguing trick with linen is it becomes much softer every after wash. But even with easy cleaning, it is a must to read the instructions the manufacturers provide regarding proper washing.

Which is Better: Linen


Here’s where bamboo sheets and linen sheets differ the most. The price tag has always been a primary factor to consider and let’s get this out of the way early on: bamboo sheets are not the cheapest to buy. They usually cost a bit higher than the traditional sheets.

However, even with its hefty price tag, you can truly enjoy its exceptional value that can last for a lifetime. Consider it an investment in the love nest that you and your family will be sleeping in.

Linen may not also be among the reasonable sheets out there. As it is tough to weave and the whole process truly is laborious, the production cost increases.
Although it is expensive at first, it is somehow more affordable compared to bamboo sheets.

Which is Better: Linen

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Top Rated and Recommended Bamboo Bed Sheets

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Set Alert for Product: LuxClub 6 PC Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets Deep Pockets 18" Eco Friendly Wrinkle Free Sheets Hypoallergenic Anti-Bacteria Machine Washable Hotel Bedding Silky Soft - Cream Queen - $34.95
Last Amazon price update was: 26 November 2022 19:52
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Luxclub bamboo sheets are one of the most recommendable bamboo sheets ever. They are incredibly soft, thanks to the material used in them, bamboo/rayon blend. The sheets are light in weight, but they are sturdy on the touch. They are made from the best bamboo blend to make them useful for many years.

The sheets have a plethora of benefits, including hypoallergenic. If you need the best sheet that can naturally fight against allergens, this is the one for you. Likewise, the spreads wick moisture amazingly. Any water from anywhere is pulled and dispersed to make you sleep better.

Besides that, these sheets have an excellent cooling effect on the body, making them highly breathable. You will sleep without waking up soaked in your sweat or feeling cold in winter. These are anytime and any day bed sheets that are made without harmful substances.

The bedsheets wash fast and dry quickly because they are very soft. Since they are soft, they don’t wrinkle after washing like some other soft sheets. The weave and the sheets’ materials don’t permit them to fade, wrinkle, or deteriorate in quality after washing. The manufacturer was careful enough not to use any harsh chemicals or dye on them to harm the skin or damage the sheet in a short while.

8.4/10 Read review
84 %
Last Amazon price update was: 13 August 2022 04:03
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

If you have been on the hunt for the best bamboo sheets in the market, then this Cosy house collection luxury bamboo sheets are for you. The affordable sheets are there for you to start having a fabulous night’s rest. The sheets are manufactured with a bamboo/microfiber blend that makes them silky softer than high-end sheets. Also, they are sturdy enough to withstand heavy use for years to come.

This sheet set feels good on the skin and makes sleepers breathe well. The sheets are perfect for winter and summer as they are not too thin to keep you warm and cold. Once you slide in them, you will forget what season it is.

Notably, if you have issues with mites and pollen disturbing your peaceful sleep, you need this sheet to handle that for you. They are good at resisting pollen and dusting mites away from your bed. Simultaneously, the sheets will wick and evaporate moisture, which means they are antimicrobial, too.

The sheets are effortless to maintain for long time use, and they are safe.

8.3/10 Read review
83 %
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Set Alert for Product: Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set - Hypoallergenic - Eco Friendly - Cooling Sheets - Soft as Silk - 4 Piece Set (Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, 2 Pillowcases) (Queen, White) - $34.99
Last Amazon price update was: 29 November 2022 20:47
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

We can confidently recommend this bamboo sheet for anyone who needs the best bed sheet, even with their tight budget. Hotel sheets direct 100% bamboo sheets are manufactured to offer you the bed sheet to give you a better sleep time experience.

These sheets are so soft, and light on the feel that sleeping in them is nothing but impressive. Thanks to the real bamboo-viscose blend used to produce them and weave plus the 1600 thread count. According to the manufacturer, the bamboo fiber used is of the highest level of the material’s six levels. This is an assurance that the sheets will last longer than some other expensive sheets. Asides, the sheets feel strong on the touch.

Sleeping on these sheets is safe because they are made in a safe environment without applying dangerous substances. They are hypoallergenic as well as thermo-regulating, which means they will fight allergens and keep you cool or warm whenever you sleep in them. With a few dollars, get yourself this amazing set of sheets and start having a better time in bed.

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Top Rated and Recommended Linen Bed Sheets

8.7/10 Read review
87 %
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Set Alert for Product: DAPU Pure Stone Washed Linen Sheets Set 100% French Natural Linen European Flax (Queen, Natural Linen, Flat, Fitted and 2 Pillowcases - $136.99
Last Amazon price update was: 30 November 2022 13:34
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

This product is pure French linen that’s made originally from the best French grown flax. The flax used is naturally cultivated and harvested in a safe vicinity.
These stonewashed sheets are glossy, gorgeous, and durable with a soft finish. The fabrics are tested and certified safe for all skin by OEKO-TEX standard 100. If you have sensitive skin or you need a safe sheet for your toddler, this is the right option for you.

You need this sheet to feel warm or cool all nights; winter, or summer, since they are good at absorbing moisture.

One of the bamboo sheet’s qualities is that it sucks in dye pretty well. Because of that, you have the chance to purchase them in any cool color of your choice. With every wash, this product gets softer and washes quickly without losing its quality.

This product’s fitted sheet fits up to 16-inch mattresses and has the full anti-slip feature to hold the sheets excellently on the mattress.

8.7/10 Read review
87 %
Last Amazon price update was: 12 August 2022 09:19
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Sijo premium stone-washed French linen sheet has a very high density more than some linen brands in the market. The sheets are made without fabric softeners or chemicals; hence they are naturally soft and durable. The material used is the original French linen, which is harvested in small sets from France, Normandy, to be precise. That place is famous for offering the best linen, stone-washed, and preshrunk.

The spreads are certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, which supports that the fabrics are not processed with harmful chemicals or dyes.
The sheets are wrinkles resistant and get better after each wash, and they wash well with little effort.

The product is manufactured in eight various colors and King, Full, Queen, Cal King sizes of three and four sets. The three sets consist of a flat sheet and two pillowcases, while the four sets have two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and one fitted sheet.

8.7/10 Read review
87 %
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Set Alert for Product: Simple&Opulence 100% Linen Sheet Set with Embroidery Stone Washed - 4 Pieces (1 Flat Sheet & 1 Fitted Sheet & 2 Pillowcases) Natural Flax Soft Bedding Breathable Farmhouse - Light Grey, King Size - $146.99
Last Amazon price update was: 1 December 2022 00:54
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Simple&opulence 100% linen sheet is one of the affordable sheets with classic design and unbelievable values. The sheets are made from pure, high-quality French flax with stone-washed. Even though the stone washing procedure is known for making linen sheets shrink badly, the manufacturer used 160 GSM to reasonably eradicate that effect.

The quality of the sheets is superior at its price. There is beautiful embroidery on each sheet piece, including the pillowcases, which will make your bed look elegant. As beautiful as the sheet set is, they have been ensured to be certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. That means anybody can sleep on them without causing harm to their skin. This is because flax makes a healthy and durable sheet better than some other materials.

One of the benefits of this product is how it regulates body temperature well, even for older ladies who experience hot flashes due to menopause. This is not a sheet set for a particular season; instead, you will enjoy it at any period of the year. The sheets absorb moisture better than cotton, plus they are easy to maintain, and they don’t fade on time.

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[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

How should I take care of these bamboo sheets to make them last longer?
First, you need to check the care instruction of the sheets on purchase. The manufacturers always have the best instructions for each of their products.

You can do the following if the instruction is not helpful or missing: Wash the sheets in cool water with mild liquid detergent, dry them at low temperature and take them out instantly after drying to avoid wrinkles.

They don’t need fabric softener; they are already soft; neither do they need chlorine bleach; it will damage them. Wash the sheets alone, not with other harsh materials such as towels; doing that could make the sheets pill. You can iron the sheets if they wrinkle, but do that at a low temperature.

Do these sheets pill?
The majority of sheets would pill after a long time of use, not bamboo or linen sheets only. Linen sheets specifically do not pill soon if taken care of correctly, while bamboo sheets are slow to pill as well, depending on how you care for them.

Are linen sheets good for all skin types?
Linen sheets are not recommendable for all skin, and that’s because they are not very smooth like bamboo sheets. Likewise, many of the linen sheets in the market are not hypoallergenic like bamboo sheets. Therefore, a rough skin person may find linen sheets tacky or scratchy on the body.

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