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An invasion of pantry moths can make you lose all the dry food items you have stocked in your kitchen or pantry. These little insects attack foods such as cereals, grains, chocolate, spices, pasta, bread, and your favorite processed snacks. The smell of these food products usually attracts them into your pantry, and woe unto you if your foods are not stored in airtight jars and containers. Having a pantry moth infestation can be frustrating, but with the Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps, your misery will be brought to an end.

Purchasing insecticide and chemical-free moth traps is one of the best ways of dealing with pantry moths. These traps are made of eco-friendly materials and do not put people and pets’ lives at risk. If you embark on a mission to buy such traps, you will soon realize that numerous brands sell them. Trying each in an attempt to discover the best pantry moth traps can be a daunting task. This is why we will explore the Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps to help you understand their best features and limitations. In doing so, we will save you from buying multiple products that may not always work.


A pack of Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps contains six individual traps that effectively eliminate different species of pantry moths. These include moths that feed on grains, floor, seeds, and other foods. One of the best features is that each trap is made of materials that do not harm the planet. With these pantry moth traps, you can get rid of your pantry moth problem and prevent future infestations without worrying about the safety of your loved ones and pets. What are the pros and cons of these moth traps?


  • Simple to set up and use
  • Lightweight and hangable design
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable
  • Free from toxic chemicals and insecticides


  • Weak pheromones
  • Only works on food moths

What are Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps Made of?

Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps are made of high-quality cardboard, industrial-grade glue, and pheromones. All these materials are free from chemicals that may harm human beings and animals. They do not contain any pesticides as well. You can comfortably place them near your food without worrying about possible chemical contamination. Each of the six traps in the pack has to be set up by peeling off the sheet covering the adhesive layer and folding the toxin-free cardboard into a triangle. While very sticky glue will not harm you in any way if you accidentally touch it as it is also toxin and chemical-free.

Our Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps Review

In our experience so far, some pantry moth traps work better than others. Over the years, we have tried and tested various products and given our honest feedback, so we will do the same for the Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps, which were our latest purchase. Since we have sampled many other similar products before, we must let you know that our views and opinions will be subjective and may differ from yours. We shall primarily focus on the product’s scent, thickness, value for money, effectiveness, and ease of use.

Scent (9.2/10)

Before learning how important the scent of pantry moth elimination products was, we bought moth poison. We cannot begin to describe how intense the entire house smelled. Having a child who is extremely sensitive to smells and scents and an older person prone to allergies worsened the situation. We resorted to sleeping in a hotel for a couple of days. Since then, we swore to purchase products that are eco-friendly and without strong odors. The label on the Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps packet indicated that the traps did not contain any toxins or insecticides and were approved by both USDA and EPA. Therefore, we did not expect them to release any foul or unbearable smells.

Fortunately, our desires and expectations were met. The traps barely had any smell other than the very mild scent from the industrial-grade glue, which one could only smell if they placed the trap about an inch from their noses. We set up three of the traps, and our sensitive child did not notice any change at all. Our senior family member also went about her day as usual, without any allergic flare-ups.

Thickness (9.2/10)

Each of the Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps is pretty sturdy. The traps are made of lightweight cardboard that is quite thin. The thinness made it much easier to fold the traps before hanging or placing them at the desired spots within the house. The sides on which the pantry moths stick contained an adhesive mixture of industrial-grade glue and pheromone attractants. The glue layer was also pretty thin, but this did not interfere with the traps’ effectiveness.

The glue felt very sticky to the touch, assuring us that it would work well over a period of time. After a couple of days, we were interested in finding out the state of the glue. Would the thin layer of glue dry out? Would the traps be as effective as they were on the first day? We checked, and to our surprise, the thin layer of glue was still in perfect condition. It was sticky and not dried out as we imagined. Overall, we loved that these traps functioned well despite having a thin and lightweight structure.

Ease of Use (9.4/10)

We have to state that we did not necessarily have a moth infestation when we bought these traps. However, we had a moth problem a few months ago and decided it would be best to use moth traps to prevent future attacks. We were impressed with how easy these traps were to set up. We set up the two in the pantry and one in the kitchen. The setting up procedure was as easy as removing the packaging, removing the sheet covering the adhesive, and folding the cardboard up.

We noted that the ease of use was partly because the pheromone attractants were already mixed with the industrial-grade glue. We did not have to unwrap and strategically place a pheromone tab or disc as we had done with some of the other products we had purchased before. We also loved the traps’ design because they all had a very innovative hook at the top tip of the triangle. The hooks allowed us to hang the traps in the pantry. We did not hang the third one in the kitchen. Instead, we placed it on the kitchen counter. We will be using the three remaining pantry traps in the future.

Effectiveness (8.6/10)

Anyone who has used moth traps can tell you that they do not work miraculously. Successful elimination of pantry moths is also attributed to the state of your pantry or kitchen. If you keep storing infested food items, the problem is unlikely to go away until you clear your food cabinets and drawers and keep the place very clean. We used these traps after removing and thoroughly cleaning both the pantry and the kitchen. Our main aim was preventing reinfestation, so all food items purchased recently were already in airtight jars and containers.

We were surprised when the traps caught one or two moths after a week, mainly because we thought that there were no moths at all in our house. We thus concluded that these traps were quite effective in dealing with a moth infestation or preventing one.

We decided to read reviews of the same product online. While the traps seemed to work well for us, they were not as effective for other people. Some even stated that the pheromones lost their power to attract pantry moths within a couple of days, even if the label indicated they could be used for three months.

Value for Money (9.0/10)

We avoid unnecessary spending in our family, so it was no surprise that these pantry moth traps first caught our attention because there was no shipping fee to our house. That may vary depending on where you live. Upon looking closely at the product description, we discovered that the price was favorable for a pack of six traps, so we purchased them.

Overall, we can report that these traps were worth our money. They caught one or two moths that were trying to creep back into our kitchen and pantry after the last infestation we had a while ago. Although we primarily purchased them as a preventative measure, we can assert that the traps were exactly what we were looking for. They were sticky enough, long-lasting, effective in catching moths, and did not emit any unpleasant smells. We will be repurchasing these traps because they are worth the price.

Final Verdict 9.1

Our final opinion of the Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps is that they are outstanding in preventing infestations by pantry moths. Many other users reported on various online platforms that they worked relatively well to manage and eliminate active pantry moth problems in their households. The traps scored very well on the scent and thickness because they did not pollute the air or release unwanted smells, and they were pretty thin and lightweight, which made using them fun. They were also very easy to set up and hang or place in various spots in the house.

We also felt that the overall value of the traps was worth the attached price. Although we thought that the traps effectively prevented or managed moth problems, we deducted points because some users felt that the pheromone attractants were not as strong as they desired. They seemingly lost their power after a few days of use, while the label indicated they could work effectively for three months. After deliberating on these factors, we gave the Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps an overall score of 9.1/10.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Where are Authenzo Pantry Moth Traps manufactured?
These pantry moth traps are made in Dongguan Province in Southern China.

Can these traps work on stink bugs?
No, they cannot. These traps are specifically designed to trap Indian meal moths and other species of food moths. They will not trap the stink bugs in your house or premises.

Do the traps produce any odors?
No, they do not. This makes them suitable for persons who are very sensitive to smells or those who suffer from allergies.

How long can I use one trap
You can use each trap for up to 3 months. The pheromones in the trap actively work for about three months before they lose their power.

Will these traps catch closet moths?
No, they will not. The traps are made to catch Indian meal moths and other varieties of pantry or food moths.

Must I use these traps in dark and enclosed spaces, or can I use them out in the open?
You can use the traps out in the open spaces in your kitchen or pantry. Placing them in dark places does not necessarily mean they will work better.

9.1 Total Score

Ease of Use
Value for Money
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Lightweight and hangable design
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable
  • Free from toxic chemicals and insecticides
  • A strong mint smellWeak pheromones
  • Only works on food moths
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