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Spending hundreds of dollars to purchase a goose down comforter is not a guarantee that the comforter is the right one or the best for you to invest on. Some people believe that they cannot get a goose down comforter to give them everything they desire in a comforter, except it has a very high price. To them, the higher the price, the higher the values stocked in the goose down comforter.

No doubt, that notion is true but not entirely the yardstick to judge a goose down comforter’s quality and values. Some people have made such mistakes and learned not to judge a book by its cover again.

In a nutshell, a good comforter is right whether it has a high price tag or not. We have come across some affordable goose down comforter that serves better than the costly ones, and one of them is the product we are about to review here now.
The APSMILE Fusion All Seasons Hungarian Goose Down Comforter-let’s see if it’s your need or not.


The APSMILE Fusion All Seasons Hungarian Goose Down Comforter is a premium product filled with countless values. The comforter is specially designed for sleepers that desire to improve their sleep quality. Notably, it’s a good recommendation for people with insomnia and allergy sufferers, too.

That was possible because a goose down comforter capable of offering such benefits must be made with natural and powerful materials that have those effects. The APSMILE goose down comforter is a product made by the brand that knows this secret and seizes it to make their customers enjoy such rare benefits.

Besides those enticing benefits, there are others you would soon find out in the next sections. The product is manufactured in two different sizes and options. There is the Queen size and king size. The two sizes are available in two different options: summer only and the other for all-season. This will enable you to select the one that fits your needs the most.

We prefer the all-season option to make this review perfect, so we ordered the Queen size, and it’s 90 x 90-inch. Note that they are
only available in white color, and their size determines their price.


  • Reversible classic design
  • Ultra soft cover fabric
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perfect for winter and summer


  • Slightly costly
  • Limited size options

What Are APSMILE Fusion All Seasons Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Made Of?

The APSMILE Fusion All Seasons Hungarian Goose Down Comforter is made from organic materials all through. The down filling contains a cocoon mixture and Hungarian goose down (white). The down combination is superior and makes the product breathable, wick moisture, and fluffy like the cloud. The luxury, performance, and sustainability of the comforter are traceable to these unique down mixtures.

The goose down comforter fabric is also a blend of rayon and Pima cotton fibers that are organic. The fabric blend is 40% and 60%, respectively. These higher cotton and lesser rayon concentration in the fabric gives it the lustrous softness and comfort desired by sleepers. Likewise, the 400 thread count of the material and the light brush finish make the fabric super soft, breathable, and highly durable.

Asides that the sourced materials used in putting together this product are organic, the manufacturer tried as much as possible to avoid exposing the product to chemicals or substances that could harm the sleepers. Hence, the entire product is certified healthy and safe for use by OEKO-TEX. Likewise, the down filling was sterilized in a safe environment and water/soap for ECO treatment. This makes it clean at standard 1000, hypoallergenic and odorless too.

Our FAVRIQ APSMILE Fusion All Seasons Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Review

This section covers our reviewers’ experience after using the APSMILE Fusion All Seasons Hungarian Goose Down Comforter for some time. Both the beautiful and ugly experiences they had with the comforter will be shared here. After reading this, you will be able to make a wise conclusion on the right goose down comforter you should purchase.

Softness (8.2/10)

As advertised, so is this product. The brand says it’s a very soft comforter, and on the first contact with this product, we were slightly convinced. The outer layer is soft, complementing the down comforter’s fluffiness but not so soft to our taste.

The sensation we derived from sleeping in this goose down comforter all the time made us feel comfortable.

Because the comforter is soft to some extent, it makes the entire product have a good weight. The product is not light or heavy to the extent that it won’t make you sleep well. That’s not far from the manufacturer’s aim to offer the best of an “all-season goose down comforter.”

We would have loved it more if it’s softer than it is. That’s the only issue we found with this aspect.

Comfort (8.2/10)

This is not an exaggeration. The comforter is comfortable. It has a nice weight that works well for the summer and winter seasons. It’s not unnecessarily cold or hot; instead, it keeps the body warm and cool depending on the room temperature.

This product made us sleep better all the time, especially my insomnia sufferer partner. She was unable to sleep well for some time, but after sleeping in this comforter for a week, she confessed that her insomnia was gone. You may try this if you also have insomnia; it might be the right therapy for you.

Furthermore, the down comforter wicks moisture during hot days. We slept without our body and bed getting wet or damped. The comforter sucks the moisture and humidity nicely that we needed not to wake to cool off or wipe our sweat off. It also performed excellently under the function of our air conditioner.

Another thing we observed is the way it snugs on the body. It made us feel pampered like a newborn baby. Also, the down filling stayed in place neatly. None of the down fillings dropped off the comforter-big or tiny. We felt comfortable with that since we don’t have to battle with feathers on our face and bed.

Lastly, the design is excellent and reversible and easy to maintain. Although it can be dry cleaned, it can’t be machine-washed, so we can’t rate it higher. Likewise, it’s a bit flat. Due to that, we do use a duvet cover and extra duvet at times to keep us warm perfectly.

We wish we could use it without a duvet cover or another duvet, because of its beauty but we had no choice.

Wrinkle Free (8.9/10)

The goose down comforter is wrinkle-free. We washed it once, and we didn’t notice any wrinkles on it. That would not be a problem for you too. Well, that may be determined by how you maintain it as well.

Value For Money (8.9/10)

The APSMILE Fusion All Seasons Hungarian Goose Down Comforter has a good quality for its price. The special stitches and design given to it are all worth the price since it makes the room look gorgeous and classic without a cover.

Amazingly, the product didn’t lose its beneficial effects after washing it severally. It retained its breathability, hypoallergenic, and moisture-wicking abilities. The beauty and other applaudable values it has are also intact till now, even though we have owned it for almost a year.

We can recommend this goose down comforter to anyone that desires a quality product. It is worth the money spent on it. That’s if you don’t mind its weight (slightly heavy) and the fact that you may need to double it up during colder nights, because it is a bit flat too. Aside from these downsides, the product is excellent and worth buying.

Final Verdict 8.6

Our final say about this product is that if you believe you can get an affordable goose down comforter that is great, then you are right. The APSMILE Fusion All Seasons Hungarian Goose Down Comforter is one of the best you can get in the market at a fair price. In the comforter are many values you need to enjoy for a fantastic time in your bedroom.

Do you suffer from insomnia or allergies, you should get this comforter to feel what sleeping comfortable means. Likewise, you need to purchase this comforter to keep your body cool and warm in summer and winter, which is the highest of all the values you are getting from this product, plus its durability.

Feel free to get this product and wave bad comforters off your life.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

How many inches are the baffle boxes?
Each baffle box on this goose down comforter measures about 13.5-inch.

Does the comforter has tabs to secure it?
Yes! The product has tabs to secure it from shifting, and you can use it to fix it with a duvet cover.

Does the goose down comforter come flat or fluffy?
It came with medium fluffiness because of how it was packaged. When you purchase it, throw it into the dryer for a few minutes and take it out; the fluffiness would have reached its maximum limit.

Can I use the lightweight option during winter?
This product’s lightweight option is meant for summer, but if you attach it with another duvet, you can go for it since it will work for winter. However, you should buy the all-season for any weather situation.


8.6 Total Score

Wrinkle Free
Value for Money
  • Reversible classic design
  • Ultra soft cover fabric
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perfect for winter and summer
  • Slightly costly
  • Limited size options
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