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For a minute there, you must have thought the name of these sheets is a joke. Well, it isn’t! AmazonBasics Heather cotton jersey bed sheet is the perfect avenue for you to turn your bedroom into a haven, just the right place to rest and relax. Seeing as the sheet is made from jersey material, this product is perfect for mid-day naps and a night of absolute bliss.

Coming across this product was relatively easy – the ad campaign is everywhere on Amazon. While there was nothing but positive comments on the reviews about this product on different websites, we decided to have a first-hand experience and test run the product ourselves. We found some beautiful information for you. Let’s dive right into it.


Are you looking to update your linen closet? Or you’d rather have a general overhaul of your sleeping area. AmazonBasics Heather cotton jersey bed sheet set is just perfect for bringing in a new burst of freshness and energy, well, in a subtle way.

This product has a timeless look, and although it has a limited choice of colors, you can easily pair it with both contemporary and traditional designs. It perfectly complements patterned or plain design themes or any other thing you might have going on in your bedroom. Notwithstanding, all of these make no difference if you do not enjoy everyday comfort from these sheets; you are out to enjoy the best. Trust me on that.

This product is made from 100% cotton by AmazonBasics and is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to be 100% free of chemicals and other toxic substances, making this product hypoallergenic. To ensure absolute comfort, this product is made from combed cotton. This, in essence, means that the cotton was treated before being spun into yarn. Also, jersey knit fabric is known to be cool, stretchable, and comfortable. This perfect combination is why you can’t go wrong with AmazonBasics heather cotton jersey bed sheet.

A complete set of this product contains 2 pillowcases, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 flat sheets whose dimensions depend on the size you are buying for just $137 plus shipping cost. Finding such a good bargain elsewhere might be somewhat tricky.


  • Highly affordable
  • 100% cotton
  • Lightweight, exceptionally soft, and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified


  • Limited choice of colors
  • No return policy

What is AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set Made Of?

AmazonBasics Heather cotton jersey bed sheet is made from imported 100% cotton. To ensure that customers get the best effect from this product, the cotton used is combed and woven with a pre-dyed yarn. These are done to increase the sheet’s softness and reduce the need for chemical treatment in the final production stages. Jersey knit cotton is generally known to be soft and cool. Sleeping in this sheet feels like sleeping in your favorite t-shirt.

Our AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set Review

We could easily boast that you will have the same experience we had with this product, but we equally acknowledge that we all are fundamentally different. One man’s food is another’s poison, but we hope no one gets poisoned in this context.

It is essential to state that the scoring systems and reviews done for this product is entirely subjective. While we’ve left room for objectivity in each of the aspects discussed, we believe that they have been addressed holistically. In any case, to ensure that you have a better vantage point in making a purchase decision about AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet, we have approached this review by breaking its most essential qualities into subtopics. Here is what we found…

Comfort (8.0/10)

After going through a closet full of different brands and varieties of bed sheets, some good and some downright awful, I can confidently say AmazonBasics Heather Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set is way better than most. I first bought these sheets as a spare for another sheet, but I couldn’t get it off after trying it out one beautiful evening. Afterward, I must have used it for two months nonstop – of course, I washed it along the way.

Seeing as the sheet is made from combed heather cotton jersey knit material, it was no surprise to find it comfortable and cool to sleep in. The sheets also worked well with the luxe design theme I had going in my room; while it didn’t steal the show, it added a fresh ambiance and energy to the room. Although the sheets may bunch when you toss and turn at night, and you might need to remake the bed to get them to go flat, you will still enjoy sleeping in them. 8.0 seems perfect; what do you think?

Quality (7.5/10)

Having told you the sheets stayed on my bed for two months straight, the next primary concern was whether they would hold well through repeated washings. First, AmazonBasics Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet has tight combed cotton yarns, ensuring that the sheets do not have any loose bunched threads. Since it is stretchable and has high tensile strength, it was able to withstand the repeated use. Although there were a few tears at the seam when I swapped it out, I’d like to believe the fault was mine.

According to the manufacturer, the higher the luxe quality you order for, and of course, the higher cost, the better your sheet’s quality. Also, since the sheet is stretchable, it maintained its size and elasticity. This was important to me because of the size of my bed. Additionally, the sheet’s color did not fade out despite repeated washings and some maintenance errors on my part.

From a quick check on other customer’s reviews online, I found most had the same experiences, both good and bad, like mine. But, in case you are on the fence about purchasing this product, don’t be. Your major problem might be getting out of bed in the morning. Sleeping in these perfect t-shirt bed sheets is that good.

ECO-Score (8.5/10)

If you are familiar with fabrics and environmental sustainability, you might have some concerns about jersey-knit sheets. But, jersey-knit sheets made from organic fiber like cotton are eco-friendlier than those made from synthetic materials. Since AmazonBasics heather cotton jersey bed sheets are made from 100% cotton, you have no reason to worry.

The sheets are biodegradable and recyclable. Information on how to best dispose of them is detailed inside the care guide that accompanies the package. This way, you know where and how to get rid of the sheets when done with them. By the way, I had to check for the toxicity of the chemicals used in dyeing this product as I have sensitive skin. Nice to find out the company only uses natural dyes in coloring their products. We decided a score of 8.5 best suits this aspect of AmazonBasics Heather cotton jersey bed sheet.

Cooling (7.4/10)

This sheet’s cooling quality is awe-inspiring, but not as much as I expected, at least from the campaign ads flying around. While the sheets are comfortable and cool to sleep in, coupled with the natural homey feel of jersey sheets, it sometimes gets too warm, especially on hot summer nights.

Although, in a retrospective view, the air conditioning wasn’t working at full capacity. The sheets aren’t as slick as most traditional satin sheets, making them bunch when combined with other materials. This makes it mildly difficult to throw off the sheets when you get too warm, especially if you toss and frequently turn like me.

Asides from sweltering summer nights and perhaps those who live in the tropics, you will enjoy the sheet’s comfortable airflow. I was able to combat the warm feel of this sheet to swap out the duvet set with a plain cotton duvet. From there onwards, it was pure bliss on clouds. Usually, I am skeptical about year-long sheets, but this was easier to use once I got the hack on it. 7.4 seems perfect enough for me.

Easy Maintenance (8.7/10)

AmazonBasics heather cotton jersey bed sheets set is machine washable. For me, that was an important factor because laundry isn’t a strength. After the order arrived, I immediately ran it through a cold wash with no detergent, and it came out without creases or wrinkles. Afterward, I stuck to using cold water to wash it every time. You might try that out also.

Unlike other jersey sheets that I had earlier used, this product dries faster. The pillowcase and edges did not shrink and twist like others but remained flat and firm. Interestingly, since the package came with a care guide, it was pretty straightforward to follow instructions that ensured that the quality was preserved and maintained.

Although it is not stated in the care guide, I believe it is best to use mild detergent on jersey sheets, as it does not mess up the smoothness like stronger detergents. Since you can tumble dry the sheets, I believe that will work best rather than drying under direct sunlight. Easy as the maintenance routine is, we believe a score of 8.7 is justified.

Final Verdict (8.0/10)

You will realize why AmazonBasics heather cotton jersey bed sheet set is a favorite among many customers through each section discussed. Of course, its drawbacks, especially those surrounding its cooling effects, may be a significant concern for many people. Nonetheless, the other benefits effectively overshadow this minor setback – besides, we’ve provided you with a wonderful hack to fix this.

Conclusively, we unanimously agreed at a final verdict score of 8.0 for this product. You should know that this review and scoring system is a submission from several individuals’ experiences. As such, all biases have been virtually eliminated. So try out this product; comfort doesn’t get easier than this.

[FAQs] Consumers Questions and Answers

Do These Sheets Shed or Pill?
No. These sheets do not shed, pill, or collect lint.

Do the Sheets Have Additional Packaging or a Linen Bag?
Depending on the complete set and size you buy, the sheets have additional packaging, and some are sold with a linen bag.

Are the Sheets Dryable in the Dryer?
Yes. Although it is advised, you keep the temperature at 30o and below.

How Deep Are The Pockets of These Sheets?
The pockets are about 14” to 15” deep and fit snugly on any mattress with that depth dimension.

What Is The Thread Count Of This Sheet?
Jersey knit sheets do not have thread count as there is no need for them.

8 Total Score

  • Highly affordable
  • 100% cotton
  • Lightweight, exceptionally soft, and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified
  • Limited choice of colors
  • No return policy
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